EVO3D: The Most Innovative Play-2-Earn Game


Just as you know, games are part of recreation. Some play games to make them feel relaxed, and some also play games just for fun or to bet with their friends. So ask yourself, what about playing a game and earning something from it? That is what I will be sharing with you today. The most innovative play-2-earn game from Evo3D.

Imagine playing a game just for fun and earning a reward just for it. Isn’t this an amazing step? That is why in this article we will be discussing the innovative play-2-earn game, which will be fun for you and also reward you with money.

I can say some years back there wasn’t anything like this play-2-earn game. All you have to do is play the game for fun with your buddies. But today, we can now have games that we can play and earn money from.

Before I discuss this game, I would like to share with you the organization behind this innovative play-2-earn game. Let’s take a look at what the organization (Evo3D) is all about. 

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What is EVO3D all about?

Like every organization has its own meaning and what they stand for, so does Evo3D. Evo3D is an organization focused on waste recycling. They believe that nothing is wasted and that there are more beautiful things to be produced from the so-called waste. 

To Evo3D every waste has another use, in as much as you have thousands of ideas to bring out from them. If you look around you today, there is so much waste littered on the ground and nobody is wondering what it could have been used for other than being littered on the floor.

Some weeks back, I was with someone who actually shared a story of how a particular company is turning waste tyres into different beautiful pieces of furniture. After stumbling on Evo3D, I had a flashback about what the person shared with me, and I realized that this is what Evo3D is creating.

The organization believed in smart, intuitive, patent-pending technology and business models that offer maximum lifecycle value for materials. 

Those materials, especially plastics, prevent waste pollution and environmental degradation while providing an ecosystem that makes proper waste disposal for consumers, retailers, recyclers, and manufacturers. 

Who are the founders of Evo3D?

Evo3D was founded by a group of undergraduates who saw the future of waste while they were in university. They learnt that their school produced 20,000 kilograms of waste every year, which turned out to become pollution to the environment instead of value. 

So these young graduates decided to create something of value from these and today Evo3D is formed.

Here are some of the leaders of Evo3D listed below;

  • Emmanuel Nwanja (Co-founder)
  • Peculiar Richard (Co-founder)
  • Franklin Uka (Tech Lead)

The organization has been active and has been working intensively to promote the recreation of waste into something meaningful that can be of good use. How does Evo2D work? Let’s take a look at how they operate.

How does Evo3D operate?


Evo3D offers its service in a direct-to-You system. What does this mean? This means that they help with collecting your waste and directing it to the appropriate party. 

Now, what does the owner of the waste get in return? This is a low service charge, a clean environment, an ESG score, and, lastly, a clean environment.

The organization is perfectly conditioned to make sure waste pollution and unhealthy environmental conditions are eradicated. As we all know, there are other recycling organizations out there, but there is one fantastic thing about Evo3D, which is that they include everybody in their planning. 

Evo3D is designed to help businesses grow their products. They also collaborate with recycling companies to help them achieve their goal of getting waste plastic recycled.

Recycling waste is becoming more productive than before, and a lot of technologies are coming into this industry. I know you will be wondering why this so-called recycling company is venturing into the gaming world. We will get to that soon.

Evo3D was recently listed among the 9 most innovative Nigeria-based recycling companies and startups by Futurology. This is to show how emerging this company has been since it was created and its contribution toward green products/projects in Africa.

Now, let’s take a look at what play-2-earn games are all about, why it interests Evo3D to set up a game like this, and how it’s going to work. 

What is a play-2-earn-game

Play-2-earn games are a type of game you play to earn money when you complete a task, progress to another level, or battle other players. 

Unlike the play-to-play games we have played before, where you just play a game for fun, the play-2-earn game allows you to earn a reward.

This adds a new innovation to video games rather than play-to-play games. If you could remember playing a video game and all you could get from completing their tasks was just a game reward which you could only use to buy the game built in. 

But with a play-2-earn game, you get to win real money, not points. Which can be withdrawn as cash to your local bank account. The Play-2-earn games bring value back to the player. 

Furthermore, with the emergence of cryptocurrency and web3, GameFi has been able to enter the gaming world. 

This is the combination of gaming and decentralized finance. Now we have different blockchain applications running in the gaming world that are helping people monetize their games.

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Most of these play-2-earn games have a virtual economy of their own. Each of these game models and economies varies from each other, but the gist of it is that they tend to provide value to the players. These values can be in the form of crypto which you can trade for real money.  

Some of us who are gamers are more interested in these new trends. People now have a job in this aspect by referring to themselves as “gamers” because they get a reward for playing the game.

Different types of play-2-earn games

There are many play-2-learn games out there, some involve you putting your money or crypto into the game and then earning addition by completing their task or playing with other players. Let’s check out some of these play-2-earn games.

Battle infinity

Battle Infinity comes with a combination of gaming and the virtual world that offers players numerous benefits. The players of this game have access to six benefits, including the IBAT Premier League offering, a fantasy sports game integrated with the Metaverse.

The sandbox

This game allows you to create unique goods in a sandbox setting where you can build and sell anything you want to earn sand tokens. There are no limits or enemies to defeat – all you have to do is to be creative and have fun.


Decentraland is one of the most popular play-2-earn games. This game is a virtual world built on the Ethereum platform where you can play to earn NFT. In this virtual world, you can buy your land and also sell it for tokens or NFTs. People also buy Mana tokens on this platform and wait for the price to rise. 

Alien worlds

When you are looking for a mining game to play, Alien World is the best for you. This SciFi game hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and WAX allows users to travel to play the role of a space explorer in Alien World. In this game, you mine minerals, which are your cryptocurrency, which you can then exchange for NFTs.


This is a fantasy football game based on the Ethereum platform where NFTs representing football players can be bought, sold, and traded. You can earn ETH on Sorare by participating in the weekly tournament or by selling cards. 

The Galaxy Fight Club

This is a cross-platform game. This is a cross-platform PvP MOBA game where players can battle, win, and earn Ethereum and NFTs. Galaxy Fight Club is more like a Super Smash Bros where different characters from different IPs come together. In Galaxy Fight Club, you will see a bull from Bulls fighting an ape from BAYC or a cool cat fighting a cryptopunk.

There are more play-2-earn games out there where you can play and earn real value from them. Now let’s go back to the Evo3D side of gaming because we should be wondering why a recycling company is coming into the gaming world. 

EVO3D: The Most Innovative Play-2-Earn Game

Evo3D is creating a way for more people to profit from the circular economy in an entertaining way and help reduce environmental pollution with their play-2-earn games. The gameplay currency is your recyclable waste, and you earn real-world value and other benefits after playing.

So if you’re like most people, you love playing games and spending your free time on the internet. However, most of the time, when you’re playing games, you’re just trying to get ahead and win. With Evo3D, you can break away from that cycle and instead earn money while you play. 


Play-2-earn games are the new evolution of the gaming world. With this, you get to earn real money as a gamer and also have fun while playing the game. Also, Evo3D is creating an avenue for recyclable waste to enter the gaming world.

One thing I love about Evo3D is their incorporation of the latest technologies into their organization and also their thinking about their users.

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