Welcome once again to the hub of life hacks. You must have heard about the fast-growing, or should I say, grown, messenger app called Telegram, and probably have used it. The Telegram Company has a Gram Free website. This website was launched shortly by Telegram.

The Gram Free website gives you a chance to earn up to 75000 rupees for free. If you want to learn exactly how you can make such a large amount of cash from gram free, sit back, relax, and read through this step-by-step article on how to go about it.


Of course, first of all, you need to sign up or register to tap into this opportunity. Click here to sign up. Once you click that link, it will automatically take you to the gram free website.

Immediately and without delay, click on the sign-up button, after which you’ll be asked to choose between signing up with your logged-in email address or with your Facebook account.

It’s totally free, why not give it a try, so choose the one you prefer after doing so, you’ll be faced with your dashboard. Now you can start earning cool cash.


There are quite a lot of ways, or rather methods, to earn on gram free websites.


gram free

Just like every online community that wants to grow and experience a high flux of traffic; referral conquest is the best way to do so. On gram free websites, you get paid for each person you successfully refer to the platform.


Now the second methodology to freely earn on the gram free website is to roll. It opens and becomes accessible after a few minutes.


Click on it and stand a chance to earn between 0.1 to 1000 grams.


The third method or way through which you can earn gram on Gram Free is through lottery. The lottery costs 1 gram. If you get a lottery then you can get several thousand grams. But your chances of winning this in the lottery are rather minimal.




The number four method to earn grams on gram free website is by watching videos. You get a bonus of 5 grams for creating a video, and a 0.1 gram bonus for watching a video for 60 seconds.


The fifth or number five method which you can use to earn grams on gram free website is by levelling up. So how do you level up? Well, you do so by gathering as many points as possible, which you get as you carry out daily activities like staying online, watching videos, or doing the roll just like I mentioned earlier.




The reward for the following actions:

+1 Point: New day activity.

+1 Point: Free roll.

+5 points: Invitation of a friend.

+10 points: Referral reached 2d level.

+2 points: Smart contact was concluded.

+1 point: Smart contact was confirmed.

+5 points: Smart contact was signed.

+2 points: Play lottery.

+1 point: YouTube video was watched.

+10 points: New video review was approved.

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Earn more grams on Gramfree with this trick.

This trick or method happens to be the fastest way or method of earning more grams, and in fact, less work is required.

This trick is officially called Express Smart Contract. It is legitimate, so feel free to try it out.

All you need to do is this; don’t log in to your Gramfree dashboard for at least three (3) good days, after which, check your mail; you’d see a mail like this below.

gram free tricks (express smart contract)

Click the link from your mail. It should take you to your account dashboard. Then go to the smart contract and sign it. Immediately, you’ll earn 10 grams for that contract.

You can as well complete all available tasks for that day for maximum earning, then repeat the procedure all over again.


We are not putting any pressure on you to join this website. You are joining this website (Gram Free Website) as per your wish. We do not guarantee any type of GRAM FREE platform for you. You use the platform at your own risk?


Frequently Asked Questions About Gram Free

Is Gram Free Legit?

There is no clear answer for this. The platform pays some people and doesn’t pay some, depending on the legitimacy of the activities you did.

Is Gram Free A Cryptocurrency?

No! As of today, gram free has not been listed on any cryptocurrency platform

By Chibuzor Lawrence

I’m Chibuzor Lawrence, A Content Writer, SEO Specialist, and Web Designer. I have created this site to share ideas and general updates, especially lifehacks that will play an important role in your everyday life. Keep coming back for more here on

55 thoughts on “6 EASY STEPS TO EARN $300+ ON GRAM FREE WEBSITE”
  1. Hello Chibuzor. I have two pending withdrawals in Gramfree. I requested the first withdrawal to my Payoneer account in June 2021 but till now it’s still pending.

    Undeterred, I continued performing the tasks daily until I got to 500Grams again and made a second withdrawal, this time to my Bitcoin wallet. This was in June 2022 (last month). I had hoped for faster payment since I selected cryptocurrency as my withdrawal method but, like the first time, it also is still pending.

    I don’t know what to do now. Please can I chat you up on WhatsApp?

    1. Withdrawal from gram free through crypto method or PayPal is the fastest and the only method I’d advise you to use

  2. pls how can u help me do my withdrawal right? i ought to have withdrawn since 4 months ago but i made a mistake with the bitcoin account i opened and i’d even forgoten the password to it. pls how do i stil do my withdrawal as there’s no avenue to get back at gramfree at all? thanks

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      If the Bitcoin address you inserted is correct, after GramFree has successfully confirmed that no tricks were used in earning the grams, Free Gram will release the payment to the Bitcoin address. it is left for you to find a way to access your wallet and enjoy your funds.

      But if the Bitcoin address is incorrect, the grams won’t be released as it will bounce back (invalid address). Then and only then will you have the option of choosing another means of payment.

  3. hello, i used to get mail for the “express smart contract” then it stoped, pls how can i reactivate the “express smart contract” so as to keep getting the bonus?

    1. Unfortunately you can’t reactivate it. If the offer has stopped, then you just have to continue with other normal methods

  4. Boss I did not understand the express smart contract tricks,
    I should not logging my gramfree account or I should not click on my dashboard for good 3 days if my second explanation is right will I still be performing my free role and still be watching videos but I won’t click on my dash board for good three days
    Please I need urgent help.

  5. Thank you very much for this information may God continue to bless you and your family,Many people said the site is not legit but I don’t believe them right now am currently in 140gram Since last 2 month but as share this information now I will make sure I do it as you said.
    May God continue to bless you
    Keep it up brother.
    I think you creat telegram channel for easy notifications whenever you drop any updates.

  6. Pls
    Why can’t I roll again.when ever I click on roll,it we only change the roll colour and wont load.
    I can’t also take any smart contract.
    Pls kindly assist me on that
    Thank you

  7. they started giving me one gram for each referal instead of 5 grams that it was before

    please what is the problem

    1. Yes, it’s no longer 5 grams like before, it’ll be 1 gram for subsequent referrals you get henceforth.

      Check your dashboard, it’s clearly indicated there.

      1. Please I have gotten to 500grams,but I don’t know the next step do you mid if I can get your wattsapp number thanks……

  8. hi good morning, i was able to get to 500 gram on gramfree project on the 12/12/2020. i clicked on withdrawal using my Bitcoin account but i mistakenly used my bitcoin wallet ID for withdrawal instead of my Bitcoin Wallet Address. i tried cancelling the withdrawal but there is no where i can do that. i checked on SUPPORT but there is no SUPPORT again on the Dashboard. i have been waiting for them to send me email but up till today nothing yet.please can you advice me on what to do because the withdrawal has been on pending Status since on the 12th.
    thank you and God bless you.

    1. This is indeed a very big and costly mistake.

      You might just be lucky.
      It takes minimum of 20 days for Gram free to run account check recently due to the high Flux of users and requests.

      So after the account check, if your account has been found free of cheats and tricks, your earnings of 500 grams will be disbursed to the address you provided.

      Now here comes the lucky part, on disbursement of your earnings, if the provided address is found to be invalid, you might get a notification to change it.

      That’s why I said you might just be lucky. So for now, you can only wait.

      1. Hello sir, I want to know how to post videos on gramfree, because I’ve tried my possible best to make a video post but all to no avail

        1. Hello Collins,
          To post videos on gram free, you will need to have an active YouTube account.
          First, you post it on your YouTube channel with a befitting title.
          Then, copy the title as well as the YouTube link of the video.
          Go to GramFree, Click on Videos, paste the copied YouTube video link and type the title as well.
          Finally, Click on “send to review”

          NOTE: Approval of posted videos is not automatic as it is subject to reviews which might take time before it is deemed fit.
          Hope i answered your question?

    1. Yes gram free is legit only that it takes quite a long time to reach the threshold (about three months)

    1. I will advise you to create a group on any social media platform you’re very active on and maybe influential as well, then add people to the group.
      Explain the whole gram free process to them and urge them to register through your link.
      Though it’s not as easy as it sounds, but give it a try.

  9. Good day. I am really fed up! Whenever I am about to perform an activity,gramfree will start to hang. There was a time I was trying to get something done,the next thing my account wipe off. It took weeks before I was able to use it. Pls help.

    1. First, I would like to know when the issue started, as well as what network provider you’re using.

      But first, go to your browser settings and clear your cache. That should do it. Also I recommend using Google Chrome Web Browser.

      Let me know if the problem persists after doing this.

    1. Yeah you can’t.
      Of course you can’t withdraw something that’s not available.
      I Think you know why it’s not in your available balance.(well it’s simply because those Referrals are yet to move to the next level).

      The system was created like this in order to checkmate the issue of FAKE REFERRALS.
      Like I always say,… nothing good comes easy.

    1. Sir , they said we weren’t supposed to refer another of our account, but I did and I have not completed to level 2…and I have not been given gram ,it’s still pending
      I don’t know if they are going to suspend my account

      1. Mr David, the supposed 5 grams you are to get from each referral will remain pending till the referral gets to level 2.
        Then and only then it will be added to your available balance.

  10. Comment: please I reach level 8 now,I what to know how many levels make a winning please, because I started almost two months now please Elite’s me on it please.

    1. Okay, I understand your question.
      First, The benefits of reaching higher levels is really sweet as you get to earn free two grams once you complete a level, and the higher your level, the higher your chances of hitting top spot in gram free roll without switching to the risky part of the free roll.

      Secondly, your aim is not just to get to higher levels. It is to hit the minimum withdrawal threshold which is 500 Grams so you’d be able to withdraw you earnings. I recommend withdrawing your funds through Bitcoin or Etherum so it will credited to your wallet almost immediately.

      So click on “withdrawal” check to see if your “available balance” is up to 500Grams. If not, don’t stop, continue accumulating grams till you get there.. Nothing good comes easy.

      Hope I answered your questions?

      1. Do I need to cashout before a video can be made by me ?.

        Can I make video at any level even while at level 3 or 4 or lower level ?.

        Thanks so much.

  11. please I already have a gramfree account, I want to lay a complain.I referred 2 people and both of them are in level 2 but I have not gotten the 10grams for each person,but I only noticed it under my user level.
    Kindy assist me pls,I don’t know where to make my complain.
    Thank you

    1. First, click on the withdrawal tab, by the side, you’d see the withdraw able balance and the pending balance (that’s the Referral yet to get to level 2).

      Do the math with respect to the Referral yet to get to level two.. it should be correct and accurate… It’s an automatic process.

      The thing is, you were expecting an additional 10 grams.. that’s where you got it wrong.. let me know if I cleared the confusion.


      1. I’ll urge you to try as much as possible to get to level 3 on gramfree, so you can reap the benefits of registering with the link above.

        Also, after making your first withdrawal (which requires a great deal of seriousness) please do well to drop your comments below (proof of payment) so others can draw motivation from it.

        1. Hello.
          Good day boss.
          Thanks for the tips. I used the express smart contract trick for a while.. But when my grams crossed 250, I wasn’t getting any email again.. I even went as far as not logging in for over a week! But that aside, I now have a problem.. Since I crossed 320 gram, I’ve been having them deduct 10 grams from my account during my free rolls. I usually do the win-win roll. But recently I realised that they make me lose 10 grams. I have a screenshot as proof. It’s been baffling. What do I do please? Cos I’ve lost upto 50 grams now

          1. Good day too,
            You’re welcome.
            As for the gram free cheat of express smart contract it does not work forever.

            Then as for the deduction, are you sure you’re rolling on the win-win situation.

            Send me direct mail with details and screen shot you have.

          2. Grace same thing happened to me ever since I reached level 3 the started deducting my gram,but I discovered their trick, look at what you will do anytime you click on free scroll down and check whether the win-win button has been turned off before you click on roll button,I discovered this after 20grams has been deducted of which I know I didn’t turn off the button.they’re the ones that usually turn it off for you.

      2. Hello sir, I referred my relative to gramfree but since she didn’t have her phone at that time,she signed up on my phone where my gramfree account is also I want to know if that is against the rules of gramfree and pls can I talk to you more about gramfree on Facebook?

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