How To Easily Pick A Garage Door Lock


When it comes to our private lives and possessions, security is one topic that is crucial to understand. Because having a garage door lock is frequently both a necessary and a desirable part of one’s home. I will be talking about how to pick a garage door lock in the article.

Are you worried about the security of your garage? Well, many of us keep valuable stuff in there, and we do not want our property to be stolen. That is why it is better to install a garage lock on your door. 

But, you need to be sure that your lock is functioning properly. Keep reading as we go on to learn more about the garage door. If the door jams every time you open it, your lock may not be working correctly, and it will stress the hell out of you.

However, with the article on how to pick a garage door, I will be explaining various aspects of the garage door, so keep tabs as we go on.

A garage door lock helps you to keep unwanted people out of your garage. Garages usually have an overhead door that can be opened with a key. The lock is usually designed so that the door does not jam when it closes. But this doesn’t happen every time, as some garage doors malfunction and lock the owner out of the garage.

When this happens, this article on how to pick a garage door lock will come in handy.

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What Is A Garage Door?

A garage door is a large door placed at the front of a garage and opens either manually, i.e., by key, or by electricity. A garage door is designed in such a way that it can accommodate different automobiles when opened to pack inside the garage.

The garage door is made of wood or metal and opens either by rolling up or by tilting it up to the ceiling.

There are two types of garage doors, which are small garage doors and large garage doors.

Types Of Garage Door


There are two types of garage doors, and they are large garage doors and small or sectional garage doors. Below is a description of the two types of garage doors you can have in your garage.

A sectional or small garage door is a small panel door size that is mostly 8 feet wide and 14 feet deep, and a sectional garage door allows for more storage space in the garage. A sectional or small garage door doesn’t allow for (picture)

A large garage door is an oversize door, and they tend to be 10 to 14 feet in both height and width. A large garage door allows for large cars to be packed inside of the garage, whereas a sectional garage door does not. (picture)

Now you’ve understood the meaning of a garage door and the types of garage doors that we have, so let’s look at details about the lock attached to a garage door.

What Is A Garage Door Lock?


A garage door lock is a device that is installed on a garage door. It can be operated by using a key. A garage door lock is designed so that the door does not jam when it is closed.

The door locks can also be locked from outside the house.

This lock helps to prevent theft from a garage. Garage doors are usually open, and anyone can walk inside.

If you do not want thieves and burglars to steal your valuables, you should install a garage door lock.

So before going to how to pick a garage door or lock, you need to understand the details of a garage door. 

Different Types Of Garage Door Locks


There are different types of garage door locks and I will be listing them below.

I. Garage door defender (picture)

II. T-handle lock (picture)

III. Keyless entry lock or electrical lock (picture)

IV. Typical lock

  • Side door bolts” (picture)
  • Deadbolt lock (picture)

V. Cane bolt or sliding door lock (picture)

Why Do You Need A Garage Door Lock?

1. Unreachable by intruders

If a burglar tries to get into your house through the garage, he’d realize that the garage door is locked.

They will probably not try to get in through the garage, and they will try to break into your house through the front door, and you will probably notice.

2. It saves you from unnecessary stress.

The garage is one place in the house where burglars do not want to enter. If your garage door is locked, you will not have so much stress, and you will be able to sleep peacefully at night.

3. Time-saving

Opening and closing a garage door is a time-consuming task. If you install a garage door lock, you are less likely to waste your time opening and closing the door every day.

4. You save a lot of electricity.

In the case of a keyless garage door, its operation is assisted by electricity, which makes its consumption add up to the electricity bill. By installing a garage door lock, you save a lot of energy and also money.

5. A garage door lock adds to the value of your house.

Installing a garage door lock will add more value to your house.

6. It offers you more safety.

Installing a garage door lock will give you more safety. Just by locking your garage door from behind, you get to sleep peacefully without having to think of someone getting into your house.

7. Your garage door will not jam when closed.

If there is one installed on your door, it will not jam.

8. Keep your valuable vehicles in the garage.

To protect your expensive vehicles, you should install a garage door lock. This will surely protect that luxurious car of yours from being stolen or any part of it being ripped off.

How To Choose A Good Garage Door Lock

Choosing a good garage door lock shouldn’t come with your likeliness but with what suits your garage, because when you go for what you like and not what suits your garage door, then you might later have an issue of jamming or malfunctioning.

Also, this might make your garage vulnerable to thieves carting away your assets.

This is why you need to follow the steps I will be revealing below on how to choose a good garage door lock.

I. The first thing you need to consider when choosing a garage door lock is your budget. Each of these garage door locks comes at different prices, and your ability to afford any of them will depend on your budget.

II. The level of security is another thing to consider when choosing which garage door lock to use for your garage door. If the level of security attached to a lock is good enough then it will probably strengthen the security of your asset.

III. Also, when choosing your garage door lock make sure you go for the one with good strength, durability, and also waterproof because these should help the longevity of the lock in your garage door. 

Causes Of Garage Door Lockout


I. Broken lock

When your garage door lock is broken, you probably won’t have access to your garage either to pack your automobile or to get something. So this will affect you.

All you need to probably think about is how to resolve the issue.

To fix a broken lock like a padlock, all you need is a bolt cutter and maybe a plier. But if the lock is different from a padlock, then you need some particular heavy tools to be able to cut it out.

Sometimes the lock needs to be destroyed before you can get access to your garage. 

II. Damaged Vehicle

This happens mostly to keyless garage doors, which are controlled by the car. When the car breaks down, then operating the door won’t be possible unless you decide to do it manually. 

III. Key broken inside the lock.

Having a broken key inside a lock is quite stressful as you need to first find a way to remove the key from the lock.

Then use a spear key to open the lock. But in a situation where you don’t have a spear key, hire a locksmith to help you with one.


If you attempt to open the lock using a destructive method after removing the broken key, the lock will be destroyed. Thus, costing you money to replace it. 

IV. No key

In this situation, it may be that you lost the key or you locked it inside the garage, and here is how you can now get inside the garage without your key.

So to get into the garage, you only have a few options, which are either using the spear key or having to use tools to manually open the lock.

Don’t forget that if you are to use a manual way to open the lock, you have to be careful not to destroy the lock. Because you still have the key, which is different from when you lost the key.  

Steps On How To Pick A Garage Door Lock


In cases where your garage door lock is faulty, they might jam and lock you outside the garage without you having any key to access the garage.

So in this particular situation what you need to think about is how to pick a garage door lock.

Thus, in this article, I have explained some things you need to understand about a garage door lock and how you can choose the best one.

However, in cases where your garage door lock starts malfunctioning then you need to follow the steps below on how to pick a garage door lock.

One thing you should understand is that most lock picking comes in different ways and there’re different tools available for them. So I will be explaining each below. 

I. How to pick a garage door lock with a paperclip

One of the simplest ways to pick a garage door lock is using a paperclip. A paperclip is an instrument usually made of steel wire or plastic, bent into a loop shape to hold pieces of paper together.

This very paperclip can also be used as a tool to open a garage door lock. Follow this step below to pull this trick.

  • Get two paperclips and a plier, although you can also make use of your hand to be on the safe side.
  • Use the plier to unfold one of the paper clips from the large bent into a straight line, which you will put inside the lock. This will serve as the pick later on.
  • Loosen the other paperclip edge into a tension wrench and turn it to make a 90-degree shape i.e. the paperclip will be curved to 90 degrees.
  • Insert the tension wrench into the shear line (the bottom of the key). It might take a lot of pressure to do this but certainly, with time you will get it.
  • Turn the wrench in the direction that the lock turns.
  • Make sure you are being sensitive on the stage, as you will feel less pressure when the wrench is being turned in the right direction.
  • Now insert the pick into the shear line and rake. Raking is when you put the pick inside of the sheer line and remove it quickly.
  • Don’t forget that this is to make the motion smooth and do this a couple of times as well as keep the pressure on the wrench.
  • Locate the pins inside the lock. Now, depress the pins. You should feel a slight grieve in your hand as you depress pins.
  • Continue to apply more pressure on the tension wrench and jiggle the pick until each pin unlocks.   

II. How to pick a garage door lock with a bobby pin

Another tool to pick a garage door lock is a bobby pin. The double-pronged hairpin can be used as a tool to unlock the lock. The method here is also similar to the paperclip method explained above. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Get your bobby pin and create tension.
  • Shape the bobby pin to 90 degrees, which will make it look like an L shape and this will serve as your pick. 
  • Remove the rubber tip from the clip’s edge and insert it into the lock. Bend the tip inside the lock so it forms a handle, making it easier for your hand to turn.
  • Put the tension wrench you made into the down part of the sheer line, then pick the other bobby pin with the pick you turned 90 degrees and insert it inside the lock. Finally, put the pick at the upper part of the sheer line.
  • Make sure the tension lever is counterclockwise to apply tension and stick the pick into the lock and feel the pins. Traditionally a doorknob usually has about five to six pins.
  • Start pushing down the pick until you hear a click and continue feeling the pins press down on the handle to pick the whole pin inside and turn the tension lever counterclockwise to unlock. This can take a couple of times but with enough practice, you should be able to unlock it.

IV. Manual override

Some garage door locks can be overridden manually from the outside by pulling the manual release cord attached to the lock.

VI. Destructive entry

Destructive entry is another way to pick a garage door lock. In this stage, the lock must have been broken or the key must have been locked because while applying this method the lock will be destroyed. 

This particular method can be through the drilling of the lock mostly when you don’t have access to the key again. 

VII. Making a new key

The last option on how to pick a garage door lock is by hiring the service of a locksmith. These are people whose profession is making keys, and they will provide you with an extra key to your garage.

Hence, you should get a locksmith to help you out with another key rather than damaging an expensive lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock my garage without my key?

There are several ways to unlock a garage without a key and here is a list of the different ways you can do that.
1. Using a paperclip 
2. Using a bobby pin
3. Manual override 
4. Destructive entry 

How do I unlock a garage door from the outside?

Unlocking a garage door from the outside requires understanding what type of lock is attached to the garage door. So after considering that then you need to consider whether a paperclip will do the trick or manual override.

Can you manually open a garage door? 

Yes, you can manually open a garage door by releasing the manual cord attached to the door whether from the outside or inside of the garage.  


Before installing a lock, make sure that the garage is not used to store flammable materials. This is to save us from the jamming occasion that might happen, and it might take some time to unlock through the steps highlighted in this article on how to pick a garage door lock. 


Moreover, the garage is a good place to keep our valuables like cars, motorcycles, tools, and many more. It also acts as a second entrance into the home. If it breaks, however, follow the instructions in this article on how to pick a garage door lock. 


This article on how to pick a garage door lock was written to help people who are unable to enter their garage because the lock is broken or they have misplaced the garage key. It was not written with any other bad goals in mind.

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