Get Rid of Ads with the Best Ad Blockers for Chrome (2022)

Get Rid of Ads with the Best Ad Blockers for Chrome (2022)

When you browse, some ads pop up. These ads can only be removed with the best ad blockers for Chrome. Most people find these ads annoying, hence the need to have them removed or paused.

If you are among the category of people who find these ads a nuisance, then you stumbled upon the article that would offer you the best ad blocker for chrome.

Without mincing words, let us dive in!!!

What is an ad blocker for chrome?

Chrome is a browser used by individuals. On this browser, people view sites and while away time on their favourite sites.

As much as people enjoy this browser, the browser cannot control the number of ads that would be on a particular site visited by an individual.

This is where an ad block comes in.  An ad blocker for Chrome is an ad-blocking browser extension. This means that one can easily remove ads from the Chrome browser, and gain protection from third-party trackers.

Statistics of people using some of the best ad blockers for Chrome

According to Hubspot, 39% of people believe ads are a nuisance to them. It is quite interesting to note that over 38% of people use the best ad blockers for Chrome to protect their privacy. 

33% of people use ad blockers to improve device performance. And lastly, nearly 27% of users use some best ad blockers for Chrome to block ads, and in tandem,  prevent companies from collecting their personal data.

List of best ad blockers for Chrome

EXPOMASTER, being a lifesaver for easily accessible lifehacks, has scrutinized 80% of the “best ad blockers for Chrome” and opines the below listed as some of the best ad blockers for Chrome.

1. AdGuard


This is one of the best ad blockers for Chrome. Since its inception, it has been downloaded by over 5 million people. 

The interesting part about this best ad blocker for chrome is that over 39,000 users give it a rating of 4.7 0n a scale of 5.

Furthermore, AdGuard’s tracking protection filter is designed to remove all forms of tracking with a filter list even larger than that of another best ad blocker called Ghostery. 

With the above-listed qualities, AdGuard still offers a free extension option for $0/month, a 1 yr personal license for 3 devices at $29.88/month a lifetime personal license for 3 devices at $59.99/month, a 1-year family license for 9 devices at $65.88/month and finally, a lifetime family license for 9 devices at $129.99/month.

With the above list, will you consider AdGuard your best ad blocker for Chrome? Well, AdGuard is recommended for those who intend to block Facebook and YouTube ads.

2. Ghostery


Ghostery is also one of the best ad blockers for Chrome. It was established in 2009, and since then, it has had over 100 million downloads. On a scale of 5, it has been rated as the 4.5-star best ad blocker for Chrome.

Ghostery was built with a privacy focus; designed to stop trackers and block advertisements. This extension blocks ads, site analytics, and adult advertising trackers by default – but this can also be customized depending on your needs. 

Furthermore, while all extensions collect anonymous Human Web data in order to better their service, this extension makes you aware of this and gives you the option of backing out when you are setting it up.

Ghostery is completely free, although some minor features will be locked behind a paywall. But for $2 a month, you can get access to new themes, a sleek-looking user interface, historical blocking statistics, and priority support. 

3. AdLock


This is also one of the best ad blockers for Chrome. From its inception to date, it has been downloaded by 65 million users.

Its features are that it is a lightweight, highly effective system-level adblocker, that is capable of protecting not just browsers but all manner of apps as well. 

This adblocker for Chrome would cost you $2.7/month, $1.76 if you purchased it for 12 months, and $0.62 if you purchased it for 60 months.

Bothered by the fact that AdLock has no free option? Well, for being one of the best ad blockers for Chrome, AdLock’s subscription can be used for different devices per subscription.

It does not protect just your Chrome, but all your other apps. Also, if you consider the pricing options given by AdLock, you will see that you are getting a bag of gold for a cent.

4. uBlock Origin


uBlock Origin is also one of the best ad blockers for Chrome. It is free and completely open-source. Unlike other adblockers for Chrome, uBlock Origin statistically measures how well an adblocker is performing.

This adblocker blocks malware, and trackers, including AdServer List, Advanced Tracking List, EasyPrivacy List, intrusive advertisements, and Malware Domains. 

Furthermore, it allows users to either block large media elements, pop-ups, remote custom website font, cosmetic filtering, javascript, and more.

If you are concerned about the efficiency of your system being slowed down by an ad blocker, then you need uBlock Origin. This is because it is lightweight, and this cause it to not interfere with the efficiency of your system.

uBlock can be defined as a “wide-spectrum content blocker”. This is because asides from blocking ads, it can other kinds of internet irritations. It blocks trackers,  it disables pre-fetching to keep you from leaking your IP address to pages you haven’t yet loaded, and it can even help protect you from WebRTC leaks!

5. Adblock Plus


This is another better-performing ad blocker for Chrome. It has a free option that also allows multiple browsers.

Adblock Plus first made a name for itself on Firefox before being ported over to Chrome.

Adblock Plus is a very good ad blocker that is simple to install and use. The best part about this adblocker is that it shows you how many ads it is blocking on a page. 

The above can serve as a metric to determine the effectiveness of this ad blocker. 

This ad blocker blocks YouTube adverts,  pop-ups, pop-unders, multimedia ads, banner ads, and more. All this not only saves you bandwidth but will also improve website loading times and even protect you from adverts carrying malware.

One unique feature that separates this Chrome adblocker from others is that it allows you to selectively block ads that are not intrusive

Why do you need the best ad blockers for Chrome?

Well, people have their own reasons for needing the best ad blockers for Chrome. But below is a list of the reasons:

  • For a better user experience.
  • Privacy protection.
  • To improve the loading speed of a page.
  • Remove intrusive and annoying ads during browsing.
  • Protect their browser from malware.
  • To block advertisers from having access to their browsing history.

Differences between adBlocker for Chrome and popup blocker for Chrome

Most people cannot really differentiate between ad blockers and pop-up blockers.

 After digesting this article, you will understand the difference between the two.

But before that, we would take a look at the difference between an ad and a pop-up

Tampers with user experienceNoYes
ImpressionsFewer than pop-upGains more than normal ads

For pop-ups, you can use a pop-up blocker. 

While a pop-up blocker blocks pop-ups, it may be able to block other forms of online ads.

A good ad blocker will completely block pop-ups, ads, and all forms of advertising.

Because of this larger net, ad blockers help your pages load faster, keep your battery life longer, and keep the content you want to see at the front and center.

From banners to videos, ad blockers can keep most at bay, lowering your risk of infection by dangerous adware (if not completely erased).

Unfortunately, some pop-up ads are getting smarter, so the basic ad blocker’s wide net doesn’t always catch them.

Disadvantages of using Chrome adBlocker

AdBlockers for Chrome are great, but they have one disadvantage in that they eliminate the ability of sites to make money from you clicking on those ads.

Also, it changes the way a website may look and feel, which is altering the user experience.

Therefore, if you trust a particular site, you can turn off adblockers on Chrome for that site. 

How to choose the best ad blocker for you

chrome ad blockers

Choosing the best ad blocker for Chrome may pose a bit of difficulty for you, but with the below-given hints, you will easily make a choice.

i. It Should be able to serve your needs:

Do you intend to block just ads or other forms of advertisement too? If you piece this, you can easily pick from the above-listed adblockers for chrome.

ii. Pricing:

Why choose a premium adblocker for chrome if a free one can serve you? 

iii. Intrusiveness:

If you wish to see ads, but non-intrusive ones, you can utilize Adblock plus for that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which ad blocker should I use for Chrome?

The best ad blocker for chrome is the one you deem fit for you. All adblockers come with their unique feature, which has been stated above.

Is AdBlock safe for Chrome?

Yes, Adblock is totally safe for chrome.

What is the most used ad blocker?

The most used adblocker is Adblock plus. And this is because it offers the option of opting out of just intrusive ads and pop-ups.

How do the best ad blockers for Chrome work?

Ad blockers work by either blocking a script that matches the type of script that it has been ordered to block or by DNS blocking. For DNS blocking, the user would get a pop-up request to either allow or block a particular ad.

Conclusion on the best ad blockers for Chrome

Adblockers for Chrome are good for the reduction of intrusive ads.

But you should also put into consideration, the fact that these websites generate money from these ads. Therefore, you can allow for ads that are non-intrusive.

You never know, a particular ad may just be the solution to a particular issue you may have been battling with.

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