The Ultimate eSignal Review

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The extensive charting platform, eSignal offers a vast selection of technical indicators and analytical tools. It is a user-friendly trading platform that interfaces with more than 50 international brokers. In this article, we’ll give a detailed review of the eSignal software. What’s more? We’ll cover the features, pricing, pros, and cons so you can decide if it’s the right platform. Let’s find out what this software has to offer.

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What is eSignal?


eSignal is a sophisticated charting application aimed particularly at active traders that use technical analysis. The platform is renowned for its limitless customization of charts and sophisticated analytical capabilities. 

These include a bulletproof stock scanner, automation processes, market profiles, comprehensive volume analysis, etc. Users get access to real-time market information from hundreds of international marketplaces. 

Without batting an eyelash, you can design your strategy, execute the best transactions, and keep up with trends. Be assertive that eSignal’s data quality is excellent. This is because Intercontinental Exchange, the same business that runs the ICE futures exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, owns it. 

Additionally, eSignal is not just a complete charting tool with a vast selection of technical indicators. It is also a trading platform. Connecting to over 50 different brokers allows you to place trades from the site easily.

eSignal Awards

Currently, the company offers financial tools that are known across the world and have won several awards, including:

  • Best Real-Time/Delayed data
  • Best Stock Trading System
  • Best End of Day Data
  • Best Futures Trading System

Key Features Of eSignal


We will now examine this service’s essential components in detail. They contain‌ comprehensive charts, watch lists, scanners, and broker connectivity.

1. Charts

This is one of the software’s key features. It contains very customizable charts. Also, it is simple to grasp that you can easily link with different windows. You’ll love the platform’s organization and how easy it is to resize and move the charts throughout the workspace.

eSignal provides various charting intervals. These include time (seconds, minutes, months, years, etc.), volume (the number of shares traded), range (price changes), and tick (number of trades executed). 

There are several chart kinds, including candlesticks, bar charts, histograms, lines, a price break, area, and point & figure.

2. Scanners

eSignal features a Market Screener Plus tool, allowing you to scan based on fundamentals, values, or technical factors. 

You may design your own scans or pick from pre-defined, personalized, or bought scans in the application’s store. But your unique plan’s coverage of free exchanges will determine how many scans you receive. Spend more for multiple exchanges and expect to pay more.

3. Technical Indicators

The extensive selection of accessible technical indicators is another aspect of this platform that we enjoyed. You are likely to love the versatility you get on this platform. And this includes both fundamental and advanced indicators. 

With eSignal, you can adjust and shift the charts around to save time while you watch the market moves, unlike other systems that group indicators together and make things more complex.

4. News

eSignal is one of the top news feeds you’ll ever find. Thus, it gives access to COMTEX, Dow Jones Headline News, and other trustworthy outside news sources. If you trade the news, you will appreciate how easy it is to search for catalysts throughout the day by employing keywords.

5. Hot List

This platform’s ability to provide in-depth evaluations of the top 100 market shakers is one of its distinctive features. Also, you may create your own tactics on top of it. And you can always go to some developer modules for guidance. 

Once the criteria you specified are satisfied, the software will trade for you once you have created the strategies.

6. Webinars

Because learning never stops, the website allows you to access webinars and seminars. Here, you may pick up new information about trading and tactics from experts in the field.

7. Alerts

The platform’s ability to be customized depending on several factors, such as price changes, market trends, and metrics, is another option that you could find appealing. This feature would allow you to diversify your trades. 

So you could determine where you should focus the most on. Also, you could create alerts through the watch lists or the charts.

8. Order Entry

You may place trades using the software’s associated internet brokers using this platform. In addition, you can trade futures, currencies, equities, and options through the over 50 online brokerages that are linked to the program. 

Nevertheless, for those in Africa, Europe, or the Middle East, you cannot trade on this site.

Major Benefit Of eSignal

The key advantage of this platform is that it provides you with up-to-date, correct data. Plus, the charts enable you to comprehend and foresee market circumstances. Technical traders would value the ability to create alerts on a particular indicator or price to help them make the correct decision at the right time.

eSignal Products’ Pricing or Packages


There are three subscription levels offered by eSignal, and these can be paid for on a monthly recurring or annual pre-paid basis. All options include free online instruction and round-the-clock customer service. In addition, there are fees for exchanging data. Using their App store, you can buy further research and indicators.

1. Classic Plan

The monthly eSignal cost of the Classic plan is $47; yearly memberships save 10%. This plan includes a 200-symbol limit, sophisticated charting, and 15-minute delayed intra-day quotes for stocks, futures, and forex. Not just that, it includes a market screener for one free exchange. The classic plan is for casual investors.

2. Signature Plan

The monthly eSignal cost of the Signature plan is $152. But its yearly membership will save you 25%. This is the most well-liked strategy and is appropriate for both swing and aggressive intraday traders. Real-time quotations for stocks, futures, options, and forex are among the features.

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Furthermore, it includes sophisticated charting with customized studies, a 500-symbol limit, advanced trading, and a market screener for three free exchanges. Other features are level 2 windows, mobile apps, analyst research, and 1-year worth of historical data.

3. Elite Plan

The Elite eSignal costs $309 a month, with an annual membership saving 20%. This feature-rich strategy is appropriate for technical swing and intraday traders who enjoy trading harmonic patterns, particularly Elliott Wave chartists.

Real-time quotations for stocks, futures, options and forex are among the features. Advanced charting with configurable studies and Advanced GET Studies is another.

This package gives you access to a weekly live mentoring class. And it provides additional advanced GET methods, level 2 windows, analyst research, mobile applications, and different hallmark studies and indicators, such as Volume Delta and Market Profile.

eSignal Support


The eSignal support is without a doubt the most highly regarded aspect of all. It makes no difference which of the three plans the user subscribes to. All users of eSignal’s website have access to a round-the-clock help service through the support segment of the website.

Users can select between the direct live chat with the support staff and the Knowledge Base, which includes answers to frequently asked questions and information on resolving issues. The eSignal Knowledge Base is quite comprehensive. 

With its help, customers may quickly resolve various difficulties relating to downloads, usability, symbol guides, and Quotreck Mobile (now eSignal mobile). This is the name of a brand-new add-on function that allows customers to receive any type of live-stream data immediately on their smartphone or tablet from the program. 

Besides that, subscribers can access a blog and a daily email from eSignal. Their newsletter contains helpful trading tips, methods, and fascinating historical analyses of the best and worst-performing markets each day, week, and month.

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It is true that customers of eSignal must pay a little more for the services compared to the costs of the rivals. However, the traders who have selected eSignal receive priceless peace of mind.

Also, they’ll have safety that makes it worthwhile to pay a little more because of the constant help and the assurance that they won’t have to worry about any delays or crashes.

What’s more? eSignal provides a ‌solid and dependable instrument for all experienced and committed traders. Every trader may now effectively use the strategy and working style that they want, thanks to all of its useful features and ongoing upgrades.

Your trading and investing will be simpler, quicker, and more comfortable with the help of the eSignal trading program. 

Thus, it makes sense to take advantage of the 30-day free trial. Note that all funds will be reimbursed to you if you cancel your membership during the first 30 days of service (minus taxes, add-on services, activation, and exchange fee). However, each customer may only take the free trial once.

Pros Of Using eSignal

  • Quality data
  • It provides educational content like videos and tutorials.
  • Compatible with global brokers
  • Access to third-party add-ons
  • It’s very flexible and can be resized
  • One can access it using smartphones or tablets (Elite and Signature Plan only).

Cons Of Using eSignal

  • eSignal cost is too pricey. Add-ons have extra charges.
  • eSignal is not compatible with MAC OS and needs a Windows operating system.

Regulation & Licensing

eSignal is not directly regulated in its capacity as a provider of financial data services. However, ICE collaborates with legislators and regulators all around the world to guarantee oversight, compliance, and the dependable functioning of financial markets. This includes abiding by the rules and regulations set out by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (SEC).

Keep in mind that the information gathered and analyzed from sources of financial data does not ensure success. You should only use market information, economic graphing, and trading signals to promote investments. 

Please note that eSignal customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa cannot use trading integration and broker plug-in services. Dubai, Germany, and the UK are among these.

Why We Think You Should Choose eSignal

Simply eSignal’s award-winning solutions include affordable pricing, customer service that redefines the term, access to extensive trading education materials, and superior charting and technical analysis tools that connect to 50+ brokers for seamless trade execution.

If you want a system that gives you global access to the world’s marketplaces while maintaining dependability, variety, and affordability, eSignal is the way to go. Trade with confidence, knowing that eSignal’s unrivaled speed and accuracy are industry benchmarks.

FAQs About Ultimate eSignal Review

Is eSignal Worth The Price?

With broad toolsets, real-time market data, and easy navigation, eSignal is a potent trading platform. The site is mostly used by traders to day-trade equities and futures. This program is definitely worth the money because it has a built-in market scanner, charting tools, and trading indicators for market profiles.

Is eSignal A Broker Or Not? 

No, it is not a broker. The primary usage of the market data network and charting software eSignal is day trading. It is renowned for its dependability, thoroughness, and rapidity. 

How Does eSignal Work?

Both a PC and a web-based version are available for usage. Active stock traders love using the many API connections and lightning-fast market data feeds. The most well-known brokerage company that is affiliated with eSignal is Interactive Brokers. And it may be used to trade on a foreign exchange market’s front end.

Where Is eSignal’s Headquarters?

eSignal is located in Foster City, California at 919 E. Hillsdale Boulevard. The customer care department is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Why choose eSignal?

Breath, Speed, and Reliability.

Final Thoughts

This eSignal review shows that it outperforms stock market scanning and offers stock screening and technical analysis charting. eSignal provides stock, futures, forex, and options analysis. Compared to competitors, the entry-level service is more expensive, ranging from $54 to $192 for the best package.

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