2021 was undoubtedly the year that NFTs were exploited to their maximum exponent. It all started as an innovative technology that at the same time generated income for its users, something unknown.

It just needed to be exposed, and its users needed to allow its meaning and contribution to art in its digital version to be transmitted to the entire world. To start collecting NFTs, register here.

NFTs are more than a trend.

The number of followers of NFTs has increased significantly, which is a sure way that every time we hear of NFTs, the concern of knowing more about these acronyms arises in us.

The ranking that it has achieved in just 365 days has caused the most significant stir since the platforms for creating NFTs or non-fungible tokens have been established for several years.

Creating and designing digital art entails a series of transactions that the author and the future buyer must process; there are no intermediaries. The platforms that expose digital paintings only play the role of digital galleries.

The certificate of authenticity and originality generated every time an artist exhibits her work is the best support against plagiarism and possible fraud.

What is expected is that over time this type of crypto asset can remain stable in terms of the value of digital works; since being part of the cryptographic environment, they are also vulnerable and volatile like cryptocurrencies.

The best sellers

Every artistic creation represents a unique piece in the world, which allows it to be given the value it deserves and thus position the artist in the art world.

This could be considered the basic cycle of commercializing works of art in the traditional market. Still, it does not differ much from the digital results process.

Sales or auctions of NFTs have the advantage that they are not only seen by a single country but worldwide and therefore marketed without border limits.

Their value is what makes them unique since they are valued in cryptocurrencies.

NFT are initially made in digital currencies and convertible to traditional currencies if the artist so wishes; this exchange is carried out under the blockchain platform.

The best-selling NFTs are the following according to their sale price:

1. The First 5000 Days

Its name reflects the author’s first 5,000 days of work, where he was creating a daily work that took almost thirteen years; it was sold for 69 million dollars and belonged to the artist Beeple.

It is considered the digital art that changed the paradigm of how to see art

2. CryptoPunk #7523

Although there are around 10,000 creations under the name of Cryptopunks, their creators have been inspired by the London punk movement.

In these collections, they are found from aliens, monkeys, and zombies, which have characterized them since their origin, and they have been valued for millions of dollars.

The crypto punk # 7523 was auctioned for 11.8 million dollars where an alien is represented in times of pandemic, which covers his face with a mask, and a hat and an earring stand out among his accessories.

3. CryptoPunk #3100 and CryptoPunk #7904

CryptoPunk #7523 is a digital work of an alien with sunglasses under the codes #3100 and #7904 represented by an alien with a treadmill. Both were auctioned for an amount of 15 million dollars in 2021.

4. Crossroad

Based on the loss suffered by former United States President Donald Trump in the 2020 elections, Beeple created this digital work where the little bird that represents the image of the Twitter social network perches on the tycoon, dropping clown emoticons.

The purchase price approached 6.5 million dollars.

5. CryptoPunk #8857

This NFT has competed strongly to position itself in the ranking of the most expensive NFTs and has achieved it. This digital painting represents a zombie with 3D glasses, and its sale price reached 6.6 million dollars.


It is surprising how various platforms have been created, such as a marketplace or online stores that allow the sale and auction of digital works; in this globalized world, we have had to adapt to many technologies.

Many of these technologies have represented unique advances, so we must open the investment options in our journey through these new technological tools; it is only advisable to learn enough about NFTs.

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