Rockwell Trading: What You Need to know


The need to elevate people from bad debt into good money phases brought about Rockwell trading. 

The creators of Rockwell Trading understood that not everyone can afford to trade stocks, or even search for materials about trading stocks online.

So many trading options are usually overpriced too, but Rockwell trading is divided into various plans.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about Rockwell Trading, the plans it offers, and other details that you will find interesting. 

A Brief on Rockwell Trading

Rockwell Trading is a stock, options, and swing trading business that offers investment research software and learning materials.

Markus Heitkoetter started the business back in 2005. He set out to assist anyone who wanted to remove the element of guessing from stock investing. 

Judging from where Rockwell Trading is today, it appears that he was successful based on this service’s excellent client feedback.

Rockwell Trading stands out from the competition since it provides a thorough examination of a variety of trading philosophies. In contrast to some of its rivals, Rockwell Trading’s methods go into great detail in each of its investment specialties.

Additionally, I’ve seen a lot of trading services that offer coaching and educational materials, but very few offer reliable trading software.

About the Founder


Before investing in Rockwell Trading, you should see the founders.

I) Markus Heitkoetter

The first founder is Markus Heitkoetter, the program’s creator. He has over 25 years of trading expertise. 

He started off working full-time at IBM, but despite making a six-figure salary, he always felt like something was missing.

He made the decision to leave his corporate position and pursue a career as a full-time stock trader, and he has never looked back. 

Markus wanted to teach average people how to trade after ten years in his new career so they might succeed as he does.

He has created a variety of trading tactics throughout the course of his career that has been successful in a range of market circumstances.

II) Mark Hodge

There is no way to talk about Rockwell trading without mentioning Mark Hodge. This individual is a significant contributor to the operation of the platform and has a brief history of working as a financial advisor for American Express and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. 

Mark Hodge joined forces with Markus to ascend and take charge of Rockwell Trading after realizing that he had a strong passion for trading.

He has over 20 years of trading and investing experience, with a major concentration on short-term trading of stocks, futures, and options.

You can tell you are in excellent hands with folks who know what they are doing by looking at the types of experience these two people have.

What Is Rockwell’s Wheel Options Trading Strategy?

Although Rockwell Trading’s system is much more complex, this is the main notion. The wheel options trading technique has a lot of promise if applied correctly, but it is not a surefire way to make money.

This options trading technique aids users in raising their productivity as a whole. The tactic is using margin to buy options that are secured by cash.

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All premiums are entirely lucrative when options expire or close at a profit without being assigned. The equities in question are held by your account, though, if the puts are assigned.

The goal is to avoid getting allocated so that you can keep making transactions or, as Heitkoetter refers to it, “spinning the wheel.”

Traders will gather premiums as the process is repeated, lowering the stock market’s overall cost base until gains are realized.

Benefits of Engaging With Rockwell Trading


There are various benefits attached to engaging in Rockwell trading, and they are 

1. Trading Software

Rockwell Trading offers trading software that can help you get started and eventually become a seasoned trader. This is a proprietary trading tool called the PowerX Optimizer, whose main objective is stock and options trading strategy.

The program does all the work for you by making sure you don’t have to spend time interpreting the technical indicators and charts. 

You will be given a list of high-probability stock and option trades that you could buy after just six clicks. 

This software also eliminates the element of guesswork from the equation. In order for you to know where to collect your profits, it does this by giving you access to all the exits, entries, and stops.

Finally, because the Optimizer helps you identify the finest stocks to trade, you will have the freedom to choose the best broker to assist you in carrying out the trades.

2. Live Trading Room

The creator of this program gives you access to a real trading room so you can learn his techniques rather than just give you theoretical tactics. 

Here, you will have the chance to see and model how he employs the techniques so that when it’s your turn, you may do the same.

3. Educational Coaching Programs

Over 25 years have passed since Markus, the creator of this application, entered the industry. He is aware that there is plenty that you may learn from him. 

He spent his time organizing his techniques into a structure that he could impart to traders of all experience levels.

In order to provide you weekly access to him and his lead trading coach, he created the Rockwell Freedom Mastermind program. He also recognizes the benefits of one-on-one coaching.

4. Live Charts

You can assess the decisions you’ll make in your trades and all of the techniques you’ll employ with the help of the charting tool. 

Additionally, they will assist you in better understanding what other seasoned traders have been doing while you have been watching them in the live trading room.

5. The Trading Platform

The program makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide you with a dependable platform that will let you merely concentrate on trading indicators and signals. As a result, you will be able to use the service as intended and get the most from it.

6. News

The live news stream that this service offers is another element that you’ll find valuable. To give you all the necessary business information, the platform has incorporated the top business news websites NBC, CBS, Yahoo! Finance, Fox, and ABC news.

This is a simple approach to staying current on all business-related news that can affect how you carry out your trading tactics.

7. Blogs

Additionally, you may find numerous blogs written by Markus, the developer, that cover a range of subjects. This includes advice on how to conduct effective stock research for options trading and how to set up the platform’s theme.

Whatever subject is covered, the ultimate aim of these blogs is to make you a better trader by making sure you learn something new after reading them.

Rockwell Trading Services and Products


After learning about Rockwell Trading a bit, it would interest you to know more about the various products and services that they offer. And they are:

  • PowerX Optimizer
  • Theta Kings
  • The Rockwell Freedom Mastermind (coaching)
  • Trading ebooks

1. PowerX Optimizer

One of the best features of Rockwell Trading is the PowerX Optimizer (PXO). The program comes with a custom stock scanner that reliably produces price charts comparing stock movements.

It is a comprehensive trading package that also includes courses, one of which teaches how to trade options.

This Rockwell Trading product offers the following courses:

  • Class on Wheel Options Strategy
  • Master Class PowerX
  • Workshop for PowerX Debit Spreads, etc.

Furthermore, the product comes with a stock scanner. This stock scanner also provides suggestions for a range of entry points, position sizes, and target buy openings. 

The PXO also recommends the most achievable profit targets you can make with various trades. And results of your search for over 12,000 equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) appear instantly.

For the purpose of eliminating uncertainty from the trading equation, entries stop, and exits are all offered.

In addition, to enhance trading capabilities, the PowerX Optimizer program provides essential statistics and insights.

2. Theta Kings

This is the second-best value product that Rockwell Trading offers. This training course called Theta Kings teaches you how to use “theta” as leverage in your options and swing trading methods.

Theta, often known as the time decay of an option, is a mathematical symbol for the diminishing option values that occur over time. Assuming no changes, it means that the option loses money as it approaches maturity.

Theta Kings is a Rockwell-only course that focuses on using theta measurements to spot profitable options trades.

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An online training seminar that you can access from any location is part of the Theta Kings course. Additionally, there are two recordings of live trades where all the teachings are put into practice.

Your swing trading approach might be observed over a period of days or weeks. And the Stacking the Deck tactic allows you to determine which edges are the best to take advantage of.

The course may be finished in up to three days and teaches you the subtleties of employing time frames profitably while trading options. 

Additionally, you can use Theta to your advantage to look for swing trades with the largest possible premiums.

3. The Rockwell Freedom Mastermind (Coaching)

Heitkoetter provides one-on-one coaching to traders through Rockwell Freedom Mastermind so they can benefit from his trading knowledge.

In this program, you will have weekly access to Heitkoetter’s insights and his leadership training coach through the Mastermind program. 

The Diamond Plan and The Platinum Plan are the two price tiers for the Mastermind coaching programs.

A 12-month membership with the Diamond Plan:

This Rockwell trading plan will cost you $30,000, and it includes the following

  • 108 calls for group coaching.
  • 36 calls for group strategy.
  • 9 virtual group trading sessions over 4 days.
  • 3 days of live, in-person trading.
  • 12 one-on-one phone calls.
  • Trading log and examination of the trading log.
  • All Rockwell courses are available while you’re enrolled.

6-month membership under the Platinum Plan:

This 6-month Rockwell Trading plan will cost you $12,000, and it includes the following

  • 54 calls for group coaching.
  • 18 calls for group strategy.
  • Online virtual group trading for six days.
  • Trade journal.
  • All Rockwell courses are available while you’re enrolled.

Although the Platinum Plan has a lot to offer, choosing Diamond will save you money, and give you more options that can help you make more money.

Is Rockwell Trading Legit?

Rockwell Trading is a reliable business that offers truthful insights into the world of investment.

A Better Business Bureau-accredited Rockwell Trading (limited liability company) and rated it  A+.

The Rockwell team has a strong reputation in the trading sector and is frequently mentioned on business news websites that it broadcasts in real time.

Numerous users of the platform have given it five stars for the caliber of its educational material.

Additionally, Rockwell Trading has twice been honored for its performance with Commitment to Excellence awards.

Rockwell Trading Pros and Cons

Any product that has just good sides without its bad sides would probably be a scam.

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of Rockwell Trading then.


The advantages of Rockwell Trading are:

1. Advanced technical analysis methods and tools (PXO and wheel trades)

  1. It provides you with one of the best stock scanners (PowerX Optimizer)
  2. You can use the Rockwell Trading platform from any location.
  3. You will learn how to trade successfully during a market downturn.
  4. You get direct coaching from lead trading coaches and Heitkoetter.
  5. Commodities, E-mini futures, and FX all have their unique strategies that you can use


The disadvantage of Rockwell Trading are:

1. The plans are somewhat expensive. But compared to what you stand to gain, you will see that in the long run, it is worth it.

2. A greater learning curve applies to options. So if you are not ready to learn, you may not enjoy Rockwell Trading.

Frequently asked questions about Rockwell Trading

Where is Rockwell Trading Services LLC’s headquarters?

Rockwell Trading Services LLC’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, United States.

Who are Rockwell Trading Services LLC’s competitors?

Rockwell’s trading services LLC’S competitors are Arden Group, Instinct lenders, and Reserve Capital Partners.


Should you invest with Rockwell Trading? Well, with the explanatory details given above, you can now make a decision for yourself on that.

But not to forget, Rockwell Trading helps you grow, by coaching and teaching you. Hence, if you decide to enroll, you must be willing to grow too.

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