Right from time immemorial,
We both existed till date,
Our seen features create enmity
Forgetfully forgetting, we can live cordially
Only if our strength are merged

I am black!
But my heart is pure
Crying & groaning without cure
From the hatred, it racks

Conscious & unconscious
I’m mindful of my actions
Like a grown up lad in Nursery
Whose actions triggers reactions

My eyes speak out profusely
The depth of pains inflicted
Hoping for justice and equality
Forgetfully forgetting
Predecessors died in expectancy

Photo credit: Ob360 media

If only you could give me the chance,
To show the great skills dying in me,
To show the unseen significance,
Beyond the insignificant you know,
To show how gargantuan I am productive,
The world would have been in peace,
Finding solace in ourselves.

(Man of Sapience)

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