Electric Scooter Laws 2022: New York, Miami, and Paris


Electric scooters are now all-around top busy cities like New York, Miami, and Paris due to their ease of use and lower running costs. Are they really legal in these three cities? If they are, what are the laws regulating their use?

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Cities like Paris, Miami, and New York are commercial hubs with many cars and human traffic. As a result, they are fast becoming a popular way of moving around in these cities; they can easily access the roads, and they are less expensive and environmentally friendly.

More so, the laws regulating scooter riding in these cities change as the traffic circumstances require.

According to David, a legal adviser on road laws; f you do not stay updated, you might be found wanting. Adherence to these regulations and laws ensures safety on the roads. “

Let’s then consider everything you need to know about electric scooter laws 2022 in New York, Miami, and Paris so you can ride without any problems.

Basic Regulations for the Use of Electric Scooters in New York

John who runs an e-scooter says —” the use of electric scooters is legal on most streets and highways in New York but with strict regulations. You are not allowed to ride electric scooters above a speed of 15MPH and can only ride on bike lanes and streets with speed limits no greater than 30 MPH.”

Do not ride e-scooters on sidewalks. You are also not allowed to drive electric scooters on a sidewalk except as authorized by local law or ordinance.

Regarding the registration of electric scooters in New York, only specific E-bikes with high-speed capacity require registration with the local government.

When it comes to safety gear, helmets are required for riders between the age of 16 and 17 years old. However, they are only recommended for all other electric scooter riders who are 18 years and above. Failure to adhere to these regulations attracts fines.

Basic Regulations for the Use of Electric Scooters in Miami


E-scooter riders in Miami must be 18 years+ and have a valid driver’s license, state identification, or passport. All of these must be scanned or provided to vendors as proof of age.

Regarding the registration of electric scooters in Miami, e-scooter registration is compulsory. So, in Miami, electric scooters are only street-legal for adults.

Only one person at a time may ride an electric scooter. Riders cannot exceed 15 miles/hr on streets and bike lanes and 7 miles/hr on sidewalks. Helmets are only recommended for all scooter riders, not compulsory.

Failure to adhere to these regulations attracts fines.

Basic Regulations for the Use of E-Scooters in Paris

Electric scooters are legal in Paris, but the authorized speed limit on all roads is a maximum of 25 km/h. This limit is strictly maintained, and it attracts a fine of 1500 euros upon default. An electrical scooter license is usually compulsory in Paris.

Akshay, an e-scooter enthusiast, says—since I follow new laws on e-scooter use, in France, the use of e-scooters is possible on cycle paths and roads. A place where the maximum authorized traffic is less than 50 km/h. Driving on the sidewalks is strictly prohibited and liable to a fine of 135 euros.

E-scooters must be equipped with front and rear lights, a buzzer, and a reflector (possibly a sticker that reflects). It is also advisable to wear a helmet, and a reflective vest (at night or in poor visibility) and to use gloves.

An electric scooter rider must be 12 years old, only one person can ride at a time, and headphones are prohibited while riding. Default under any of these attracts a 35 euro fine.


Electric scooter laws in the United States and Europe (Paris in particular) are very strict. There are regulations to protect the safety of lives and properties. This is due to the propensity of scooters to get involved in highway accidents.

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