20 Best Traffic Exchange Websites [And Why You Should Avoid Them]


If you own a blog or a website, you will need to generate a lot of traffic to your site so as to make a reasonable amount of money from ads. Hence, you will need a traffic exchange for this.

Securing a legit traffic exchange can sometimes pose an issue. Sometimes one may be scammed with links that can cause one to lose one’s site.

But be that as it may, this article will help you make the right choice when it comes to traffic exchange. Also, to top it off, you would get insight into how to spot red flags in a traffic exchange.

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What is Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a free tool that allows you to get targeted visitors to your blog or website. It’s similar to a tool for attracting targeted traffic to your website. It’s the most effective way to get instant and as well as high-quality search engine optimization (SEO) traffic.

Traffic exchanges are a great way to get free human visitors to your website or blog. These are usually real people who are looking for whatever it is that you have to offer, and they’re interested in helping you promote your site while also earning money by viewing ads on it after they visit it.

The traffic exchange increases the likelihood of capturing visitors by driving traffic to your website. Whatever type of website you operate, the most important factor is traffic. For contextually relevant content, specific search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can help increase traffic volumes and key metrics.

Simultaneously, more technical traffic attractions such as reducing page load delays and improving the user experience on mobile devices can help your website’s impact.

How Do Traffic Exchange Websites Work?


When people search for traffic exchange on Google, dozens of websites usually come up, but you must pick carefully. Some traffic exchanges carry a high risk of causing harm to your website. Some websites work in such a way that they increase your traffic in exchange for you visiting theirs. While other websites are completely free to use, you can boost your website’s traffic with just a few clicks.

There are several different types of traffic exchanges, some of which are small operational sites that work on a one-for-one basis, such as when you visit one website and return with one impression. However, some large operational sites have sight-viewing ratios that must be adhered to.

In summary, network members agree to visit each other’s websites and spend a set amount of time there. The hit ratio is a component of the agreement that indicates how much traffic your website receives while you’re on other websites.

These members can also make use of credits by participating in banner ad exchanges. As a result, members of traffic exchange sites may be able to improve their hit ratios, earn credits, or purchase membership upgrades.

Merits of Traffic Exchange Website

There are various merits attached to paying for traffic exchange websites, and they are:

1. Free Website Traffic

The best way to get free traffic to your blog or website is to use a free traffic exchange website. You “wouldn’t” have to pay anything, making it the cheapest and as well as quickest way to get quality traffic to your website.

2. Instant Traffic

Working with traffic exchange websites has the advantage of providing your website with immediate targeted traffic. Within a few hours of launching the campaign, you’ll have a significant number of visitors.

3. Exceptional Retention Rate

Visitors from this source have a high retention rate, which means you can get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to campaigns. It’s because they’re interested in the content on your website, so they tend to spend more time there.

The Demerits of Traffic Exchanges

Along with the advantages of traffic exchanges, there are some drawbacks that can be detrimental to your website.

If Google discovers that you are abusing the system to boost impressions, your site may be suspended, and your impressions may drop to dangerously low levels. 

This is because they aren’t real visitors, but rather members of your group who are clicking through and then bouncing away while waiting for a response from you. 

This is a problem for smart search engine algorithms, which notice your increased traffic and lack of engagement and flag your site, lowering your search ranking.

Worthy of note is that Google AdSense frowns at this type of traffic, and you will be placing your account at the possibility of being temporarily or permanently banned or disabled.

There is a higher bounce rate, which has a negative impact on your SEO because each visitor is only likely to stay for thirty seconds or less.

Top 20 Traffic Exchange Websites in 2022


The top traffic exchange websites that will be discussed here are those that have been used by people and have been verified as trusted traffic exchange websites. And they are:

1. Youlikehits


The first traffic exchange on this list is Youlikehits, and it has been categorized as the best. Youlikehits is a very safe and dependable piece of software. 

Youlikehits received a relatively high score from the majority of the algorithms. This traffic exchange will assist you in gaining more followers on a variety of social media platforms. 

The concept is straightforward: you earn points by performing actions (such as watching a video and the likes).

Your account’s points are used to entice others to follow you or watch your YouTube video, for example, in exchange for points. 

The points are sold in order to get people to follow them on social media, and the cycle continues.


  • The SSL certificate is up-to-date.
  • This is a well-established and reliable website.
  • Ease of operation
  • You can see who has visited your website in the past.


  • There aren’t enough users to keep the system operational.
  • The time it takes to visit a website is far too long to be worthwhile in terms of earning points.
  • They reward you with points when you make a purchase.

2. Leadsleap


In the traffic exchange industry, Leadsleap is one of the most popular websites. It comes with a variety of tools for promoting your links and websites, and it is the most effective tool for promoting your websites or any business.

You can create your advertising in LeadsLeap with an affiliate option that other members will see. You must earn credits to make an ad. To earn credits, you must also watch at least ten advertisements for at least 5 seconds each day.


  • There is no timer on Leadsleap ads.
  • Credits are available to be earned.
  • You are not required to promote yourself.


  • You must pay credit to advertise yourself.
  • You earn very little money, and the rest of the promotions require you to buy plans.
  • It’s possible that you won’t reach the intended audience.

3. Rankboostup


One of the most popular apps in the traffic exchange industry is RankBoostup, which provides traffic to your websites. The advantage of RankBoostup is that it provides higher quality traffic than other traffic exchanges.

Even on mobile devices, their advanced features assist you in ranking higher.

For traffic generation, you have the option of using your favourite social media platform, and you can set the percentage of visitors who should be directed to another page on your website or click a link on that page. 

Bounce rates are reduced as a result of the above, which is an important factor in determining the quality of traffic in algorithms. You can set the time for visitors as well as the length of time they are allowed to stay.


  • You have the option of selecting the number of hits per day.
  • Obtain the targeted audience you desire.
  • Select the keywords for which you want to be ranked.
  • You can earn as many points as you want with the auto-surf browser.


  • Only premium plans come with unlimited traffic.
  • Payment methods that are difficult to understand

4. TrafficSwarm


Another web exchange service that you will love is TrafficSwarm. Owners of websites can freely sign up and create a website ad. When a person comes across those ads, they will be interested in looking over them, and this is how the website’s traffic grows. 

Also, every “visit” to a different website earns you points, which you can use to get your ad on the list.

According to TrafficSwarm, you can sign up in under 5 minutes and begin receiving a “swarm” of visitors to your website right away. The registration procedure is simple and quick. In addition, visitors begin to increase on your website within minutes, resulting in maximum impressions and increased traffic.


  • In a matter of minutes, users receive hits.
  • The procedure is simple and quick.
  • Interface that’s easy to use.
  • By visiting more websites, you can earn credits.


  • For impressions, visitors must stay on a website for a period of time.
  • Low traffic from search engines

5. TrafficG


TrafficG has a simple and straightforward user interface. In exchange for advertising other entrepreneurs, you receive traffic to your website. 

For community-building, members of TrafficG look at each other’s websites. It allows you to display a small banner within the TrafficG exchange frame.

You can earn credits for the traffic/banner exchange by referring people to TrafficG. After you’ve signed in, go to Add Site and enter your URL, as well as your preferred internet channel and geographic area. 

When you click “Start Surfing,” you’ll be taken to other websites where you can engage with them and earn impressions. There is also no limit to the number of websites you can add.


  • You’ll be able to reach out to a specific demographic.
  • TrafficG provides a free listing service.
  • Banners are available for users to use.
  • You can promote as many websites as you want.


  • If new members remain active, you can earn referrals.
  • Other surfing tools require premium memberships.

6. Otohits


Otohits is a traffic exchange for people who use their computers to surf the web. It allows you to add several websites. This program is completely free and increases the amount of traffic to your website.

 You can stay on the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week once you’ve added websites for traffic and earned points with the auto-surf tool.

Users can obtain geographically targeted audiences and reach out to them. There are no membership plans available, and all of the account’s available features are free. 

Visitors always get targeted hits, and Otohits can provide them with 95% of the impressions they need.


  • It has a number of benefits.
  • There is no limit to how many free hits you can get.


  • For free members, surfing credits are harder to come by.
  • Traffic from Otohits cannot be directly monetized through ad networks or AdSense programs.

7. Herculist


Herculist is a top-notch traffic exchange platform. On this site, you have two options for advertising: email exchange or traffic exchange. This is a self-service option, and the only goal is to increase the number of people who visit your website.

To join Herculist, you’ll need two Gmail email addresses. They advise using Gmail because it allows for faster email delivery.

 In an email exchange, you receive offers in a mailbox and email them to other members, whereas in a traffic exchange, your ads are seen by a large number of people.


  • Referral programs pay a 35% commission.
  • On the website, you can adjust the timer for a longer stay.
  • $5 sign-up bonus


  • You get so many emails in a single day.
  • You will need a separate email account for the spam
  • You will need a premium membership to get into vacation mode.

8. Hitleap


HitLeap is a traffic exchange service that connects people who want to promote their websites with others who have similar interests.

The goal is for both parties to gain attention; you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine in the form of a website.

The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that its customers are happy and satisfied by providing them with easily accessible solutions.


  • You can reach out to a worldwide audience.
  • Users have the ability to change certain aspects.
  • The website is simple to navigate.
  • Depending on your needs, you can select a traffic level.


  • Traffic software must be downloaded.
  • Due to bot-generated traffic, there is a significant drop in traffic.
  • There are no free hits on offer.

9. EasyHits4U

This is a manually operated traffic exchange site that offers a 1:1 trade ratio. You only go to one website. 

EasyHits4U award you one credit, among other things, to promote your link. You can also earn money by surfing 100 sites as a referral.

You can also earn credits that you can use to promote your website through banner ads, text links, and website banners. The continent and location of these banners, websites, and other items can also be targeted.


  • Credits can be obtained in a number of ways.
  • It’s simple to use, so you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out how it works.


  • It is possible that the site will be slow at times.
  • There is a maximum withdrawal threshold in place, so you won’t be able to withdraw whenever you want.

10. eBesucher


One of the most popular traffic exchange websites is eBesucher. If you’re looking for a pointless effort, you’ve come to the right place because eBesucher allows you to earn money without spending hours on the computer, even while sleeping. 

This auto-surf program completely automates the rotation of web/video sites.

German, Spanish, English, and French are among the languages available on the interface. They have a manual email exchange as well as a manual traffic exchange system. Users can choose from a variety of graphics, usability, and malicious site removal options.


  • It offers both automatic and manual surfing options.
  • An audience that is geographically targeted
  • Traffic is limitless.
  • An interface that is simple to use


  • Low volume of traffic
  • Slowly approaching the intended audience

11. Trafficsend


TrafficSend is a great traffic exchange to boost visitors to your website. It offers an ideal way to exchange visitors on a website. The domain trafficSend is currently hosted on a server in the United States, where the local currency is USD and English is the primary language. This is a well-known website that increases traffic and increases impressions on the website. This website instantly exchanges visitors once you sign up on the website.


  • It provides automatic surfing.
  • User-friendly interface
  • An instantaneous rise in visitors


  • You must sign up for a membership plan in order to use the additional features, as they are not entirely free.

12. AutoWebSurf


And the last traffic exchange website that is loved by many is autowebsurf. This is because it has a control system that monitors traffic hourly and gives referral credit of up to 0.2.

In addition, AutoWebSurf provides a very straightforward system for earning credit. You can start gaining credits by browsing other websites; the number of visitors will depend on the speed and duration of each site visit.

By referring friends and family to use this service, you can also gain credits. Your credits will increase along with your chance of success in making money as you refer more people.


  • It provides an auto-surfing service that can manually or automatically display websites.
  • Country and continent influence targeted traffic.
  • The timer duration can be changed from 10 seconds to 300 seconds. You can also add numerous sessions using various IP addresses.
  • Very easy to use


This traffic exchange website has no cons, and this is why it is considered the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Traffic Exchanges Work Today?

Websites offering traffic exchange services should be avoided because they do not function as intended. In order to increase the number of visitors to your websites, you can use traffic exchanges. 
Despite the fact that these visits are generated, they are not a good way to generate traffic.

How Do I Promote My Website on Google?

Establishing a significant social media presence is one way to grow a following naturally. When promoting images, content, and updates related to your company or website, take into account social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and also Twitter. Another way is to create quality content that Google bot crawlers will love.

Final Thoughts

Getting a good traffic exchange website may prove a bit difficult, with most of them not delivering as promised. But if you are fortunate enough to get a good one, you will generate good traffic for your site and earn well.

However, I advise you to stay away from traffic exchange websites and anything related to it.


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