Does plannet marketing’s potential give you financial freedom, liberty, and versatility? Is plannet marketing a scam? Is plannet marketing a real business? Can it be possible to turn a desire for travel into a sustainable means of revenue and benefit? 

What is the risk % that you’ll lose money in this deal? We know you stopped by because you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time job.

And you think if plannet marketing is the most excellent solution or a massive deal for you; therefore, you’re seeking more information on plannet marketing. It’s pretty ok to be inquisitive because you want to save time and effort. 

The above questions are the initial factors you should consider when confronted with such an offer. Without a question, travel and tourism are among the most lucrative and long-lasting industries. Plannet marketing may appear to be a fantastic idea for those who heavily spend on tourism.

The essence of this article is to clear your doubts and provide you with detailed information about plannet marketing. At the end of this review, you will be able to determine whether to join plannet marketing.

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What is Plannet Marketing?

Plannet Marketing is a travel-related multi-level marketing business that functions in collaboration with InteleTravels. IntekeTravell is a travel-based MLM that operates in the USA. As a result, they allow customers to create their own home-based travel agency.

The InteleTravel home-based Independent Travel Agency (ITA) business is for people who want to join their affiliate network and become plannet marketing reps. The idea behind this is to sell InteleTravel to potential affiliates. 

Don Bradley, who has over twenty years of expertise in sales, advertising, and product distribution, established the business in Atlanta, Georgia. And in 2015, he launched it.

In addition, he has risen to the pinnacle of the MLM sector. Don Bradley was the highest earner and Vice President of marketing at another multi-level marketing firm, Paycation, before he joined Plannet Marketing.

Plannet Marketing and Paycation are in the same travel niche. Plannet Marketing has only been in business for four years, which is a short time for an MLM company.

Andy Cauthen, the current COO and president, began his expertise‌ in 2004 when he joined YTB International. He was honoured as the President and COO after only two years.

In 2012, he was reappointed as the chief executive officer of YTB. Plannet marketing offers discounted travel solutions and a business model in which you may earn income by selling the brand’s product and enlisting people. 

Some examples of other multi-level marketing businesses in the travel sector are;

World Ventures, iBuumerang, Evolution Travel, and JIFU Travel. Hence, if you enjoy travelling, this could be the ideal home-based company for you.

However, there are no limits or minimum criteria for joining and maintaining membership with plannet marketing. You may do this as part-time or full-time employment, according to the business.

Before becoming too enthusiastic, let’s look at this offer and see if it’s good for you. Now, remember that we’re only here to present the benefits and drawbacks of plannet marketing and offer you our view of this business venture.

It is entirely up to you to come up with a decision after reading this review. That said, let’s delve deeper into plannet marketing. 

Plannet Marketing: What Does It Offer?


Travel bargains, flights, hotel reservations, and vacations are all covered by InteleTravel programs. So, while Plannet Marketing does not sell actual travel items, you may get these solutions through InteleTravel, a partner MLM. How possible is this?

Their platform appears to function as intended and may provide consumers with the possibility of earning money. They have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2019, and they have an A+ rating, showing their validity and that customers are content with what they can provide.

The company’s primary business is providing travel services to its members and consumers, but it also offers online courses. Plannet designed these courses to inspire entrepreneurs who want to take hold of technology in building a long-term business.

Essentially, they teach you how to sell your company through internet channels. You may skip the virtual learning lessons (how to use social media to grow your marketing efforts) and buy one of their excessively costly ad setting packages. 

Plannet marketing also offers premium packed services that aid in ad creation, video editing, YouTube advertising, SEO, and keyword tracking.

These rates are exp[ensive beyond your wildest expectations, just like their one-time setup programs! Remember when we stated that InteleTravel and Plannet Marketing are working together to manage the MLM aspect of their business strategy? 

This approach allows you, the typical investor, to participate in all the money-making actions. You may get a portion of the revenue by selling plannet marketing’s travel services to potential consumers after enrolling.

You can also focus entirely on recruitment and earn a higher commission for each new member you introduce into the plannet marketing team if you’re more of a friendly person who enjoys building a team of true go-getters.

Is Plannet Marketing a Ponzi Scheme? 

According to the Federal Trade Commission/FTC, businesses that rely entirely (or mostly) on hiring individuals are classified as ‘pyramid schemes.’ Plannet marketing undeniably depends on introducing new agents.

Although there isn’t enough proof to label it a scam, it’s still a money-making scheme you wouldn’t afford to miss.

To begin with, becoming an agent with plannet marketing would cost you an unreasonable amount. Second, its payment options aren’t particularly appealing.

Even if you ignore all of that, the reality that they adopt a multi-level marketing strategy that primarily relies on hiring new individuals does not make the company future-proof. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) could always intervene, forcing them to alter the program or shut it down completely.

When you consider that just a tiny fraction of individuals make substantial income with multi-level marketing techniques, you’ll understand clearly that it’s not for the regular guy. Most individuals face challenges with MLM and make less than $1,000 per year, much alone per month. If the recruitment is your speciality, that’s a whole better option.

However, you can earn income from plannet marketing in one of the following ways:

It’s important to mention that plannet marketing sells nothing; InteleTravel is the only company that does. Instead, you may sign up as an agent with the latter and generate income on your sales. The only distinction between the two is that you can earn commissions on your multi-level employees at the lower level with the former. 

To become an InteleTravel agent (ITA), you must pay a one time charge of $179.95. After which, you’ll pay a monthly payment of $39.95. Then you’d get a customized website and enter the plannet Marketing mobile app as part of your registration fee. You can upload videos and web pages with potential clients using the app. You will also receive notifications on your team’s activity and follow-ups with people who have an interest in the business model.

Pros of Plannet Marketing

So, given what we’ve learned about plannet marketing, here’s why I believe it may be a worthwhile investment.

1. Authorized Multi-level Marketing 

To begin with, one thing they have going for them is that they are an A+ BBB recognized organization, which signifies that the company is legitimate.

For an MLM to exist in the United States, it must provide products and services, and these products and services must be of genuine value rather than crappy virtual learning programs that teach you what you can gain for free from good-hearted vloggers. 

Plannet Marketing is a legitimate MLM company, and it offers something valuable to clients: flights, hotel reservations, etc. So that if the pyramid part of the business fails, its existing members can still sell out tour packages to generate money. 

2. Flexible Job 

Plannet marketing is an excellent approach to enabling individuals to earn a living from home. It allows employees to operate flexible work hours and establish an extensive network. You can join fantastic teams to help coach you along the journey.

3. There are no False Allegations of Quick Wealth

A multi-level marketing firm’s most obvious red flag is if it pledges immediate money. “Join our firm, and you’ll be earning millions in 2 months!” or “Make 10% on your deposit every day!” Plannet marketing avoids all of that nonsense by informing subscribers that their expected revenue depends on their marketing efforts. Ultimately, just like when you work hard in life, you earn more.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

We enjoy plannet marketing because it gives a money-back guarantee whenever you end your subscription within the first 90 days. It means that they are convinced of the goods and services they provide. 

Cons of Plannet Marketing 

Even though plannet marketing looks convincing to some extent, it is not perfect. Here are a couple of reasons we think you should avoid it entirely. 

1. Low Earning Potential

This business model may not provide an excellent source of livelihood for people searching for full-time work. According to their financial declaration statement, many members make little money. We’re talking about a hundred dollars a year, but your return will not be up to what you invested financially.

With such achievements, there’s no certainty that the money you invest in this firm will pay off handsomely?

2. Inefficient Business Model

Assuming plannet marketing persuades all 328 million individuals in the United States to join the marketing model, what happens next? The line managers will wish to expand out over the globe. What happens once they’ve conquered every planet and when your commission runs out? Given that the site isn’t attractive enough, we can only presume that the future is nearer than you believe.

3. High Membership Fees

We’re talking about financial investment since maintaining and joining this MLM business would be difficult and costly. Consider all the compulsory monthly charges you’ll have to pay and that you’ll almost certainly not be able to match your expenditure with your earnings.

Every year, you must spend between $400 and $600 to keep sailing the plannet marketing boat. To put it another way, you ought to hire between 8 and 12 new downlines each year to meet the cost of membership.

You’ll have to pay for any additional expenses you incur from your pocket. Thus, you’ll be on the losing side unless you’re a great marketer like Andy and Don (who don’t advertise the business themselves but have you, a registered member, do it for them).

4. There are no Actual Travel Products

As we previously stated, plannet marketing does not sell genuine travel items. These services are exclusively available via InteleTravel, a partner MLM. Many people may become perplexed because they are unsure if they are generating money via plannet marketing or even the InteleTravel agency.

Then why do they need things from a different firm? These facts made us sceptical of their potential, and we wondered, “Why would someone take part in plannet marketing even though they can join InteleTravel straight?”

5. Typical Multi-level Marketing Model

Plannet marketing, like most MLMs, has jumped on the recruiting bandwagon. It’s not that we dismiss MLM chances; it’s simply that, besides sales, you’ll have to market and hire continuously.

Although, you can generate a little income if you assist plannet marketing in selling trip packages to prospective clients. But if you want to earn twice or five times as much, you’ll have to go out and recruit new members.

It is inconvenient, particularly for those who aren’t used to it. However, this business will drive you to recruit more individuals to earn more money. It does not end there! You’ll have to compel your prospects to pay a one-time cost of $179 and a monthly subscription price. Only then will you be able to generate a lot of money!

6. Possibility of Earning is Limited

If you’re planning to join an MLM company, you should be logical about your earning prospects. You’ll need to hire newbies besides selling things to make a reasonable living. 

Look at 2019 earning statistics for plannet marketing members.

Only 2.49 percent of its members earned more than $4,331 per year, and the remaining 97.51% will have to make do with $140.57 for one year. In conclusion, it’s not the most profitable company plan ‌.

Should You Become a Member of Plannet Marketing?

Only you are liable to answer the above question correctly. The firm in question appears to be well-founded because travel seems to be a very appealing and convenient industry.

In addition, the remuneration package is excellent. Isn’t it true that putting all of those elements together ensures success? Alas, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Your consistent ability to recruit individuals into your business will determine your success in the long run.

Therefore, we advise you to study plannet marketing and conduct the necessary research before concluding. 

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FAQs on Plannet Marketing

How Much Can I Pay to Join Plannet Marketing?

Plannet marketing provides the Member potential for a one-time price of $19.95 and a monthly subscription payment of $19.95, including your unique online Representative Virtual Office with all of the resources and assistance you need to earn a good living.

How can I Earn from Plannet Marketing?

Plannet marketing allows you to earn income in two ways:
First, you can either sell travel package deals or be an InteleTravel agent. Second, you can be a plannet sales rep and attract others to join your team. Understand that you can earn incentives from the sales volume of your downlines and not because you recruited them.

What is Plannet Marketing’s Compensation Plan?

Plannet marketing compensates each sales rep in three forms:   
Direct sales: Every sales rep may earn $50 whenever they recruit a new member. If a downline hires another member, he’ll receive an additional $25. The same applies if each downline keeps on recruiting new members.
Gold Builder: Once you’ve reached the gold builder level, you’ll earn $10 for each sale you achieve.
Matrix: Your downlines will pay you $4 each month at the matrix level.

Is Plannet Marketing a Scam?

We’ll always kick against joining MLM businesses to earn income. It is not because you can’t earn cash through the business model but because the MLM system is very shady, and it is nothing different from pyramid schemes or scams.

How do I Leave Plannet Marketing?

If you’ve decided to leave plannet marketing, you must send a request in writing via email to If a member demands a refund, plannet marketing will subtract any incentives and commissions already paid to him from the total amount to be refunded. Also, any cancellation requests must be made within 30 days of the termination date.

Conclusion on Plannet Marketing

Plannet marketing offers various travel services, such as aircraft, cruise tickets, and hotel reservations. Many tourists will find it convenient. However, what’s our conclusion concerning this commercial prospect? The only way to generate money legally is to enlist as many individuals as possible. 

You must then urge them to sell the tickets and reservations to stay proactive and earn revenue. Unfortunately, most of these individuals will incur losses.

Thus, it does not appear to be a suitable business model to be a member of.

Working as a travel agent may sound attractive to those who enjoy travelling, but this does not always imply that they’ll be a travel agent. As a result, the number of prospects available may be limited.

Marketing a new business rather than a tangible commodity has its hurdles. However, if you have experience in hiring individuals and know a lot of potential clients, you could be able to make money as an individual representative with plannet marketing.

Remember that only a few plannet marketers end up being successful.

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