Kashkick Review: Steps To Make $200+ Monthly


If you’re searching for how to generate passive revenue, Kashkick is an excellent place to start. It is free to join the platform and can be used everywhere.  

However, how well do you know Kashkick? And is it a scam? This is a vital question to ask since you want to join a legitimate service that will reward you for your time.

In this Kashkick review, you will learn what it entails. What’s more, it includes several FAQs so you can decide whether to sign up or not.

Let’s jump on it!

Kashkick Review: What Is Kashkick?


Kashkick is a platform that offers opportunities to earn while doing surveys. Also, you can make quick bucks when you sign up for a service and install and play online games

Other ways to earn are watching videos and other activities requiring a smartphone or computer. Besitos Corporation is the website owner. However, neither Kashkick nor its parent firm has Better Business Bureau profiles.

Since Kashkick’s inception, there has been no official information about its creation, usage, or management. However, it appears to be an actual revenue source. It uses the tried-and-true approach that has proved effective for sites such as SurveyJunkie and InboxDollars: do tasks and receive money.

Kashkick Review: How It Functions


Kashkick works with businesses that want to promote their products and services or get customer reviews. Companies pay Kashkick to identify these customers, and a portion of that money is passed on to you when you accomplish activities on their partners’ behalf.

With Kashkick, you can earn in three ways. These include offers, surveys, and referrals. It provides paid surveys and prizes for completing offers such as product trials. It’s a legitimate network that delivers rapidly. However, the earning potential is low, compared to well-known platforms like Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie.

Pros of Kashkick

  • You’ll receive payment a few hours after asking for it.
  • It has a comprehensive referral program that pays you a portion of the lifetime earnings of your referrals.

Cons of Kashkick

  • Pay is low when computed per hour ($1.43).
  • There is no way to filter surveys.
  • Disqualification and error rates are pretty high (66%).

Steps To Create Kashkick Account

Like other websites, you’ll need to create an account before you earn from Kashkick. Follow the procedures below if you want to create an account with Kashkick.

  1. Sign up with Kashkick.
  2. Complete your profile.

It’s time to go through each stage in greater depth.

1. Sign Up

Go to www.kashkick.com and fill in the registration form that pops up. All you need is an email address and a password to sign up. Apparently, you cannot sign up with Google or Facebook.

After signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Kashkick. Then, click on it to confirm account verification. Also, note that Kashkick accepts members from Canada, the UK, the United States, and Australia.

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Furthermore, you must also be 18 years and above before signing up with Kashkick. After verifying the account, you will fully access the website. Though you must finish your profile setup before you can earn from surveys. 

2. Complete Your Profile

As with other websites, you must fill in some extra information to complete your profile. It helps Kashkick connect you to more suitable surveys and earns you $1 additional for finishing this step, which is excellent!

The additional information includes questions about;

Remember, it uses these questions to match you to ‌surveys. Also, it ensures that the survey panels know who is responding to their questions. It takes about three minutes to complete your Kashkick profile. Just keep in mind that your responses will affect your future survey qualification.

How To Maximize Your Earning With Kashkick

Below are some methods for increasing your revenue using Kashkick:

  • Complete as many featured deals as possible. They pay more and are frequently straightforward.
  • Examine if higher-paying proposals make sense in your position, even if it means attempting anything new.
  • Choose high-quality surveys with the shortest approximate timeframe.
  • Share your referral code with as many friends and family members as possible. You never can tell who will use it. And you’ll get a share of their profits if they complete special deals and surveys.

Kashkick Paid Survey Program

It’s exactly as it sounds: you take surveys for money.

But there’s a hitch–You must meet the requirements established by the survey’s designers. For instance, if they’re seeking women between the ages of 18 and 24, they must confirm that you are a woman in that age range. Otherwise, they won’t be able to use your info.

So, you must fill out an initial survey when you sign up so you’ll receive $1. After that, you’ll get access to a ton more survey options. When you start the survey, Kashkick will display how long it will take and how much money you may expect to make.

Other surveys pay a few bucks, while others just pay a few cents.

Kashkick Referral Program

Alternatively, through its referral program, one can earn a buck on the Kashkick app. Referrals on the Kashkick app may be profitable if you know many people you can invite or if you have a blog or YouTube channel.

At the top of the menu is a “Referrals” option that allows you to copy your Kashkick referral link and share it with friends.

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If a referral joins, you will receive 25% of their profits. In addition, you will receive 5% of lifetime earnings from downline recommendations from your referrals. Also, if you have individuals eager to generate money online, you can see how helpful the referral program is.

Getting Paid On Kashkick

Kashkick has a minimum payment of $10. This is not a standard threshold in comparison to other sites. When you reach that point, you can withdraw any sum above $10. Also, you can link your PayPal account for an easy withdrawal

Remember, you’ll receive payment from Kashkick via PayPal. Thus, you can’t redeem credits for gift cards. 

In the sections below, we’ll answer the question “is Kashkick legit”? We’ll also answer other frequently asked questions about the Kashkick app. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kashkick

Is Kashkick Legit?

Kashkick is a legit firm that pays out; thus, it is not a scam. With a Trustpilot rating of 3.2, most reviewers believe it is the only place to go for paid surveys.

How Can I Earn On The Platform?

Unlike similar services, Kashkick’s payment structure is straightforward. When you select a job, you will receive information on how much you will earn and precisely what you must do to accomplish the task. When the system recognizes that you have fulfilled the terms of the job, the monetary value will be credited to your account.

Is There A Kashkick App?

Absolutely! You can install a Kashkick app if you have an Ios (android). Unfortunately, the Kashkick app is not yet available for iPhone users on Apple’s App Store.

Who Can Use Kashkick?

KashKick is designed for users who wish to engage in a range of activities while earning extra money as compensation.

Is It Limited To A Particular Demography?

According to KashKick’s conditions, you must be a native and a resident of the continental U.S. to partake.

Will I Receive A Sign-up Bonus?

No, you won’t. However, completing a profile survey will get you $1.

Can My Kashkick Account Expire?

Yes. According to Kashkick’s terms of service, if a user does not check-in for 60 days, his account becomes dormant. Hence, any cash in it is a waste. Even if the user re-activates his account, there will be no refund.

Final Thoughts

Everything boils down to the ultimate question: is Kashkick a scam? The answer depends on your definition of a scam.

This is a legitimate service if you don’t mind a site that doesn’t reveal much about itself but offers regular payments and different earning choices. However, if you value customer service and want to connect to do only high-paying assignments, Kashkick may appear to be fraudulent to you.

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