2023 Prizerebel Review: Is It Scam or Legit


People are always skeptical whenever they hear of online investments, especially the ones that will require them to complete specific tasks before they can earn their reward. Perhaps, they haven’t come across good platforms like the Prizerebel.

This single factor has been a stumbling block to identifying the real ones. They have the fear that they won’t be getting back their money in folds. The thing is, it is very good to have a passive income, having more than one source of income should always be the number one goal.

It is very wise that you conduct a thorough research about a particular platform you want to sign up for and get started.

You asked questions and check histories to know if it will be something good to try because you will be investing your hard-earned money.

On that note, Prizerebel is an online survey panel that allows users to earn rewards for as low as $5. The reward might be free gift cards, Paypal rewards, and amazon gift cards.

It is a US company that operates out of Las Vegas. It has existed since 2007.

Despite the fact that Prizerebel has reportedly been used all over the globe with approximately 11 million users.

Prizerebel has been able to cover about 180 countries that had kept it ahead of its competition.

You can earn as much as you can by taking offers, watching videos, or rounding up surveys on Prizerebel.

Different Phases On Prizerebel


Sign in

For the sign-in, you will need a stable network connection and a valid email address coupled with a dedication that will also enable you to effectively carry out your surveys.

Prizerebel has a very simple way of working. You just have to sign in by basically providing truthful personal information about yourself for both legal and pragmatic reasons. 

Here, your profile determines the number of surveys that you will have available, and your profit is determined by the number of surveys you complete.

Membership Level

Prizerebel does not allow users below 18 years of age. Literarily, a user is required to start from the lowest to the highest level with various activities so as would be able to get more benefits.

There are about five known membership levels in Prizerebel; bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and lastly diamond. 

The bronze is basically your starting point right from the moment you signed in. You will be able to get to the silver level if you are able to earn 1000 points and a regular gold member would need to accumulate 4500 points. You continue this process by playing games and winning other challenges till you get to the diamond level.

The context is quite simple, the higher you go, the more bonuses you will get to claim.

Add-on Notification

Prizerebel allows you to install an add-on notification to inform you when there is a new survey or if they are on promo codes. You don’t have to be on the app always to check for surveys or take offers, this feature has been conceived to be a time manager. 

The sweetest thing about this add-on is that you can redeem your promo codes without visiting the direct site.

How To Get Paid And How Long It Will Take To Earn?

There is no sweeter feeling than you will get rewarded after completing a task. 

Prizerebel 100 points are equivalent to $1. You can only withdraw when you are able to win 500 points which equals $5.

You have the option to redeem your payment as it is the easiest PayPal way to get paid in cash. In countries that support Dwolla, your earnings can be transferred to your bank account.

At first, it might take a bit of time to get used to Prizerebel especially if your membership level keeps going higher as you do more surveys and win more points.

It is really dependent on you on how long you want it to take you to earn on Prizerebel after you sign up. The average interval rate on Prizerebel is about $2-$5 per hour.

In Prizerebel, rewards come in points. Severally people ask; how much would one earn after completing a particular survey. It’s not hard, surveys most times are lengthy and it takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. So if you are able to round up a survey, you should be aiming at 50 points.

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The more time you spend doing your surveys and playing games, the more points you would earn. 

Pros And Cons of Prizerebel


It is said that whatever has advantages would definitely has disadvantages. And to convince you that Prizerebel is completely optional, below are its various pros and cons of it.


1. You can get paid in cash.

2. Prizerebel has multiple ways to earn points.

3. It has a vast collection of gift cards.

4. It is free to join

5. Has high earning potential.


1. Prizerebel does not support live chat sessions.

2. It is not allowed in all countries.

3. You won’t qualify for all challenges.

4. It has high eligibility criteria.

5. Only English is allowed.

Ways to Earn On Prizerebel


The essence of your signup on Prizerebel is for you to make money on the platform. There are basically 7 ways:

1. Paid offers

In Prizerebel, offers are activities you complete to get a reward. It might require you to sign in to a website or pay a certain amount to qualify. This might sound scary but it is worth considering as it is an extra way of getting points. Who gets paid by just downloading an app and using it?

Now here is the deal, this is a great and easy way to get rewards. 

All you do is register on a website and buy products for trial and then go on with the advertisement. Paid offers are a kind of advertisement where you will have to interact with any of Prizerebel’s partners and you get your rewards afterward.

On the walls of Prizerebel, you can find a big section for paid offers. So offers are a great way to boost your earnings and get good deals. Before signing in for paid offers on Prizerebel, be sure to carefully read the details and know the demands for you to get your reward.

2. Paid surveys

The average time per survey is 10-30 minutes. If you want an extra reward and have your opinion heard, then you shouldn’t fail to visit paidfromsurveys.com. Pizerebel offers paid surveys to its users. You will see an overview on your Prizerebel dashboard once you are logged in and then you go to the earn tab to choose paid surveys. Then you choose a survey that interests you and answers the questions after which your reward will be sent to your account. And for every survey covered, it pays the highest reward compared to other sites. Before picking a survey, you will obviously see the reward you will be getting at the end. All you do is be time conscious and calculate how fast you are to finish up a survey. 

There are different Prizerebel survey providers which means there is every chance of you doing surveys daily.

3. Daily tasks

This is the only way this platform users become active. These daily challenges are always at the top left whenever you launch your Prizerebel site. Once you are able to reach a certain amount of points, you would definitely get extra bonuses. You will also see the time left for you to complete a certain challenge so this method would definitely keep you active and earn you a lot of points.

4. Playing games

Still, in the business of earning extra points, you can always download games through the offer walls on the Prizerebel platform so you play and get more points. These games will require you to reach a certain level before you can be rewarded but trust the process, it’s definitely worth the while.

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Recall that you will be rewarded when you download these games from the offer wall. For some games, you will have certain intervals to keep after you have registered. That is why it is important you read the details carefully before signing up.

5. Raffle draw

As they say, there is no harm in a trial. You would find a raffle option by going to the win tab in the main menu. Prizerebel shuffles its raffles every new week and the prizes are gift cards worth up to $10 which is less than a dollar to get a raffle ticket. This can be a way to multiply your earnings if you are lucky.

6. Watch videos

Again, the offer walls o Prizerebel have lots of prompts that you might love to follow to up your earnings. Watching a few videos will not earn you much but you are likely to get plenty of points if you watch so many of them. Just to be convinced that Prizerebel pays for watching videos, you might as well allow them to play while you do your other business on a different tab on your desktop. Then you would have to return to check your points.

Prizerebel has this big section for videos where you can watch as many as you can and get paid for every video or ad that you watch. You can only earn if ads are shown in the videos. The videos cover several topics like travel videos, sports, health, science, etc.

And the good thing is there is no limit to the videos you watch do well to watch as many as you can.

7. Referrals

As a Prizerebel member, you will have a referral link at your disposal. If you invite anyone who joins through that link, you will earn a commission each time they earn.

This is the last way to earn more points on Prizerebel. By using the Prizerebel referral program, you will have to invite your friends who might be interested to join the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points is a dollar on Prizerebel?

One thing is that it has the same payout threshold as a gift card. In the case of Prizerebel, 100 points are equivalent to $1, 500 points are $5, 1000 points are $10 and the list goes on.

Is Prizerebel legitimate?

If you read between the line of this article, you’ll understand that Prizerebel is legit and not a scam. Prizerebel is over 15 years and has been giving people their passive income since then. But the real deal here is for you to work smarter not harder. You can redeem as low as 500 points which is $5 which means if you work regularly on Prizerebel, you would be paid weekly.

What is Prizerebel all about?

Prizerebel is a free membership site that rewards users and requires them to take surveys and complete other tasks. In exchange, they reward you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. Prizerebel surveys take about 30 minutes to complete and it gives you the opportunity to try other tasks too. Their referral game is second to none as you would be getting about 15-30% of your referral earns.

Final Thought

There are few or no negative reviews about Prizerebel. They have used more than 15 years to prove their credibility. For the record, Prizerebel has a rating of 4 stars on the Google Play Store, and they are mostly honest and positive reviews.

The good news is that Prizerebel has an app. The app can be downloaded on the apple store for iPhone and the play store for android. Earning money on sites with not much demand in work is a good one and that is one of Prizerebel’s biggest flex.

In this article, you were given the 7 ways to make real money on Prizerebel, however, there are just other ways to earn from it but I consider these few the best and stress-free.


Please do well to do your own research before deciding to take advantage of the platform.

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