Welcome back to the hub of life hacks once again. In this enlightening article, I will be exposing the very easy steps to unlock your padlock without destroying or rendering it useless and, of course, without the use of your key, or should I just say, with the help of match sticks. Yes, the every day match sticks you use in your kitchen or in the room to light up a candle, that same and very exact match stick is what I am talking about.

But first of all, I would like to warn you not to use it illegitimately for selfish and evil reasons or criminally to break into someone’s property. If you’re caught using this expedient and eye-opening article for illegal tenacity, I say verily unto you, you and you alone will be held liable for such an offense, as this article is set out to only help you access your padlock once again, after probably losing the key, without, of course, destroying the padlock and rendering it useless.

Without wasting much of your time and mine as well, since everyone is really busy, let me get started immediately.



Get a thick, plain, neat white paper and place it on your table. Now get a complete box of match sticks and a small plier or anything you could use to peel off the head or top of each match stick. Ensure that the match sticks are not wet, as this would render the whole thing fruitless in the end.

Now peel off all the top, head, or reactive (as you prefer to call it) parts of each match stick found in a single box (that is the part that produces the fire when you strike it on a matchbox) leaving only one. The reason for leaving one out is that it will help ignite the rest at the end.


It’s time to crush the match stick in preparation to unlock your padlock without the key.

After peeling all the required parts of each match stick found in a matchbox onto the surface of the white paper provided, now crush or grind it in order to make it very smooth and suave.


After the whole process of crushing and grinding, get your padlock and pour the crushed suave particles from your match sticks into the orifice found in your padlock (that is the very place where you put your key in order to open it).

Finally, let’s unlock your padlock with just a match stick


Now get another match stick (a normal match stick with its head or reactive part still very much intact and active) and fit it into that same orifice on your padlock with the reactive portion of the match stick facing outwards towards you and the unreactive part or should I say the tail or end of the match stick directly into the orifice I’ve been talking about.

Thus, it’s now time to unlock the stubborn padlock. Now light the match stick fixed into the opening of the padlock so that it carries fire into the padlock where the grinned and crushed reactive extract of the match sticks were poured earlier.

Leave it to finish burning, so that it creates the required heat inside the padlock, and watch and be thrilled as your padlock opens willingly. It’s easy, right? Yea, I’d bet it is.

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How to Unlock a Master Lock Without a Code


1. Use bolt cutters to cut the padlock.

People use this method to open a conventional master lock quickly since the diameter of the shackle is not too huge to make it difficult to open.

Step 1: Select an appropriate pair of bolt cutters.

Not all bolt cutters can be used to open a master lock in the absence of a key. You’ll need a set of bolt cutters that are about 22 or 24 inches long to produce enough leverage for unlocking. The longer the bolt cutters, the more likely it is that you will be able to open locks with big shackle sizes.

Step 2: Use pliers or a vise to secure the lock.

This is an optional step. However, it will greatly assist you in limiting the movement of the lock. Once fixed, all that remains is to insert the cutters so that their two blades fit the shackle.

Step 3: Indirectly force the cutters.

Because the cutters are positioned in a V shape, the sides of the handles must be clamped together to arrive at a line. Because that is simply a theory, you can halt the process when enough force is exerted and the shackle snaps.

2. Use a grinding tool to open the lock.

To grind metal, can be anything. A grinder, for example, or any type of manual sharpener. This method will assist you in removing all of the pins from the lock.

Step 1: Verify the lock’s orientation.

The shackles will be removed from that side. Examine the keyhole for confirmation. In the case of lots of rough spots on either side, go for the side with serrations on the key.

Step 2: Smooth the area where the shackle will be removed.

Because it is the side with the pins, you will need to grind until you see the pins and they fall out.

Step 3: Remove the padlock.

Now, your lock is no longer linked to any password whatsoever. All you have to do is find a flat object that fits through the keyhole. The shackle will fall off if you twist slightly in this position.

3. Use a padlock shim to open the lock.

Here’s a method for removing a master lock without physically destroying your padlock. This strategy, which I have heard a lot about, is convenient. Many individuals have tried and succeeded, so you should think about it.

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools for the task.

All you’ll need is a can, a pair of scissors, a pen, a ruler, and a set of pliers. Stuff may appear to be a lot, but the majority of it is small and readily found in your car or outside the warehouse.

Step 2: Get the padlock shim ready.

First, wash the can and cut off the top and bottom. Cut any straight line from bottom to top to convert the can into an aluminum sheet at this point. You can now flatten the aluminum plate with pliers.

Next, rotate the aluminum piece vertically and cut it in half again. Then, cut a piece of aluminum into squares with 4-5 cm sides. Take care with this step and use a ruler to cut them into square pieces.

Finally, divide a square metal plate into two sections with a pen. Continue sketching an “M” shape on one side, but instead of a conventional pointed triangle, round the corners like a key. You must catch the lower portion of the letter M in order to create a gap that resembles the shape of two symmetrical keys.

Step 3: Fold the aluminum piece

Fold the side that does not have the letter M in half and stop at the specified dividing line.

Fold the letter M’s two sides up and fold the excess back. Adjust it so that the folded section’s end contacts the designated line. To keep the folded sections in place, use pliers.

Step 4: Insert the padlock shim into the shackle hole.

First, insert the pin into the center of the folded piece of aluminum to bend it until it fits the shackle hole.

Insert the shim into the shackle hole but not too tightly.

Changing the shape of the shim will complicate its operation. The side where the shackle will fall out is the shackle hole to use.

Experiment with moving the shim in a circle from one end to the other. If you don’t observe any movement, be quiet. This is due to it searching for the latch inside.

Continue to move the shim until you hear a click, which indicates that you have successfully opened a master padlock without a key.

Some locks will need two shims on either side of the shackle hole to open, which is why I recommend cutting them into equal squares rather than one piece.

4. Use a paper clip to pick the lock.

I tried using two paper clips, but it’s difficult and time-consuming for a novice. So, I’d want to demonstrate an easier and more useful method that I learned from a YouTuber using only a paperclip. This is also an alternative method for opening a master lock without breaking the lock.

Step 1: Cut one end of the paperclip.

Cut off one end of the paperclip where there is no circular fold with pliers.

Step 2: Insert the two sticks into the lock on either side of the paperclip.

Select a stapler that will fit through the keyhole. It can’t apply adequate pressure on the pins inside if it’s too big or too little.

Step 3: Unlock the lock using a screwdriver.

In the meantime, it will serve as a lock lever. Instead of a cross, use a screwdriver with a crossbar that is narrow enough to fit into the keyhole. When the shackle comes out, you will be able to unlock the lock with tiny motions.

Watch This Video Below and Learn How To Unlock The Padlock Without a Key

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Unlock Padlocks and Master Locks Without a Key

Will using matches to unlock my padlock destroy it?

If you use the method described in this article to unlock your padlock, your padlock will not be destroyed. Your padlock will still work very well.

Can I use this method for a master lock?

Of course, yes. You can use the method described in this article to unlock your master lock without a pin or code.



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