How To Exfoliate Skin [2 Different Methods]


The importance of skincare cannot be overemphasized. It is recommended for everyone. The first step to achieving great skin is learning how to exfoliate properly. Although a lot of people, especially women, do not understand the basics of exfoliation, they tend to abuse it, thereby getting a very bad result.

Dead skin prevents you from having the healthy glowing skin you desire, professionals recommend exfoliation every other day.

The natural skin sheds dead skin every 30 days. New skin cells would form the top layer of your skin, and the only process that can be used to achieve that is exfoliation.

This article will take you through what proper face and skin exfoliation means. The technical know-how in the skincare field would give you insight into how to identify your skin type for a perfect exfoliation game. You would also come across the benefits of exfoliation and the basic things you need to avoid in the quest for glowing skin.

What Is Exfoliation


Exfoliation is the process that involves the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. The principle of exfoliation states that the skin will have an impeccable glow when you exfoliate properly, and the skin will go cracky when you don’t know how to exfoliate.

However, exfoliation is not for everyone. While it is believed to improve the body’s appearance, it can cause more harm than good. Choosing to exfoliate is completely optional, therefore, it is wise to know how to exfoliate properly and do so safely.

Human skin is either normal or sensitive, dry or oily. You can also have combination skin, and the process of exfoliation varies here. It is important to know your skin type before choosing an exfoliation method. 

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When exfoliating, it is advisable to be as gentle as possible as being harsh could lead to microtears. Scrubs and creams are the elements behind the effectiveness of exfoliation and knowing how to exfoliate the skin with those will leave you glowing like a shining star.

You can use the scrub by making a continuous circular motion around the area you would love to exfoliate. Leave it for 60 seconds or so and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

When exfoliating the face, avoid being harsh and use extremely hot water to rinse.

Apply cream to the skin after the process to keep up the glow. Repeat the process just twice a week.

Avoid exfoliating if you have skin issues like cuts or sunburn, as it can cause irritation to the affected area.

Method Of Exfoliation And How To Exfoliate Skin Easily


There are two methods of exfoliation, the physical or mechanical method, and the chemical method. Both are effective and recommended, no one is better than the other. It is in the case of skin type that you should consider which method is best for you.

1. How To Exfoliate Using The Mechanical Method

The mechanical method can be otherwise called the physical method. This method requires manual scrubbing or rubbing.

You can use tools like the cleansing scrub, body brushes, or loofahs.

All you do is manually apply the scrub on the area you want to scrub after wetting, scrub for a few seconds, and then leave for a few minutes before washing off. Your skin would have that perfect glow if you’re consistent with the process.

2. How To Exfoliate Using Chemical Method

This method involves the use of enzyme-based chemicals to renew your skin. They will magnify your skin’s emergence and always offer a reasonable result. The chemical exfoliates may include retinol and hydroxy acids. 

Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is a natural acid that is commonly used for skin conditions contains lactic acid and glycolic acid and those should be in your list of content when sourcing or purchasing a skincare product or when buying a scrub. 

Beta hydroxy acid also acts as an exfoliant to supplement the AHAs, it includes salicylic acid which is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving overall skin texture.

The chemical exfoliates you choose depends on your skin type and to help you get a clearer understanding on identifying your skin type and what method of exfoliation works for you, here’s a brief thing you should know.

A. Normal Skin– This clear and welcomes exfoliation

When your skin doesn’t have any form of complications, manual and chemical exfoliation are both safe for it. You might also need to experiment to find out what method works best for you.

B. Sensitive Skin– manual exfoliation may sting on a sensitive skin

Avoid scrubbing as it may cause redness and skin irritation. Opt for using a mild chemical exfoliator. Also, do well to apply with a gentle washcloth.


Do not fail to visit your dermatologist if you notice more obvious irritation.

C. Dry Skin– Usually itchy and rough.

You have to be deliberate on your choice of exfoliation if you have dry skin as it’s always cracky with mechanical exfoliation and due to the process being drying, it can lead to micro tears. Use the chemical exfoliation method like glycolic acid instead and do not fail to apply moisturizer.

D. Oily skin – Shiny and greasy.

When you have oily skin, do not over-exfoliate. This can cause your skin to dry off and produce even more oil. 

Most dermatologists recommend scrubs for oily skin because it breaks up impurities and washes them away.

E. Combination Skin Might be dry with oily patches.

It’s advisable to exfoliate with products formulated with fruit enzymes. This is because such exfoliants are gentle enough not to give you drier skin while making you glow.

Benefits Of Exfoliation


Knowing how to exfoliate will not only rip your face and body off its dead cells, but it will also aid in the effectiveness of your regular skincare routine and you will benefit from healthy, glowing skin. Regular exfoliation increases skin radiance, clarity, and youthfulness. Some of the known benefits of knowing how to exfoliate may include:

1. Hydration And Moisturization

When you know how to exfoliate, your skin will thank you. Hydrating and moisturizing boosts happen because the exfoliating body scrub removes dull and dead skin to absorb the lotion more readily and fluently.

Body scrub with sugar is great for gentle exfoliation without irritation. It can be used on stubborn parts of the body like the knee and elbow. The process will leave your skin smooth and it gives this soothing fragrance to the body too.

2. Fights Skin Aging

Skincare products contain antioxidants from food which you can typically get in the form of serums, body creams, moisturizers, etc. It is wise to opt for free radical fighting antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C or E, beta-carotene, selenium, etc. These antioxidants fight the signs of aging by providing preventive measures. 

For instance, vitamin E prevents wrinkles caused by sunlight exposure, while selenium builds your body’s antioxidant production. It’s best to go for products with multiple antioxidants because these anti-agers are more effective when combined.

3. Reduces Blemishes

In this context of skincare, consistency is the key. When you maintain doing the right thing without abuse like having the idea of how to exfoliate at the back of your mind, you would get a good outcome. Exfoliation can help get rid of hyperpigmentation, rough skin texture, and dark spots, thereby giving you a perfect skin tone. 

While the process breaks down dark skin cells, it gives it a smooth texture and the skin appears to look more uniform over time.

4.. Skin Tanning

Do you know that exfoliation is an important pre-tanning step? After getting rid of the dead cells, your skin will surely have this smooth prep and the skin surface is ready for tanning. 


Exfoliating before tanning in the sun helps your tan last longer. Also, ensure you use a sun-protecting moisturizer when tanning to keep your body hydrated and protected.

5. Easy Blood Circulation

Knowing how to exfoliate has benefits like stimulating lymphatic drainage for internal cleansing, which is a form of skin detoxification that works to remove toxins and unhealthy debris

It also stimulates oxygen-rich blood to feed and nourish the surface of the skin which boosts cellular health to reveal the glory and healthier skin. The motion of exfoliation stimulates blood flow which helps to flush out toxins.

6. Unclog Pores And Clear Acne

The basic effect exfoliation would leave on either your face or skin is to unclog pores. Dead skin seals pores. So when sebaceous glands produce oil, it’s stuck under the dry skin.

Bringing in the process of exfoliation and the ability to exfoliate helps to absorb environmental toxins that have been deposited on your skin. It gets rid of all the blackheads and whiteheads and extracts excess oil from your face, leaving you glowing all day.

Just like unclogging pores, knowing how to exfoliate prevents other blemishes such as acne. When exfoliation unclogs pores, it reduces acne in that sense.

But note that you do not scrub your skin raw simply because you can’t wait to have a spotless face. You simply need a physical or chemical exfoliant that would be better. Just pay close attention to your skin to know which one it responds to. Routinely, you shouldn’t exfoliate daily.

A healthy exfoliation regime can help break down bacteria and the production of new skin cells would commence.

Going the contrary may lead you to have a host of skin-related problems.

7. Effectiveness Of Proper Skincare

Once your skin pores are unclogged, the surface of your skin will be smooth and tender and would welcome any product you apply. Dead skin would no longer be a barrier between your skin and serums. 

The last thing you would want is your insanely expensive serum or moisturizer to be inactive, so when you exfoliate properly, your skincare lotion and others penetrate deeper and would definitely give your skin a hydrated look.

You should master how to exfoliate and add it to your skincare routine so your expensive serum and moisturizer can work their magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should One Exfoliate

Healthy skin exfoliation should be done twice a week. You should study your skin type before introducing any exfoliant and you should know how to exfoliate properly.

How Do You Start Exfoliation?

Generally, you have to wet your face and body with water. Then apply the scrub all over avoiding your eyes. Maintain a circular motion for like 30 seconds and leave for 4-5 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.

What Are The Signs Of Over Exfoliation?

Most times, it’s not knowing how to exfoliate that is the problem. Too much exfoliation comes with the signs like skin inflammation and redness, irritation, burning, or peeling. It also brings about breakouts, especially pimples, and increased sensitivity to other products in your routine.


The key to healthy skin is exfoliation as it makes the other skincare routine to be more effective. On a daily basis, the skin is exposed to a toxic environment and the pores are clogged with dirt. It is therefore advised that you should undergo the exfoliation process and be sure to know how to exfoliate the proper way. 

However, exfoliating daily is not recommended as it will strip the skin of its natural oils. Leaving it very dry, which results in irritation and inflammation.

Ensure you visit your dermatologist when you notice any redness, even while exfoliating. That might be your refusal to exfoliate just twice or three times a week or that you do not know how to exfoliate properly. If you are unsure about your skin type, do not hesitate to seek help, as these little mistakes can cause a devastating irritation to your skin.

Your skin is definitely the first thing people notice about your appearance whenever you make an entrance at any gathering or occasion and you should invest in it. 

Take note of your skin type, and educate yourself on the content of a particular chemical exfoliant you’d go for. And above all, get to work and master how to exfoliate to give you glowing skin

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