7 Tips + Pros and Cons Of Dating An Older Woman


Dating an older woman can be so exciting, fun, and also a new experience altogether. There are so many reasons why men fall in love with older women.

Older women generally have more s3xual experience, they’re less inhibited by body issues, and they love young men. So they like to teach and enjoy it.

Also, older ladies won’t fall for you. They don’t want to be your girlfriend because they know young men are a lot of emotional work, and they’re all done with that. And usually, they won’t fall pregnant.

If you have considered dating an older woman, then the tips below will tell you what you need to know.

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1 Be Bold

Older women have had lots of experience in life. They met lots of people and had a series of conversations.

They know what they want and expect you also to know what you want and be confident about it. 

There is nothing s3xier to an older woman than a man who knows what he wants. When planning on dating an older woman, being bold proves your maturity. 

Older women don’t have as much time for guys who aren’t sure of themselves.

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They’re well aware that they don’t have time to waste! So, if you aren’t sure that you want to be together, they could easily decide to drop you off immediately.

2 Ignore The Age Gap

She knows she’s older but doesn’t always make her feel so. Do not talk about her as a ‘cougar.’

It suggests that she is older and some women still find the term offensive. 

Don’t try to make her be your mother. Speaking of children, don’t be one! It might go without saying, but don’t expect your partner to act as a parental figure, especially if that’s not what they signed up for. 

It’s okay to have life stage or age-related differences as long as you’re upfront about them, but you need to be able to meet each other where you’re at when it counts.

If you want the relationship to last, then you can’t go around talking about how much older she is than you all the time.

3 Be Mature

Older women are interested in younger men, not younger boys. Women want a man who is mature and confident. 

They’d know if a man is being dishonest or playing games. They don’t want to waste their time, so they won’t hesitate to move on sooner rather than later. 

If you are considering dating an older woman, then you have to be confident in who you are. If you have low self-esteem or feel like you can’t hold your own in a romantic relationship, then you will have a hard time dating an older woman.

Older women who date younger men aren’t looking to have a new son or someone to babysit, they want a man who knows who he is, no matter his age.

If you lack confidence, then it’s time to work on loving yourself for who you are while also addressing your flaws.

5 Show A Real Interest

If you think of dating an older woman and want to have a successful and long-lasting relationship with an older woman, then you have to do more than just think of her as that s3xy older woman you’ve been seeing. 

You have to make an effort to get to know the person who she is and to remember that age is just a number. Let her see that you care about getting to know her and that you truly value the time you spend together

6 Take Things Slowly And Give Her Space

If you want to make your relationship last, then you can’t be too in a hurry when dating an older woman. You have to respect the fact that your older woman is her own person and that she has a life going on outside of being with you.

This could mean her time at work, spending nights with her girlfriends, or all of the time she spends doing her own thing, whether it’s yoga, writing poetry, or cooking. 

Don’t be needy or ask her to hang out with you all the time, and appreciate the fact that she has a life outside of your relationship. Give her all the time she needs and try to keep things more fun and exciting.

Pros Of Dating An Older Woman


Dating an older woman can be fascinating at the same time. A lot of young men are drawn to older women and it’s completely normal and understandable. Though some other men may consider dating an older woman weird and absurd. There are also a lot of older women who are attracted to younger men.

It can be a truly fascinating relationship, where both partners can bring their unique strengths to the relationship, making it robust and wholesome. 

The reason for dating an older woman may differ for everyone depending on the circumstances surrounding it.

A relationship with a huge gap might work so perfectly and works wonders. So if you are considering the pros and cons of dating an older woman, let’s take a look at the benefits.

1 More Experience

As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. An older woman is more experienced than a younger man.

She is experienced in almost every aspect of life ranging from life situations to handling some difficulties, and career paths, and more importantly, an older woman is more experienced in bed. 

S3x is not like riding a bicycle. You can practice and practice and not get better at riding a bicycle. S3x, on the other hand, is something you can improve on with experience, which makes dating an older woman more exciting.

One of the pros of dating an older woman is that she knows herself well and understands the dynamics of couple relationships better. 

2 More Independent

An older woman knows what she wants and how to get it. With age, women just like men get to understand themselves better.

They understand their emotions, and they understand what it is they want out of a relationship.


An older woman has built herself in her career and is financially independent. She’s able to make decisions on her own without having to look up to her man like the younger ladies would do. One great advantage of dating an older woman is the fact that she won’t be dependent on you.

3 More Mature

Its true age is not maturity, but saying an older woman gives you an edge on this. An older woman has had lots of experiences and how to handle them.

She is strong enough to deal with her insecurities and fears and won’t throw them back at you to escape reality. Especially if you are dating an older woman with a child, rest assured that her maturity has probably already peaked because raising a child truly makes you a much more emotionally intelligent person.

4 You Learn More From Them

With their well of experience, you tend to learn a lot from them which is the most important thing in one’s life. Without learning, we aren’t living.

Having an intelligent, fascinating, slightly mysterious, and incredibly impressive woman by your side, there for you and there to experience things with you, and grow with you, is the most that any man can ask for.

5 More Appreciative

An older woman has been through a lot of relationships and stages in life. She becomes more appreciative even of little things. Imagine dating an older woman with an age difference of 10 years.

She will be keen to show affection and love sincerely since she is not young and confused like the other women out there. She knows what she wants and has seen enough to understand what matters.

6 They Can Hold Good Conversations

Intelligent people get more knowledgeable and wiser over time. An intelligent older woman has lived through more experiences and is capable of transmitting more interesting information than a younger woman.

Cons Of Dating An Older Woman


Everything that has advantages does have disadvantages too. Are you considering dating an older woman who’s interested in you? Maybe you’ve got your eyes set on a lady that’s a lot older than the women you normally date?

If you want to know the challenges that come with it, then this guide is for you. Hopefully, after reading this you can then make your decision.

1 Different Phase Of Life

Dating an older woman automatically puts you in a different phase of life you are not in yet. They are older and this means the things she is dealing with will be different from what you will be dealing with.

The more the age gap the more it becomes true. Older women have different health issues. What a 30-year-old will be thinking will be quite different from that of a 29-year-old.

2 You Will Be Judged By Many

Some people are inevitably going to judge you for dating an older woman. A lot of people will just be happy for you that you found someone to make you feel special or have fun with, but there will be those people that believe age is much more than just a number.

This is dependent more on the age gap between you both. But if it makes you happy, why should you bother about what people think?

3 Older Women Have Some Baggage

The more experienced you become in life, the more baggage you tend to accumulate. Some of us tend to accumulate more baggage than others.

Before thinking of dating an older woman, you should be willing to accept her baggage. She might have been into so many relationships, have kids, or even had an ex-husband. This is one con that comes with dating an older woman, but this doesn’t make her less awesome.

4 She May Be Expecting More From You

Having gone through a lot of relationships with so many experiences of hurt and love, she may be expecting a lot more from you. Also, some older women love the idea of dating a younger man, but they still want the maturity and life experience that comes with a man or woman their age. 

These issues may always happen when it comes to conversations that aren’t s3xual interactions. If this happens, remember you are still young and that’s one of the tremendous things about you.

5 Difficulty In Childbirth

This is one great disadvantage of dating an older woman if you consider having kids. A woman’s body is only able to have children for a certain period of her life, it’s just how it is.

If you’re looking to have biological children with your partner, this could be an issue depending on how much older the woman is. This is solely dependent on what you want at that time 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dating An Older Woman

Is Dating An Older Woman A Good Idea?

This is completely dependent on what you want. Dating a younger lady, you both will grow together, share the same views, and probably have the same understanding and experience. Dating an older woman opens you up to fresh ideas and perspectives of life. Also, you tend to learn more from her years of experience and handling situations.

What Is  An Older Woman Called?

It depends on the age of the older woman. The older partner in her 40+is called a *Cougar* while in her 50+ is called a Jaguar. The younger man is called a Cub.

How Much Of An Age Gap Is Ok?

This also depends on you and how you can handle it. Looking at the pros and cons of dating an older woman, what age gap is ok for you? I will advise that the age gap shouldn’t be above 10 years.


Dating an older woman is a decision that does require some thinking. It’s up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons.

To me, age is just a number, but you do need to consider the pros and cons that we mentioned above before you move forward with dating an older woman. Do that to protect yourself and out of respect for her.

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