Yes! It sounds anomalous and almost impossible, right? But as the saying goes, “If you are not informed, then you are deformed.” Learn how to control a computer system without a mouse and only a keyboard.

Well, it’s exceedingly easy to control or carry out the basic functions on your PC or computer without the use of a mouse or joystick per se.


Many are so reliant and totally dependent on a mouse to control a PC that its absence on a PC/COMPUTER renders them unable to make use of that particular PC.

This article was inspired by a funny but rather serious event that occurred to me when I was invigilating a JAMB UTME examination at a registered JAMB CBT CENTER. It got to a point during the examination when a young, beautiful lady stood up and started crying; the reason being that her mouse was no longer working, I must say, I almost burst into laughter. 

But imagine yourself in that same situation and you have just one, or let’s say two, invigilators/technicians in an examination hall comprising of over 500 students, and unfortunately for you, they are both at the extreme of the hall, with you being at the very center of the examination hall. Now calculate the time it will take you to capture their attention and the time it will take them to come to your aid.

Have you done that? If so, now subtract it from the apportioned 45 minutes you are to use in writing that computer-based examination, knowing fully well that your time cannot be paused. How many minutes, or should I say seconds, do you have left? I guess it’s approximately nothing.

So don’t you think it’s time to learn how to comfortably control a PC/COMPUTER without the use of a mouse, at least to execute some basic systematic functions first, or to avoid an embarrassing and unfortunate situation like the one in my story above?


Various Shortcuts Without Mouse

  • To move your cursor to any point or location on the screen, make use of the TABS key on the keyboard.
  • To select an option, make use of the SPACEBAR or ENTER key on your keyboard.
  • For more options, key (that is what your left click on the mouse does). On the keyboard, locate the option key before your CTRL key.
  • To highlight, make use of your SHIFT key together with a DIRECTION key.
  • To switch between windows, make use of the ALT + TABS or ALT + ESC key on your keyboard.
  • To go straight to the desktop, make use of your START + letter D keys on your keyboard.
  • To go to the previous page, make use of the CTRL + PAGE UP key on your keyboard.
  • To go to the next page, make use of your CTRL + PAGE DOWN key on your keyboard.
  • To open your toolbar/menu bar, if it is not already open, just press the ALT key on your keyboard.
  • Peradventure your start button is not responding; you can access it with CTRL + ESC key on your keyboard.
  • For full-screen mode or view, make use of the function key “F11” and to leave the full-screen mode; make use of the ESC key on your keyboard.
  • To cancel or abort the current operation on your screen; make use of the ESC key on your keyboard.
  • To highlight everything in a window, make use of the CTRL key on your keyboard.
  • When on a browser, to switch between tabs, make use of the TABS key on your keyboard.
  • To access the task manager; make use of the CTRL + ALT + DELETE shortcut key on your keyboard.
  • When on a browser, to open a new tab; make use of the CTRL + TABS key on your keyboard.

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