With the increase in online activities comes the challenge of having to upgrade the security on most gadgets connected online.

In most households, gadgets such as printers, tablets, game consoles, media boxes, and audio equipment with computers, smartphones, smart TVs, and security cameras are the most prevalent worldwide. Hackers are always on the scout in developing various means of gaining access to these internet-connected devices.

Statistical data from Avast shows that 40.8% of digital homes worldwide contain at least one device that is vulnerable to cyber-attack. This attack can put an entire home at risk.

In the United States, 15.5% of digital homes have at least ten or more devices connected to the internet. Mostly via a router (a central point in smart homes that serves as a gateway to the internet).

All a cybercriminal would require to gain access to a smart home is a single vulnerable device connected to a router. Hence the need for good software that would detect vulnerabilities in real-time.

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Avast Internet Security or Avast premier?


When it comes to security, it is always a conundrum to decide which software package would serve one better.

Listed below are the various characteristics of the avast internet security and avast premier;

1. Similarities


i. Antivirus and Anti-spyware:

Avast internet security, as well as Avast premier software when installed, prevent the spread of viruses (malicious programmes written by hackers) that may cause system damage and loss of valuable data.

A virus can also be used to install spyware (a program that can be used to collect one’s data such as credit card details without one’s consent).

ii. Cyber Capture:

Both software not only detects but also destroys malware (malicious software) threats by simply scanning unknown files.

iii. Secure HTTPS Scanning:

Most antivirus software scans Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) sites for malware and other threats. However, they end up slowing down one’s system.

But avast internet security and avast premier software carry out the same function perfectly without slowing down a system.

iv. Wi-Fi Inspector:

Just like we have seen, a single vulnerability from a router can be easily used to hack one’s system.

But Avast internet security and Avast premier usually scan routers for vulnerabilities and fix them.

v. Browser Cleaner:

For security reasons, it is pertinent to always clear your browser history, this can easily be achieved with Avast Internet Security and Premier software.

vi. Safe zone browser:

Sometimes, ads can pose a nuisance when one is browsing. But this can be avoided with the use of a safe zone browser. This is present in both Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier software.

vii. Real site:

With the presence of various false sites on the internet, coupled with some difficulty in distinguishing a fake site from a real one, avast internet security and avast premier have an in-built automated function that avoids false sites that may want to steal one’s data.

viii. Anti-spam:

Avast internet security and avast premier software is equipped with the ability to keep one’s mail inbox free of dangerous and annoying spam.

2. Differences


It is clear to see that both versions of avast antivirus play vital functions.

But it is also pertinent to see that avast premier security offers more in terms of

i. Firewall:

It is capable of monitoring your internet connection to see that no one is gathering personal information.

ii. WebCam monitoring:

For reasons untold, a stranger may want to approach you during a webcam session. With avast premier software, this can be avoided as no stranger can approach you without your consent.

iii. Data Shredder:

With avast premier, you can permanently erase data on your hard disk as the software is equipped with data shredding property and no one case ever access the erased data.

As funny as it may sound, the printer in your home is the most targeted gadget. This is because it is not usually checked and maintained.

This is a lifehack that should be looked into from this day forward.

Avast antivirus also updates itself and virus definitions automatically. Hence, erasing the need for manual updates and saving you the stress of searching for updates regularly.

Most people try to make use of different software packages for internet protection, which most of the time results in various problems. Thus, it would be in one’s best interest to uninstall any previous software before using either Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier.

Considering the extra security measures Avast Premier has in place compared to Avast Internet Security, it would be advisable to go for the former.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the avast license expires?

Visit Avast to download a free license that would be sent directly to your mail.

Can I use two different versions of Avast?

It is advisable to use just one. Which is the most recent one. Always update your antivirus software.

What is the Avast Sandbox?

The Avast sandbox is a function that prompts users to run suspicious applications in a virtual sandbox environment.

How safe is avast antivirus?

Avast antivirus regularly receives the Virus Bulletin 100% award for its ability to detect 100% of in-the-wild viruses. Hence it is really safe to use.

How do I download avast?

Avast can easily be downloaded here or visit their official website.

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