How to Make Money in 2022 For Low Income Earners

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The fact that a lot of individuals are low income earners is no longer news. The Nigerian Economic Summit Group, NESG, recently said that 91 million Nigerians are living below the poverty line.

Many Nigerians, on the other hand, think that investing is only for the rich and successful.

Young people, in particular, think that investing is only for people who have a lot of money.

Many other people think that people should only think about investing when they have made a reasonable amount of money.

Victor Ofili, the head of research and strategy at Cowry Asset Management, talked about how important it is to have access to great penny stocks at low prices.

People in Nigeria ask, “When was the last time you paid N0.20 for something?”

Twenty kobos, to be exact, are the number. Find a market in Nigeria where you can buy things like this

To see if you’re not sure, I’d look at the Nigerian Exchange.

No, but the stock market can work with low income earners or investors if they have a long time horizon and a lot of money to be patient with.

I’ll recommend penny stocks for this group.

“This is because you can buy a lot of shares in good, strong businesses for very little money.”

If you think about other assets, like commodities and real estate, they might be better off if you think about buying cheap and selling high.

In 2021, a few solid penny stocks made more than 100% in less than a year.”


They also said that these companies have strong business fundamentals, so the investment banker said to look for them.

Regency Alliance Insurance and University Press Limited are two examples.

Regency Alliance Insurance returned 132 percent and University Press Limited returned 130 percent.

Those two companies, as well as the Transnational Corporation of Nigeria, should be on your list this year.

Fidelity Bank shares can be bought in the banking business.

It makes sense to buy stocks when the prices are low so that you can get good dividends and a good chance of making money.

Ofili said that mutual funds should be thought about by investors because they can lower unsystematic risks by investing in a wide range of businesses from different industries.


If you don’t have time to manage your money, you can sign up for mutual funds, which are professionally run and can help people even if they don’t have a lot of money.

To get more ideas for investing in the financial markets, talk to your investment advisor,” he said.

Solomon Ogene, a Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager at Paragon Partners, says that

investing is a long process, no matter how much money you make. “You have to stay consistent and keep going.”

He also said that these investors should figure out how much risk they’re willing to take before going on a journey like this.

Because different investment options have different levels of risk, matching their risk profile to the investment they make is important.

“An honest answer to this question will help you figure out which investments are best for you.”

“For people who are willing to take risks, it means they can invest in the Equities markets (stock market), where the risks and rewards are bigger.”

He told people who aren’t low-income earners to invest in debt instruments from either a sovereign (country) or a business that pays interest to the person who owns them through their investment bank.

“That’s all for now.”

Contrary to what most people think, the need to invest grows as your income goes down.

So why would you want to do this? Because investing could give you another source of income,

Investing is when you put money into something in order to get more benefits out of it.

You can spend your money and get back what you put in, no matter who you are or how much money you make. When you put your money into something, it works for you.

Instead of how much money you make, you should invest based on how much you want to work hard.

The amount of money you make should not affect how you invest; rather, it should be a reason for you to do so, like a push.

If you have a low income, figuring out your financial strengths and weaknesses can help you set goals and choose the best investment vehicle for you.

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