I’m pretty sure you landed on this content by googling the word “Epic Trading”, maybe someone just told you about it and is trying very hard to convince you to partake in it, but part of you feels like it’s not worth the risk and thus your quest for a detailed and honest review of the platform.

Epic Trading LLC is a global training platform that specializes in foreign exchange currency trading. The company provides detailed foreign exchange training materials and information as well as the opportunity to participate in its multilevel marketing referral scheme. There’s a lot to know about this not-too-transparent forex trading platform.

In this Epic Trading review article, I will expose all there is to know about the platform, its features, pricing, pros and cons, compensation plan, as well as some hidden facts about Epic Trading in general.

However, before we dive right into Epic trading, let’s elaborate a little on forex trading.

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What Is Forex Trading?

The exchange of one currency for another is known as forex, often known as FX or Foreign Exchange. Forex trading is typically done to facilitate commerce, tourism, or trade. With a daily trading volume of more than USD 5 trillion ($5,000,000,000), the FX market is one of the major worldwide markets. Forex trading is extremely popular among investors worldwide, thanks in part to its low entry hurdles, profit potential, and strict regulation.

How Does Forex Trading Work?


There are numerous sorts of Forex trading, each with its own distinct qualities. Some of these features are established by the currency in question, while others are determined by the broker.

For instance, if you are interested in the various types of Forex Trading, you should be familiar with Forex Trading Types, Forex Trading Brokers, Forex Trading Systems, Forex Trading Tools, and Forex Trading Services. If you can grasp these Forex Trading Types, you will be able to comprehend what Forex Trading is and how it operates.

Forex trading is simply taking an existing market and attempting to profit from it.

You’d need to make some very good investments in the market you’re interested in, and the ideal method to do so is to figure out the right and optimal moment to buy and sell currencies.

This is a really simple process. Essentially, you buy and hold a currency for a period of time for it to rise or fall in value.

The foreign exchange market is vast, so you should begin by opening a free account with a large broker and studying how it works. This way, you may obtain a sense of how the process works without paying any money.

Once you understand the basics, it is fairly simple to begin making trades online and eventually make some real money. It is crucial to stress that this is a high-risk, speculative industry, and you should only become involved if you have money to lose.

What Exactly Is Epic Trading?

I think It’s high time we talked about Epic Trading itself. David McCovy founded Epic Trading LLC  a few years back, precisely in the early months of 2020, with its headquarters in Nevada, United States. 

McCovy, the current owner and founder, is a serial entrepreneur with a wide background in hospitality, retail, and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). 

The Epic Trading platform is an MLM, or network marketing, business organization, and clients can join for the instructional content or for the affiliate marketing scheme as well. Epic Trading is a forex trading education program that also covers cryptocurrencies, binary options, and equities.

Who is David McCovy?


David is a lifelong entrepreneur from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is no stranger to starting enterprises from the ground up. He has owned enterprises in the garment, food, and entertainment industries, including the largest independent concert company in Las Vegas.

When David learned about the power of network marketing, he jumped in headfirst. As a representative, he quickly became a top earner in the companies he joined. To take on a new challenge, David founded his own network marketing company in 2015, which has generated over $200 million in sales.

He is now among a limited number of people who have earned a proven multi-million dollar salary as a representative turned company owner.

As the Founder of Epic Trading, David is delighted to help establish a wonderful culture and enormous success by combining his field knowledge with that of an owner.

There you have it, that’s the founder of Epic Trading, I’m glad you’ve met him. Now let’s continue with his establishment, which is what you are actually interested in right?

Why Do You Want To Join Epic Trading?

There are basically three types of people that feel the need to join this type of forex exchange trading platform.

1. Forex traders

Forex traders that wish to learn how to trade Forex and use Epic Trading’s Forex Signals to benefit from their trading accounts.

2. Team builders

Team builders looking to profit from Epic Trading compensation plan.

3. Team building Forex traders

Forex traders who also develop teams. They do both simultaneously. They want to profit from Epic Trading’s Forex signals as well as their referral incentive plan.

If you are a Forex trader who just wants to profit from Epic Trading’s Forex Signals, you can enrol in the Epic Scholar program and begin using their signals. 

They share/send a large number of signals via their particular and secret Telegram groups to which only Epic Scholar members have access. They have a team of expert traders who exchange trade setups and signals with users 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Now it begs the question, Is it really necessary to put your money at risk with Epic Trading Forex recommendations in order to make money? Well, the answer is simply no! It is not really worth it.

There are various ways you can legitimately make money from the internet without having to entrust your money to a third party for signals.

Read on to the very end to get those legitimate money-making ideas. Besides, that’s the core reason why I created this site; Expomaster.

If you want to join Epic Trading in order to gain money through their compensation scheme, you should do it through a sponsor as well. Then, if you want to earn money through Epic Trading’s compensation scheme, you must create your team. 

Joining Epic Trading while you are unable to attract team members is a massive error that will cost you $134.99 each month.

How Does Epic Trading Work?


Epic Trading is an online platform that educates traders all over the world about financial markets. The platform is suitable for both new and seasoned traders. 

It is vital to clarify that Epic Trading is not a broker, which means that it does not facilitate the purchase and sale of financial products. Rather, it delivers relevant and beneficial information to potential traders in order for them to trade successfully. 

The platform includes a wide range of resources, such as:

  • Trading sessions in real-time.
  • Technical Evaluation.
  • Forecasts for the market.
  • Industry gatherings.
  • Alerts for trading.

They provide their services through a mobile app as well as their website. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

Clients are welcome from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Qatar, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and Asia. Some financial instruments may be illegal in certain markets, so verify before investing.


Epic Trading charges a monthly fee for scholar membership. In addition to this base package, there are two enrollment add-ons available. The following is a detailed breakdown:


1. Epic University Scholar

Access to all Epic Trading LLC services, such as Epic University, analysis, forex signals, and trading tool evaluations, live webinar sessions, trade alerts, forecasts, and member support. The monthly fee for the membership is $134.99.

2. Epic Independent Business Owner (IBO)

Provides members with access to the Epic Referral Compensation Plan, Epic SuccessLab/Ph.D. training, real-time office data, Epic Life services, IBO support, and access to FreeFOREX.com. This plan costs $14.95 per month.

3. Epic PTOs

For $19.99 per month, you have access to premium services.

Epic Trading forex and network marketing, reviews of international options trading, and university login

Traders should be aware that Epic Scholars cannot earn commissions or bonuses under the Epic compensation plan unless they sign up as an IBO.

The Benefits of Epic Trading

Epic Trading offers a few elements that are extremely beneficial to any trader, whether they are new to the market or seasoned professionals:

1. Payment Options

All major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, are accepted. Membership fees can be paid using a credit or debit card, and the PayQuicker platform login is also available.

2. Multi-Language Support

In order to appeal to a global audience, the website is available in a variety of languages. Some of the languages are Arabic, Russian, and Spanish.

3. Social Media Presence

The corporation maintains popular accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. They provide regular updates as well as information about future events and interactive videos.

4. Customer Service

The customer service crew is dependable, responsive, and knowledgeable.

Epic Trading’s resources are diverse, entertaining, and up-to-date. Members can access material in a variety of formats, allowing them to work in the way that most suits them.

5. Referral Plan

Epic Trading features an MLM referral system that allows clients to advance through the ranks, or levels, by referring new customers to Epic Trading in exchange for greater monetary benefits.

The Drawbacks of Epic Trading

1. Limited Package Options

To access any of the affiliate benefits, you must subscribe to the IBO package, which is charged in addition to the Scholar programme. The virtues of the scholar package may be found elsewhere at a lower cost, therefore affiliate clients are paying a hefty premium to gain access to the ranking benefits. 

When combined with the fact that the qualifications for receiving any of the referral advantages are stringent, it appears that the program may be less competitive than it appears at first look.

2. Costly

The basic membership costs more than $100 per month, making it an expensive educational forex platform.

3. Security

When it comes to the safety of customer data, the organization shares the bare minimum. It is difficult to determine what, if any, precautions are in place, which is concerning.

4. New

It was established in 2020. Therefore, it is a relatively new firm, making it difficult to provide an accurate image of the quality and security of the services it provides.

Epic Trading Policy

Its policies and procedures, as well as comprehensive terms and conditions, and refunds may be found on its website.

There is no mention of any additional safety precautions in place, other than those required by law. Despite the fact that they are not brokers, they are in control of a considerable amount of confidential customer data, and we would like to see them do more to guarantee that it is adequately protected.

As part of the basic membership plan, all members will receive customer service support. Monday through Friday, from 08:00 to 19:00 UTC. The customer service team can be easily reached through e-mail (support@epictrading.com) and or phone number (800-893-8261).

How to Register on Epic Trading

To become a part of the Epic Trading community, you must first register. Go to the website and choose a subscription package. 

All membership plans are tracked monthly, and the registration process is simple. Contact customer care if you have any problems with billing, logging in, package options, or if you want to terminate your Epic Trading account plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Epic Trading Function?

For a monthly fee, Epic Trading offers a variety of educational forex trading resources. Basic membership includes access to all of the platform’s educational content. Add-ons can be paid to participate in the MLM system or to receive premium services.

Is Epic Trading Worth Your Time?

Although the company is still in its early stages, it appears to offer a diverse choice of content. So, it’s basically left for you to decide if it is worth your time and effort.

Yes, it is currently allowed in Nepal. However, not all financial products are authorized for trading in the region. So, double-check that the instruments you’re interested in are permitted before investing money with a broker.

Is Epic Trading Legit or a Ponzi Scheme?

Epic Trading is not a pyramid scheme because it provides a genuine, physical product in addition to its MLM system. Clients can choose to participate in the company’s referral compensation plan, but it is not required. Having said that, all new clients must be sponsored to join the site, and the affiliate program is heavily promoted.

Is Epic Trading a Scam?

So, to answer the question if Epic Trading is a scam or not; for now, we can’t call it a scam. This is because so far, Epic Trading has been transparent. All its team members are publicly known.

We can’t call Epic Trading a fraud because we know who is behind the scenes. They’ve even revealed their management team, which includes the following individuals:

  • President – Spencer Iverson
  • Vice President of Sales – Mark Sterling
  • David Liciaga is the Vice President of Business Development.
  • Global Master Ambassador – Jonathan Green
  • Maxcine Bakhshizad – FOREX Training Director

How long has Epic Trading been in business?

Epic Trading has been in business since David McCovy launched it in 2020. This is a fairly brief time in the financial services business. Prospective customers should keep this in mind because the first few years of most businesses are turbulent and uncertain.

Final Thoughts on Epic Trading

Epic Trading features a good selection of instructional resources, all of which are easily accessible and up-to-date. 

The organization provides active and professional customer care, but membership is not inexpensive, with a minimum monthly cost of $137. 

This, suggests that many new traders might be better off selecting a cheaper, more established option. If you want to participate in Epic Trading’s multilevel affiliate marketing scheme, you may do so through the company’s website.


This article is simply a detailed and honest Epic Trading review by Expomaster and is not meant to persuade you into making any decision as regards the platform. Please personally carry out thorough research before finally deciding on whether to join Epic Trading or not.

Now back to the promise I made earlier as regards the other legitimate money-making ideas I plan to share.

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Thanks, and keep coming back for more money-making ideas at Expomaster.com.ng

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