Welcome back to Expomaster once again. I bet you search on Google every single day at least once, but did you ever think that you could actually earn money while searching on Google? Well, you can, and you can get paid even at $14/hour working as a search engine evaluator with a few websites I’ll share here toward the end.

But first, let’s talk about what it actually is and why this job is important.

So search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the rest you probably know of use very complicated algorithms to determine results that everyone sees. However, it is not that smart to determine relevant search results.

Not relevant means that while searching for a specific thing you get at least one irrelevant, unrelated result, and it shouldn’t be there at all.

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So here comes a real person to help and judge results depending on quality, relevancy, whether it is useful or not, and some other striking differences. With this information, algorithms can improve and show as relevant a set of results as possible.


The job itself is mostly called “search engine evaluator,” but to get a job you need a website that offers that kind of job, so I’ll list them later in this post.

This is not full-time or part-time employment, because you sign up as an independent contractor. As not all people in the world can participate, you’ll have to go through a qualification test, which is not that hard, but it takes time and you’ll not get paid for the test.

What you will have to do?

make money online from google

Then you’ll try to find unrelevant search results on specific keywords they’ll give you. Sometimes you won’t find them, but it’s totally fine, you still get paid.

So, for example, you search on Google for “Hilton Hotels”, and the results should be only about hotels. But what comes to search results is a star named Paris Hilton, which is not a hotel, right? It’s kind of an irrelevant result, but the thing is that it’s her family’s business. That’s where it’s kind of confusing. However, I think you could report it as irrelevant search results as you’ve searched for hotels.

Basically, this is what you’ll have to do when they give you what to search for. This is a simple job, although, making a decision on whether it’s relevant or not might be difficult sometimes.


You work from home. You have the ability to earn an income without leaving your house, which is a really amazing thing with all of the online jobs out there. To work from home and earn money while searching on Google? What could be better?

You choose your own schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want, no required work schedule here. You can take days off; you don’t need to do this every single day, and you can also take breaks between jobs.

High pay for such a job. As this job is really not that hard, the pay of around $14/hour is really nice.

You learn new things. As in any other job, you learn something new all the time. You see what ranks for a specific keyword and can even apply this to your own business.

You have to pay your own taxes if there are any. As an independent contractor (not an employee), if there’s a necessity, you’ll have to pay taxes yourself.

The work is irregular. You can not expect to have a job opportunity every single day, which means you’ll not earn money as often as you would like to.

You will probably get paid once a month. Some websites may offer to pay once a week, but mostly it’s once a month with no other option. If you’re okay with that, I don’t see any issue here then.

No job benefits. You won’t get benefits like health insurance, vacation pay, compensation for being fired, etc, because you’re working as an independent contractor. Although it’s not a big issue because if you’ll ever start your own online business, you’ll have to take care of these things yourself too.


As I said earlier, I’ll share a few websites where you can find search engine evaluator jobs to earn money while searching on Google, so here are 3 of probably the best sites.


Appen is a company that improves machine learning with a human touch. They are constantly hiring for different job categories like raters, language jobs, microtasks as well as corporate jobs. To find a search engine evaluator job you have to click on “find flexible jobs” and then apply in the “raters” section. They’re offering jobs globally.
According to Glassdoor, Appen is paying around $15/hour for such a job


Lionbridge focuses on Business Process Crowd-sourcing and they also have different job opportunities depending on your location. You’ll find search engine evaluator jobs, but not in all countries mostly. Basically, just check out their “Workers” section by choosing your country.


RaterLabs is actually Appen’s other company and probably almost the same as Appen, but as it is really hard to find, I thought I would mention it here. Basically, I’ll leave a link straight to the application process. You can read what they offer and then choose the country you live in to start the application.

All of these websites are super legit, although you can find a few complaints about it, which are mostly about not getting paid for qualification tests or getting only like 15-20 hours of work per week. So I don’t think you should complain about these things, just be aware that this is how it works.


As you can see, you can earn quite a bit of money from this type of job, called a search engine evaluator. By choosing one of these websites I’ve mentioned you’ll not get rich or make a full-time living, probably.

As I always say, sharing is, without a doubt, caring in every society.

So please don’t forget to copy the link and share it with your friends as well as drop your comments below while at it as it gives me the push to want to write more life-hacks articles like this.


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