21 Tips And Checklist For First-Time Flyers


A first-time flyer is someone who has not traveled by air before. It is someone who is going to enter a flight and have it controlled by a pilot for the first time. They can be called newbies too. 

It is normal to have a mixture of being excited and nervous at the same time and that is nothing to worry about. 

Though traveling by air can get a little bit messy, it is advised that you should be grounded on the cultures at the airline before embarking on any trip by air.

In this very interesting article, you will find out outstanding tips that are highly recommended for every first-time flyer.

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The Most Important 20 Tips For First-Time Flyers


1. Check-in online

For someone who hasn’t traveled by air before, it is advisable to follow necessary procedures and take necessary precautions to be safer.

Checking in online saves unnecessary stress. All you need to do after this process is to present your booking receipt to secure a pass. 

Although, as a first-time flyer, you must check-in online and print your receipt from the app to save yourself from the long queue at the airport.   

2. Understand The Different Types Of Baggage

This is a very necessary tip for first-time flyers. You should understand that there are specific rules guiding the airlines and as such, should be kept. 

The baggage can come in three forms; checked baggage, carry-on baggage, and personal baggage.

Here, the checked baggage might contain your clothes and all other voluminous traveling items. It is advised that you avoid anything that would make you want to access your checked baggage during the travel.

The carry-on baggage is always the handy one. Due to it being bigger than personal baggage and having to stay with a person during a flight, it usually passes through a security check. Certain things might not be allowed in the carry-on baggage depending on the airline. Items such as alcohol or any anesthetics might not be allowed.

Down to the personal baggage; this can be your handbag, laptop, or any other handy gadget. 

Personal baggage shares some similarities with carry-on baggage as it stays on the person on the flight. It also has some security regulations guiding it. 

Most airlines might not accept it, so you will have to put it in your carry-on baggage. Having this baggage knowledge as a first-time flyer would save you some explanation and embarrassment.

3. Pack The Most Important In Your Carryon

For first-time flyers who might have challenging health issues like asthma, it’s paramount that you have your medication in your carry-on baggage. 

Or if you are someone that would want to bring your in-flight entertainment; you can decide to pack your gadgets or magazines in your carry-on baggage. 

Pack your important things that would be within your reach while on the flight. And as a first-time flyer, it’s impeccable to always pack a handy carry-on.

4. Have A Piece For Identifying Your Luggage With

As funny as it may sound, luggage at the airport tends to be for someone. First-time flyers should not fail to personalize their baggage for easy identification.

You can choose to be fashionable by using a fancy lining or wool to wrap the handle of your checked baggage so you won’t have the reason to create a scene when the reverse would be the case.

You know that moment when your loved ones are already waiting for you at the airport to pick you up; as a first-time flyer, you might out of excitement and rush, move with another’s baggage thinking it is yours, probably it looks exactly like yours.

Even the most seasoned travelers get confused when they fail to identify their particular baggage.

5. Have A Currency Exchange Before Your Travel

One dollar now equals one euro. This implies that the exchange rate is rising on a daily. Practice the culture of doing things on time before they get out of hand. 

While preparing to go to a country that doesn’t use the same currency as yours, do well to visit an exchange company before the day of your travel;  so you will avoid exchanging currency at the airport.

First-time flyers should endeavor to use a reputable exchange company to change their currency to the one the country they are traveling to uses. 

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Airport exchange companies are known to have terrible exchange rates that might affect you, a first-time traveler if you were not properly informed before setting out. 

Some of the first-timers end up in a mess due to excitement about flying for the first time and the moments they are going to create while on it.

6. Dress To Express Not To Impress

First-time flyers and even the regular ones do not need to make a big fashion statement because nobody cares about your appearance; not even the air hostess or the pilot.

You have to dress in a way that your outfit won’t restrict your body or leg movement while at rest.

Just as writers are expected to write the way they speak, it is assumed that first-time flyers express themselves in their outfits rather than putting up with impressing the rest of the boarders or security at the airline.

7. Put On Easy-to-wear Shoes

Just like there are several rules laid down for road travelers when they arrive at an army checkpoint. 

Rules like the restriction of phone calls or having any questionable body language so the check or search would be as brief as possible. 

At the airport, and as a first-time flyer, be certain to experience the most disturbing security checkpoints where you would be asked to remove even your shoes so there would be a swift search. 

To save yourself time and still earn your respect, you will have to put on classy, fashionable yet easy-to-remove shoes so you won’t create a scene with the securities in charge.

8. Leave Home Early And Arrive Airport Early

For a first-time traveler who might be unaware of the policy guiding the airlines, who is always all about adventures, who would think traveling by air is the safest and probably the most stress-free mode of transportation, they are likely to ignore that it is safe to arrive at least 2 hours before the actual take-off time. 

So you would have the opportunity to check in your baggage and sort yourself.

Airlines are not calculable, you can not relax at home and have the thought of seeing few people in the queue. if your flight is at 7 am, you should leave home early so arrive at the airport by at least 5:30 am before taking off.

9. Always Have A Backup Plan

Let us say you did some calculations in your head and you are certain you will be at the airport one hour before take-off since you are only flying with your carry-on baggage.

Did you think about getting stuck up in traffic? Exactly! It is possible you forgot that you will travel by land before traveling by air.

Have you thought about what you will do if you eventually miss your flight?

Well, you have to take a deep breath cos it is a first-time flyer version. Sounds funny yet annoying that you missed your flight. 

But here is the deal, it is understanding that you missed your flight due to unforeseen circumstances, but be driven to reach out to the airline s customer care when you notice that you are likely to miss your flight or when it dawned on you that you have already missed it. 

Your flight can be rebooked without an extra charge though it has already delayed and spoilt plans for you. You just have to hang in there till you finalize everything.

11. Remember Your Travel Documents

All first-time flyers should always remember that the transportation security administration (TSA) is always requesting to see your passport and other travel documents. 

All travelers including first-time flyers should make their passports and ID or other travel documents handy.

Indeed, t is not all travel documents that are vital but as the regular saying goes, prevention is better than cure. You should always and always have your travel documents in your carry-on.

12. Do Thorough Research On The Country You’re Traveling To

For first-time flyers that want to spice up their relationship by going for a vacation, you must research the cultures of the new country you are visiting. 

It might be their pedestrian culture or how they wave or book a cab or even how they communicate. 

Get familiar with the basic things so it will not look like heavy duty when you finally arrive.

13. Observe The Airport Procedures

Knowledge, they say, is power! When you’ve finally settled on traveling with a particular airline, you should be able to observe how they operate.

Airlines differ in their mode of operation and as such, should be studied and kept. 

First-time flyers should not act like seasoned air travelers, you should possess that observed virtue to be sure you can travel with that airline.

14. Feel Free To Bring Your Food Along

You would probably wonder why you should bring your food when the same food would be shared. That feeling is normal for first-time flyers to have. That notion is made because you might not like what is served and they can’t change because of you.

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It’s fine if you are a vegetarian but don’t like the dairy products they served. Bring your food and eat so you don’t go hungry. Yes, it’s that simple. 

15. Stay Hydrated

Even science speaks highly of hydration. When a random person screams headache, he will be asked to drink lots of water. 

As a first-timer on a flight, do not worry about being pressed, there’s always a reserved restroom for you. 

You might get tired from the journey or will randomly encounter low cabin humidity; you’d always need to drink water after eating.

16. Remember You Are Not Flying Alone

Making an adventure is fun trust me. Every moment is worth it. First-time flyers will always want to capture the moments and all that’s worth it. But as you are eating and living the moment, be careful enough not to litter the next passenger seat. 

That is why carry-on bags should be handy so you don’t inconvenience. You as a first-time flyer and an adult should know that most alcohol-based cologne or perfumes or even opening smelly food might cause the passenger sitting next to you to feel nauseous.

17. Reach For A Flight Attendant

When you feel uneasy or uncomfortable and you get scared that you might be embarrassed when you talk to a passenger next to you, it is advised that you reach out to a flight attendant and table your problems.

It is possible that you do not like what is served or your screen is not showing, you should not hesitate to call on any close attendant to your aid.

First-time flyers usually develop this fear that they might be judged. So they keep complaining to themselves most of the time.

When you accidentally wet your cardigan and there is so much cold due to the air conditioner, feel free to complain. You might get some help.

18. Go For A Seat Close To The Wing

Most airlines give their passengers the preference to pre-select a seat online. 

This is one of the advantages of checking in online. Seating close to a wing can spice up your journey. 

You will have no reason to get bored or feel grumpy. You’d get a special view and even explore on your adventure.

As a first-time flyer, you can always use SeatGuru to aid you in selecting a seat close to the wing.

19. Create A Playlist For Yourself

Creating your playlist is as good as bringing your entertainment. 

Download music on your phone and use your headset to listen when you feel bored. Bring your books to read and entertain yourself.

Sometimes, first-time flyers allow their excitement to take over them and they get bored and disappointed when the reverse turned out to be the case.

 The inflight entertainment would help to cheer you up.

20. Take Note Of Security Checkpoints

Everything might look foreign if you are not used to it yet. You might have a lot of unanswered questions in your mind, like, why should they search for us when we are traveling as a family? Or why should I remove my shoes?

All first-time flyers are advised to take note of security checkpoints and how harmless they’re if you comply with them.

21. Go With Extras; Pillow, Socks, Blankets, Etc.

If you are to travel with a first-time flyer, and they insist on traveling with their skimpy wear or outfit, do not forget to inform them to come along with accessories that will help them when they can no longer bear the cold from the AC. Bring in your travel pillow, or any extra you need to stay comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About

What is the maximum size of luggage allowed at the airport?

First-time flyers should endeavor not to overpack their bag as they are not expected to check in with luggage weighing more than 32kg.

How do you calm a first-time flyer?

Reassurance is a powerful virtue in calming a first-time flyer. There is really no need to fret. Having a flight experience entails so much fun and is not a bad idea to have your involvement.

How do I prepare for my first flight?

The best way a first-time flyer can prepare for their first flight is to follow the 20 tips in this article serially.


Traveling by air is no doubt very interesting. It is something you can be addicted to when you comply with everything. 

When you have a proper plan and preparation, no one will stop you from having a fun-filled experience.

The view, the motion sickness, the low cabin humidity, the in-flight entertainment, and everything put together will give you a notable adventure.

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