The 14 Most Scary Facts About The Ocean


It is said that any object or matter that is known for its advantages has disadvantages also. 

While a lot of people visit the ocean for their adventures, some go for just relaxation while some bookworms go for research. 

Yes, different people for different reasons at the same location; that makes sense now.

For whatever reason that made you visit the ocean, it’s all because you get some space and peace there. That makes it an advantage to you.

However, the ocean has a list of scary facts that you, the reader, will explore in this article. Scary facts about the ocean have proven to be a threat to humans and animals. This cannot be erased but can be cautiously avoided. 

Included in this piece, you’ll understand the 14 scary facts about the ocean in a very detailed form, but first, let’s briefly discuss what an ocean is. 

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What Is An Ocean

In order to have a proper understanding of what scary facts about the ocean entails, you will need to understand, what an ocean is. 

An ocean is a large expanse of salt water that covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. A body that covers such a percentage means that it greatly impacts everything in existence. 

It is an important home for many of the animals and plant life on earth. 

Humans depend on this teeming water for comfort and survival, notwithstanding the scary facts about the ocean. The oceans hold over 300 million cubic miles of water, which is about 96% of the earth’s water supply.

The ocean is also rich in chlorine, magnesium, and calcium. It absorbs the sun’s heat, transferring it to the atmosphere and distributing it around the world.

It is obvious the ocean possesses so many features that are tempting to explore, there are so many scary facts about the ocean.

In this article, you will be given a rundown on the scary facts about the ocean, stay glued.

Scary Facts About The Ocean


1. The Ocean Has Black Holes:

One of the scary facts about the ocean is that it is filled with black holes. Blackholes in oceans measure up to 93 miles in diameter which means they are higher than the two African countries put together. They are very massive.

2. Hurricanes Land In The Ocean:

Another scary facts about the ocean are that hurricanes leave their devastating landfall in the ocean. The previous statistics show that over 100 Americans were killed as a result of hurricane landfall in 2017.

3. The Ocean Has Dead Bodies:

So many scientists that go to research in the ocean do not return as a result of volcanoes that must have occurred there.


Is this a scary fact about the ocean? Of course, those souls will be forgotten! 

4. The Ocean Is A Lightening Magnet:

The effect of lightning does not strike the ocean often as land, however, it is always disastrous when it happens. This is no doubt a scary fact about the ocean.

Water is an example of a good conductor. When lightning occurs, it can electrocute any living thing inside. The action is always rapid.

5. The Ocean Is Deep:

The ocean is over 36000 feet deep. It has a particular area called the challenger deed located in the western pacific ocean. It is so deep that it can take anyone who visits that area.

Being deep is a proven scary fact about the ocean.

6. The Ocean Has Sharks:

They are so scary that they do not even need to be born before they can start gnashing and thrashing.


The sharks in the ocean are rarely in sight. However, their attack is much more than anyone can imagine.

7. The Ocean Has Jellyfish:

More humans are killed annually by boxes of jellyfish than sharks. Jellyfish is one of the scary facts about the ocean that stings with no mercy.  Several death cases are recorded yearly with so many hospitalized due to severe stings. 

8. The Ocean Can Cause Bacteria:


As much as people love going to the beach, that part of the ocean is teeming with bacteria. The scary fact about the ocean here is that just a few years ago, a woman had necrotizing fasciitis after dipping her feet into the ocean of myrtle beach.

9. Crash To Goner:

There is a good chance of surviving a minor plane crash according to the National Transportation Safety Board but crashing into the ocean is a bit of bad luck. In many cases, wreckage from a plane crash in the ocean is never found.

10. The Ocean Has Garbage:

As much as the ocean looks so beautiful outside, there is so much garbage beneath it, and as such may cause illness. These are the most common scary facts about the ocean.

11. The Ocean Can Make You Ill:

As a result of some bacterial infections that can be gotten from the ocean, one scary fact about the ocean is that it can cause a total breakdown.

Illnesses like pink eye, gastroenteritis, and hepatitis can be contracted from the ocean. Scientists are yet to discover the number of diseases that can be gotten from the ocean.

12. The Ocean Floor Is Littered With Shipwrecks:

According to the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, it has been estimated that the ocean floor is home to about 3 million wrecked vessels. 

The scary fact about the ocean here is ships containing people and goods sank and have been forgotten.

13. The Ocean Drowns People:


Annually, over 3000 deaths are recorded in America from the ocean due to deluging. 

A lot of people lose their lives by just a visit to the ocean, some are scientists who go to research so they can teach people how to take caution; they end up losing their own lives in the cold hands of death. Indeed, this is the most talked-about scary fact about the ocean.

14. The Ocean Glows In The Dark:

As sweet as this may sound, it is a very bad occurrence. The glow is a result of the too many bacteria that have grown in the ocean. 

The bacteria will come together at a spot and release a shiny look. The glow can even be seen by a satellite.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the ocean and the sea:

Seas are smaller than oceans and are usually located where the land and ocean meet. This was approved in the law of geography. This means that seas are partially enclosed by land and that is why the scary facts about the ocean are revealed in this article.

Does the sea have scary facts too:

Of course, the sea can drown humans too. But the negative part of visiting the sea is nothing compared to the scary facts about the ocean.


The ocean, occupying more than half of the earth’s surface, is indeed beautiful to behold. People go to places like the beach to have fun and for relaxation.

Nevertheless, it is important to always have these scary facts about the ocean at the back of your mind.

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This alone would make you cautious of any action you might want to take at the ocean.

You have the luxury of exploring the ocean at your convenience. You will discover that there are so many untold stories and, of course, more exciting things to know. 

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