Cronos NFT: Everything You Should Know


A new project on the block is the Cronos NFT. This is one project that is an NFT project but tied to a blockchain.

The fact that it is tied to a blockchain solidifies its stand as a project that stands the test of time and makes people good profits in time to come. 

In this article, you will get all the details you need about Cronos NFT, and all the major projects related to it too.

Origin of Cronos, and Cronos NFT

Cronos is a new blockchain in town, and within months of its inception, it has already drawn numerous new marketplaces and initiatives. 

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world,, developed the EVM-compatible blockchain network known as Cronos. 

Cronos mainnet debuted in November 2021 with the goal of supporting the creator economy with a variety of DeFi and GameFi applications, and in many ways, it is the counterpart of Binance’s Smart Chain. 

The goal of Cronos is to act as the metaverse and Web3’s basis, which it accomplishes by guaranteeing dapps and smart contracts are more user- and environmentally friendly.

Because Cronos is based on the Cosmos SDK and Ethemint, it can communicate with the Cosmos ecosystem as well as Ethereum, Cosmos, and other EVM-compatible blockchains.

Since going online in late 2017, Cronos has experienced tremendous growth, ranking ninth among all blockchains with more than 350,000 unique wallet addresses established. Over 120 dapp projects launched, and a total value locked of over $2.5 billion over 44 protocols.

Cronos NFT is among the most exciting use cases for Cronos. The platform has quickly gained popularity among blockchains used by artists wishing to start new NFT projects.

NFT enthusiasts find it appealing since its blockchain is faster than the leading blockchain, Ethereum. 

The most amazing part about Cronos NFT is that it can be traded in a matter of seconds. Additionally, compared to the network’s notoriously expensive gas prices, transaction fees are considerably less expensive.

The Cronos NFT ecosystem is already expanding quickly, making now the ideal time to jump on its top 15 most promising NFT initiatives.

Cronos NFT projects


In this section, you will get to see the major Cronos projects, and what they have to offer. And they are:

1. Agora

The first Cronos NFT on the list is Agora. With more than 1,350 NFTs available for purchase at the time of writing, it is arguably the largest single NFT community on the Cronos blockchain. 

Agora, which competes with much bigger Ethereum marketplaces like OpenSea, is based on the Arbitrum network and allows you to purchase or trade NFTs. 

Its mission is to empower artists and creators by giving them access to a completely decentralized marketplace with affordable fees and quick transactions where they can show off their work to the more than 10 million users of’s larger ecosystem.

Data for NFTs is maintained in a smart contract when artists post them for sale on Agora. As a result, when someone purchases it, the smart contract immediately transfers the purchase amount in ETH to the artist’s wallet before unlocking and sending the NFT to the purchaser. This mechanism makes sure that creators can easily and safely sell their Cronos NFT.

2. Ebisu’s Bay

Ebisu’s Bay, the first Cronos NFT market, is also one of the biggest. It is dependent on the native Cronos token, CRO, which is used for peer-to-peer trading, purchasing, and selling.

Since its November inception, Ebisu’s Bay has already developed a robust community around its marketplace, acting as a launching pad for fresh NFT collections and giving producers the resources they need to churn out fresh NFTs.

Additionally, Ebisu’s Bay takes great pleasure in its hands-on assistance, carefully collaborating with NFT producers to ensure a successful debut on its platform. 

It is equally proud of its robust security, which enables collectors of collectible NFTs to securely trade and transmit digital artwork, music, and videos. 

The fact that Ebisu’s Bay has previously produced several well-known NFT collections, like Cronos Chimps, Mad Meerkats, and Crypotorockstar, among others, is not surprising.

3. Crosmonauts 

The Crosmonauts are a very small, soon-to-be-released group of Cronos NFTs on the Cronos blockchain. 

The Crosmonauts is perhaps one of the most sought-after collections on Cronos because of their scarcity. 

Additionally, holders of four or more Crosmonauts are eligible for a future Spaceship NFT in addition to a CROSMO token drop, providing further incentives to hold them.

4. Crocos NFT

On this list is another of the Cronos NFTs that you will love. There are 2,000 Crocos NFTs in total, which are distinctive digital collectibles that are housed in their natural habitat on the Cronos blockchain. 

This collection is notable for being the first NFT collection to ever emerge on Cronos. CrocoNFT holders receive many KEEPERS ONLY privileges, such as an airdrop of the Holiday, Crocos Collection, and the exceptional opportunity to stake their NFTs and obtain CROCOS tokens in return, at a greater rate than non-NFT holders can.

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CrocoNFTs are much more than just a quirky art collection. The collection has gained a significant following on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter because of the over 170 traits that guarantee that each CrocoNFT is completely unique. The team plans to roll out more upgrades and advantages in the near future.

5. CroPunks

CroPunks is a small collection of just 1,111 punk rocker-style NFTs and is without a doubt one of the most inventive Cronos NFT projects to date. 

On the Cronos blockchain, it is much more than just a collection because it also functions as a marketplace and a yield farming tool. 

The ability of holders to view their CroPunk NFTs in an immersive augmented or virtual reality environment is one of the most amazing aspects. 

This is made possible by CroPunk’s distinctive application. Since only holders have access to it, the app serves a meaningful purpose for CroPunk NFTs by bringing the Cronoverse to life.

The CroPunk team is also developing a Tamagotchi-style game in which users may use their CroPunk NFT as their avatar and hunt for treasure and other items to customize their punk.

6. SupBirds

On the Ethereum chain, there are 5,000 different bird characters collectively known as The SupBirds. 

Each coin has proof of ownership and is based on the ERC721 standard. SupBirds’ goal is to unite blockchain developers, artists, innovators, and investors under one roof in order to create one of the largest, most active NFT communities. 

A special feature of the SupBirds community is that each Cronos NFT owner will have an exclusive role and, of course, voting rights for any proposals for its future development.

7. Reckless Robots 

Why invest in Cronos NFT to make money if you can’t take a dare? Only the most daring investors and collectors are prepared to purchase one of the extremely unique Reckless Robots NFTs. 

The attraction is a one-of-a-kind collection of 2,100 hand-drawn robot-style NFTs, and both the striking artwork and the staking chances are what lure people in.

A weekly elimination-style competition is called staking. Each week, the person who stakes their NFT with the lowest bid will automatically forfeit their token.

It will be bought by the elimination pocketbook and destroyed, bringing the collection’s total of NFTs down. 

Additionally, it lowers the quantity of Cronos NFTs pledged each week, which results in a higher share of the pool going to each staker and, thus, larger payouts each week.

8. Panels Project

There is no better NFT to mint for anyone interested in sustainability and halting climate change than the Panels Project. 

With an NFT collection that will include not only staking but also two oddities that set it apart from others, it makes the claim to be the first carbon-neutral Cronos NFT project.

The first is that every Cronos NFT will be 3D, enabling virtual world viewing. The NFTs will also be utilized in a play-to-earn game that has not yet been created. 

Even if the specific game genre is still unknown, it will be exclusive to Cronos NFT holders and include the transfer of NFTs, which means big incentives for competitors.

The “Panels” component of the project’s name refers to sustainability. The initiative will basically be returning all of the energy it consumes to the grid in the form of green power because royalties from the P2E game and staking system will be used to finance the installation of solar panels in Senegal as well as the gift of eco-friendly bulbs.

9. Mad Meerkats

Mad Meerkats NFTs, are one of the silliest Cronos NFT projects to date. It debuted in November with the goal of educating crypto enthusiasts about the beauty of NFTs. 

The project also functions as a comprehensive educational tool for exchanging information, creativity, and utility.

Holders of Mad Meerkat NFT tokens gain in a variety of ways, including the ability to stake their tokens for yield in collaboration with an automated market maker project called CrocSwap. 

This project offers a liquidity pool through which holders can stake liquidity on specific cryptocurrency pairs and profit daily in the form of a percentage of the rewards. 

Furthermore, it gives Mad Meerkat NFT owners a strong incentive to keep their tokens instead of selling them to make quick money.

10. Petite Planets

One of the largest collections of Cronos NFTs is Petite Planets, and it has 10,000 NFTs planned in total. 

The NFTs, on the other hand, will be produced in generations, with just 250 being set aside for the initial run, which is now sold out.

A novel burning mechanism used in the project is referred to as the “planet killer,” and it regularly sweeps the surface of planets that are offered for sale on secondary markets. 

Being one of the biggest Cronos NFT projects, their goal is to raise the floor price of Petite Planets and make the other qualities in the pool rare.

Holders of Petite Planets join the Planetary Consortium, allowing them the ability to vote on DAO decisions like Planet Killer directives and airdrops as well as the project’s future course.

11. Metaverse Pixels 

Metaverse Pixels is a fun Cronos NFT project that is characterized as a farming platform that lets users purchase blocks inside the enormous grid that makes up the metaverse. 

After purchasing a block in the Metaverse Pixels grid, a user will get a special MetaPixels NFT that serves as ownership proof. 

With that NFT, they are allowed to publish their content—a picture with information and a link—into that grid block.

As one of the big projects on Cronos NFT, future features coming to the Metaverse Pixels grid include an NFT marketplace, Pixel airdrops, and finally a VR metaverse app that will enable community members to view their MetaPixels NFTs and contribute to the metaverse world. 

Although, the Metaverse Pixels grid is still being completed.

12. Crobees

On Cronos NFT project, it was seen that community is strong. Hence, the Crobees initiative is all about fostering community. 

According to its inventors, a restricted edition of 2,222 bee NFTs will be produced. Since bees are arguably the greatest animal in the world to symbolize a strong community and the Crobees hive is meant to be composed of workers, builders, and drones, each with a specific job to play, bees are a good choice.

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The goal of Crobees is to create a sizable hive ecosystem of individuals interested in Cronos NFTs, DeFi, and other aspects of blockchain technology.

13. Cronos Ragdolls

The Cronos Ragdolls project, which is creating a virtual NFT gallery that adapts automatically to the NFTs each visitor’s wallet contains, will bring together cat lovers. 

10,000 Cronos NFTs will eventually be part of the Ragdolls collection, and each one will be randomly assigned a role—either a warrior or a mage—as well as a unique body, headdress, weapon, monocle, pipe with smoke, and one special display trait that can only be seen in the virtual gallery.

Characteristics can be common, uncommon, epic, legendary, or exotic in extremely unusual circumstances. 

Like most NFT communities, there will be voting options and staking opportunities, allowing Cronos NFT individuals that love cats to profit from their creations and influence community policy.

14. Cronos Secret Society 

The Cronos Secret Society will aid various species in its mission to completely dominate the CSS Metaverse as Cronos NFT projects.

The purpose of each civilization is to dominate a metaverse made up of four distinct territories. The plan is to coin a sizable Cronos NFT collection of four separate character species. 

Each of the four species—3,333 SouthSide Ants, 3,333 EastSide Cats, 3,333 NorthSide Ducks, and 3,333 WestSide Bunnies—will be of equal size and will only be made available for public minting once the Cronos Network achieves a certain threshold for the number of unique wallet addresses. 

As the Cronos NFT blockchain as a whole grows, the idea is to gradually grow the community too.

And this will happen by setting a shining example of magnificent creativity and limitless potential. Cronos Secret Society hopes to become one of Cronos’ most significant communities.

15. Cronos Chimp Club

Cronos NFT projects are inclusive for most animals. The 10,000 distinct cartoon chimp NFTs in the Cronos Chimp Club, which draws its inspiration from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, are designed to commemorate the numerous facets of the Cronos blockchain ecosystem, according to their authors. 

The Cronos Chimp Club, a sustainable network of NFT enthusiasts within the larger community, is only accessible to owners of Cronos Chimps.

Each Cronos Chimp is created from a pool of more than 140 unique features, so there is a very good chance that anyone who creates one will end up with a very rare and one-of-a-kind chimp. The Cronos Chimp marketplace currently has 3,405 chimpanzees offered, with a starting price of 740 CRO, making them some of the costliest Cronos NFTs available.

Cronos NFT marketplace


The goal of having any of the Cronos NFT is to ultimately make money from them. And this can only be made possible when you sell them.

To sell any of your Cronos NFT, you will need to visit Crosea. And this is because it is amongst the largest spaces where you can officially sell or buy your Cronos NFT.

All you need to do is to visit, list your Cronos NFT for sale at a fixed price, and when a buyer deems your Cronos NFT worth the put-up price, he buys it immediately.

And there you have it, you have successfully sold your Cronos NFT, and made a good amount of money.


Cronos NFT has come to stay, and the earlier you purchase some good ones, the better for you. To say the least, the value of NFTS cannot be altered.

Hence, you can buy your Cronos NFT and hold it till you are ready to sell it.

Frequently asked questions about Cronos NFT


How do I view Cronos NFTs?

To view your Cronos NFT collection and to begin transferring your Cronos Chain-based collectibles, go to the NFTs page in the Wallet tab of the DeFi Wallet. 

Regardless of the network, tap Receive NFTs after entering the NFTs page if you want to store your very first digital collectible.

Does Cronos have a future?

Yes, Cronos does have a future. In the cryptocurrency market, Cronos is anticipated to have a very strong hold by 2030, when prices are anticipated to reach new all-time highs. 

The average price will be close to $11.38, with a maximum price of $13.21 to be anticipated. Also anticipated for 2030 is a minimum price of $11.07.

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