Welcome back once again to Expomaster; the hub of lifehacks and creative ideas. It has really been a while since I last updated the “fun stuff” category, where I post intriguing tech updates, I am very sorry about that. Thus, I have decided to go on a tech journey to get you this amazing Android trick and tip update.

All the android trick and tips I’ll be exposing you to on this enthralling article are user friendly and will not in any way harm your smartphone.

While you might be familiar with some of them already, I’m pretty sure many of them would still be very much new to you.

I have said it earlier but will keep on saying it until you finally grasp the fact that there are endless Android tricks and tips one could find on the Web.

Sometimes, the mobile android trick and tips are user-oriented focused on fixing bugs or otherwise developer-oriented to simply bypass or tweak something.

Irrespective of the reason, I feel you should definitely check out this android tricks and tips you probably have not tried before, despite your many years of using an android smartphone.

Remember earlier, I said “fun stuff”, but do you really think the Android tricks and tips I am about to expose are just for fun?

Well, if you look at the bigger picture, you will notice that some of the best Android tricks mentioned here would help you enhance productivity, save time, and make things easier than ever before when it comes to using your android smartphone.

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1. The Lock Screen Message Android Trick

Lock Screen

As simple and less important as this particular android trick sounds, it is good to note that it increases the chances of recovering a lost smartphone.

You might have observed in the security settings that you can display the owner’s information (in this case, your information) on the lock screen. Well, it might come in handy in case you’ve lost the device. Of course, if someone intentionally took your device, it won’t be easy to track.

On the off chance, if he/she is not a thief, the person (finder of your lost smartphone) can get an idea or clue about whom to return the device to.

To be precise, you can write your address or phone number which would help the finder to locate you with ease and return the device.

As you can see I wrote my blog’s address on my lock screen which if visited by the finder of my smartphone, he or she can easily locate me and I might just get back what I felt was gone for good.

2. The Search for the App Android Trick

Search bar Android Trick

There is actually no need to search and scroll through the long list of applications installed on your smartphone (which is 97 in my case).

Instead, get used to this simple trick of using the Google search bar on your home screen or nova launcher or similar launchers to search for the specific app you want to launch.

All you need do is click on the Google search bar on your home screen, then type the name of the app you want to launch.

Immediately you will get suggestions of the apps on your device starting with the letters you’ve typed, then click and launch it. This saves you a lot of stress scrolling through your apps to and fro.


I know you are feeling that these are not geeky tricks at all, but you were most probably not searching for the app in this way rather you had to scroll endlessly through the app drawer to find the desired app.

3. Android Trick to Become a Developer

This is one of the most popular Android tricks ever. You might have observed the build number in the “About” section of the devices or precisely in the “Software info” section.

You just need to tap on the build number 7 times continuously to start the countdown and finally get the message – “Congratulations, you are now a developer”.

After doing that, just head back to the “Settings” menu where you will find a new option titled “Developer Options”.

With that being accessible, you can do a variety of experimental things that may be of any use to you (don’t rush trying any option that you don’t know much about!).

4. Try the Smart Lock Android Trick

You may be acquainted with the customary passcode lock or the pattern lock. Have you tried using the Smart lock?

It makes things way more convenient for you to use your smartphone at home or in trusted places with ease.

You just need to add trusted devices or locations or facial recognition where the smartphone would automatically get unlocked for you to use. So, you won’t have to unlock the phone again (and again, and again!).

You won’t need a password when you’re at home (unless you think you’re in the CIA!). So, it’s a simple android trick to remember but way more useful than you ever thought.

5. Stop Unknown Notifications

There’s a high likelihood that you are repeatedly being distraught by some annoying notifications.

Well, chances are, those are the needless notifications reminding you to continue to play a game or so. If you really do like the game, you would revert back to playing it once again, won’t you?

Moreover, there are push notifications that are usually advertisements (or click baits!) and they can be really exasperating.

You can simply head on to the settings > Apps. Now, you just need to select the app for which you want to disable notifications by navigating to the notification option inside.

If you are not aware of the app for which the notification arrives, simply pull down to find the notification and tap on it for a longer period of time to find an option to view the app info. Now, click on it and disable the notifications.

android split screen

6. Use Any App in Split-Screen Mode

It is true that not all of the applications tend to work with the new multi-window feature on Android Nougat.

For example, apps like Quora, the default Music Player, Instagram, as well as the default call app don’t support the split-screen feature of almost all Androids.

But, there’s a simple tweak that you can make use of in order to make these incompatible apps compatible (kind of) with the multi-window or split-screen feature.

For this, you need to head on to the developer options and enable the option to force activities to be resizable.

7. Disable Auto Updates (Play Store)

If you’re a new Android user, this would help you conserve a lot of data when you are on a metered internet connection. In either case, if you are using your friend’s mobile hotspot just to check an email, you may end up exhausting his/her data limit.

Usually, when connected to Wi-Fi, the applications start getting updated from the Play Store. And, if you don’t stop it manually, it would install every update available on the Play Store for the apps installed on your device.

android trick and tips

8. Make Use of Automatic Rules

“Do Not Disturb” mode comes in handy at times but if you forget to disable it, you might miss a lot of important calls or notifications.

By default, on Android Marshmallow, you can set it to disable automatically after a certain fixed time. But, on Android Nougat, the DND mode turns off automatically just when your alarm goes off.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? You just have to enable the DND mode and set an alarm to wake up at the desired time.


You won’t have to miss the calls just because you were lazy enough not to turn off the DND mode, now it’s automated!

9. One-Handed Operation Android Trick

You may find this option baked in with most of the latest Samsung devices or even if you are using the Paranoid Android ROM. It might be available for some other devices as well, but we are not aware of such.

You can let us know through the comments section if you know anything more about the devices supporting this feature.

The option lets you use your device without the need of holding the device with two hands. It basically scales the screen size to a smaller size which you can easily operate one-handed. It’s easy, and convenient.

It’s not only for a small-sized hand individual.

It helps everyone, especially if you’re busy eating or carrying out a task that makes it difficult for single-handed operation, you should keep this enabled.

10. The Chrome Browser Android Trick

One can save entire pages in PDF formats with this simple android trick.


  1. Visit any website,
  2. On top right hand side, click the 3 dots,
  3. Then click share, tap print, choose to save as pdf,
  4. Click the round or save button in light green background, that’s all, it will ask you, where you want to save.
  5. Choose your desired location and save. Very simple trick right?
android Easter egg games

11. Easter Egg Games

Hidden in your android smartphone is a cool game you probably would never know about if not for this enthralling article.

  1. To enable or unlock this feature and have access to the game,
  2. Simply click on your phone settings’ icon on your home screen,
  3. Then click on “About phone
  4. Now tap the “Android version” continuously for 10 times
  5. Voila! You have just unlocked the hidden game.

Top 11 Intriguing Android Trick & Tips You’re Probably Not Using – Wrapping Up

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