MyCoPilot: Features, Benefits and Affordable Pricing


Finding an accessible, dependable, and economical mode of transportation is a top priority for many people, and it is often necessary to pursue social and career opportunities.

In many Nigerian cities, ridesharing firms like MyCoPilot are becoming an additional option for transportation, competing directly with the taxi cab sector in most cases.

In this article, we will take an honest look at the MyCoPilot platform that is currently making waves in the cab sector.

We will also discuss what makes it better than its competitors, such as Uber Ride, Taxify, and Bolt as well as answer some troubling questions about the platform.

Feel free to drop your comments below before or after using the services, so other people can learn from your experience.

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What Is MyCoPilot?

MyCoPilot is a digital ride-sharing service in Nigeria that aims to give locals better transport options. It aims to provide safe and secure transportation to Nigerians.

At the moment their services are available in 6 major cities in Nigeria which include; Delta State, Anambra State, Ogun State, Benin State, and most recently, it launched in Lagos State. 

Who Is the CEO of MyCoPilot

Nnamdi J.E Chizoba is the founder and CEO of MyCoPilot. According to him, it is an idea he conceived way back in his early University days.

With the help of a few friends, dedication, and consistency, he has been able to build such an outstanding product.

How Do You Sign Up To Be A MyCoPilot Driver?


You can become a MyCoPilot rider in two ways: through the MyCoPilot app (iOS or Android) or through the MyCoPilot website.

When you join, you’ll be asked for your complete name, phone number, email address, and preferred language.

You’ll also need to authorize access to your location and select a payment method, whether that’s a credit card or a debit card (the cryptocurrency option is still being worked on).

All of this is done to facilitate a simple and quick payment process.

Before you can fully utilize MyCoPilot, your email address and mobile number must be validated. This is for security reasons.

How Do You Sign Up As A Rider?

MyCoPilot can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can submit a travel request through the app. It instantly locates you and records GPS data.

It then connects you with the nearest MyCoPilot driver. When a driver accepts your trip, you will see their name, license plate, photo, rating, and phone number.

You’ll be able to track your MyCoPilot driver on the built-in map until they arrive, and while on a trip, you’ll be able to track your progress in real-time and share your estimated arrival time with friends.

What Is The Mycopilot Rider Experience Like?

To begin, download the MyCoPilot mobile app and register as a rider. Everything happens through the MyCoPilot app once you’ve done that.

Because no money is exchanged between you and the MyCoPilot driver, you never have to worry about having enough cash to go where you need to go.

Instead, the payment method you select when signing up for MyCoPilot will be utilized to automatically pay your MyCoPilot driver when a journey is completed, whether it be a credit card, debit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Benefits of MyCoPilot


1. It matches you with a driver that is going your way.

This is particularly very good, especially for a rider who is not so familiar with his or her destination. Since the driver is actually going to your supposed location in the first place, he definitely knows the nooks and crannies of where you are going.

This eradicates the issue of stopping along the way to ask for a destination or having to depend fully on Google Maps, which sometimes doesn’t direct you as expected.

2. Friendly Cost

Unlike its competitors on the market, MyCopilot is very pocket-friendly. The fact that the driver is going your way is one of the reasons for its relatively low cost. 

3. Secure

Every driver or car owner under MyCoPilot is totally and completely accounted for. MyCoPilot has a rigorous verification process that makes sure that car owners register with real and accurate data before being verified. Each and every driver can be easily tracked.

Also, every ride you take is automatically logged into a database for reference purposes. One more thing, you can share your journey with a friend to also track your travel.

4. Scheduling

You can decide to book a ride for a later date. This is particularly of importance to students, youth corps, and tourists. Instead of waiting until the D-day before booking a ride, MyCoPilot has made it possible to schedule your rides.

5. Flexibility

Not until recently, inhabitants in Nigeria had few options for travel flexibility thanks to the inability of logistics services.

Users were simply given the option of accepting any vehicle brought to them, with the price alternating at will as the transportation company saw fit. MyCoPilot has decided to solve this issue decisively.

It provides you with various drivers as well as their routes and pricing, so all power is in your hands to choose the one you most prefer.

In other words, passengers can choose who they want to travel with based on their destination and preferred route using MyCoPilot. Drivers who receive notice of trip-share requests have two options: accept or deny with justification.

What Is Unique About MyCoPilot?

There are various unique features of this platform. Read below to peruse the unique features;

1. It is distinguished by the fact that drivers are not automatically allocated to passengers. Users determine who to travel with, and if an offer is declined, travelers can easily select the most suitable driver heading to their destination based on the route and other parameters such as driver rating, date of departure, model of the vehicle, and even the name of the driver that is most suitable to them.

2. According to the company, users can freely book a seat with a private vehicle owner headed their way on a fixed date and pay a fare price for a luxurious, more private, and interesting journey, while private vehicle owners (drivers) can premise their travel plans and have people pay to join them on their journey.

3. MyCoPilot’s approach allows customers to experience up to 30% more convenience, privacy, and luxury than competing services while earning a decent revenue when users would otherwise just incur expenses.

4. Transparency. The platform is very transparent in executing its services. There are no hidden charges and traffic or surgesdos not bring about a hike in prices.

This is one of the reasons why it is preferable compared to its competitors in the Nigerian market such as Bolt, Uber, and Taxify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Available In My State?

Yes, MyCoPilot is going to be available in 6 major states of Nigeria. Benin, Anambra, Ogun, Delta, and Lagos very soon. Join the waitlist here.

Who Is The Founder Of MyCoPilot?

Nnamdi J. E. Chizoba is the founder and CEO.

Is It Secure?

Yes, the platform is secure and licensed.

Do they have a website?

Yes, click here to access the website, from where you can learn more about the platform and proceed to download the app for either Android or iOS, depending on the operating system of your mobile device.

How much can a driver earn daily?

The total amount a driver or car owner on the platform can earn daily is dependent on the total number of trips he or she is able to complete on that particular day.

Final Thoughts on MyCopliot

From personal observations and usage, you stand to benefit more from MyCoPilot compared to other transport services.

One of the numerous benefits includes the fact that at the moment, MyCoPilot is running a discounted offer for early and first-time users.

This is just a strategy to break into the Nigerian market. 

So you can use the link below to download and access the app at a discounted offer.

Click Here

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