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Marriage is the joining of two parts to become one and inseparable. Marriage as a human institution is facing its greatest threat ever in the 21st century. Never, since the first man and woman were joined together, has the institution been beset by as many problems, hitches, snags, and teething troubles as it is in this current age. And this trend, which started in the more civilized countries, particularly the western world, has spread and is spreading to all parts of the globe.

The most disturbing problem is the overly high rate of divorce in marriages at this current age. Nowadays, it is no longer a social stigma for women to fill in forms indicating that they are divorcees; men, too, proclaim their profound liberty from the shackles of matrimony, and they somehow do so with enormous pride.

Little by little, young couples resort to separation and eventually divorce at the slightest disagreement and quarrel between them, forgetting the fact that they once said: “until death do us apart.”

 The availability of an alternative; which is divorce, aggravates the seriousness of the problem.  Instead of entering into matrimony officially, very many couples simply decide to just stay and live together, producing children. Even the courts now recognize such common law marriages and respect the rights of partners in such ungodly associations.

The great advantages this accords the partners are the benefit of sharing assets almost equally, especially in the western world, the fluidity of the association, and the case in which one or both can call off the union.

Besides, very many countries now enact laws that recognize the rights of children born out of wedlock. This singular factor has helped to shoot up the number of such children in many civilized communities. A recent survey in an urban college shows that about forty percent of the students were born out of wedlock.


Not less among the factors hastening the death of the marriage institution of this age is the progressively rising cost of living, especially in African countries. Nowadays, it is extremely essential for both partners to be gainfully employed to be sure of a reasonably decent level of existence.

The marriage ceremony itself costs so much that the young men save towards it for years, most men find the ceremony a total and absolute depletion of financial resources, thereby forgetting and neglecting its spiritual importance.

Little wonder, then, that young men simply remain single, raising one or two children from ladies who themselves are often willing collaborators against the institution of marriage.

But divorce we all know is a really big bad thing (BBT) and no human in matrimony should ever consider it as an option, even for a second.

If you are reading this article right this very moment, I want you to strike your chest and say, “Never will I resort to divorce as an option in my life.” Once I get married, I am married for life until death does us part. Good. Now, pray for God’s grace to help you.

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