Can I Sell Gift Cards on Amazon?


Gift cards have become quite popular and I’m sure you’ve received a gift card or two on your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any occasion really. The problem is that many of these gift cards go to waste because so many people end up with gift cards for places they don’t know or patronize. As a result, people have taken to selling or exchanging these gift cards rather than letting them waste. There are many places to sell, buy and exchange gift cards online but have you ever wondered if you can sell gift cards on Amazon? Continue reading to find out.

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How Do Gift Cards Work?

A gift card is an alternative payment method you can use at various retail stores. These cards have a certain sum of money stored on them, which customers can use to make purchases from selected retailers. Just like a credit or debit card. 

Gift cards could either be physical or digital. Digital gift cards have no form, instead, you are given a code that can be redeemed on selected online platforms.

Many big companies and businesses allow their customers to purchase both physical and digital gift cards to make payments easy and convenient.

Can I Sell Gift Cards On Amazon?

The simple answer to this is no. You can buy gift cards on Amazon but it is not possible for you to sell gift cards on Amazon. This is because of the restrictions set by the company to ensure their platform is completely safe and protect their customers from the risk of fraud or scams.

 According to these restrictions, you can not exchange or sell gift cards on Amazon for cash or any other prepaid payment option.

Amazon is one of the best online shopping platforms where you can buy and sell just about anything. However, for good reason, they have prohibited the sale or exchange of gift cards in any form. Users are also not allowed to give out or accept gift cards as a form of payment.

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There are several other restrictions concerning gift cards, you can read the complete list here.

Despite the fact that you cannot sell gift cards on Amazon, there are numerous websites where you can sell and exchange gift cards. Some of these are; CardCash, Giftcard granny, Giftcash, Raise, Clipkard, Gameflip, Quickcashmi, Cardtonic, Giftcardbin, and Cardsell.

Alternatively, you could regift or donate your unwanted gift cards. The gift cards may be useful for someone else and you end up helping someone out instead of letting them go to waste. 

You can donate unused gift cards from restaurants and stores to different charities through CharityChoice, a nonprofit organization. You could also make enquires directly to charities to see if they accept gift card donations.

How To Sell On Amazon


While you can not sell gift cards on Amazon, there are a variety of other things to sell. It is an easy and great way to earn money online. So you might want to consider signing up today!

To get started simply follow these easy steps:

1. Signing up

To start selling on Amazon all you have to do is access the site and sign up as a seller. You will be required to provide important information such as; your government ID, an international credit card number, tax information, and the bank account number you would want your sales earnings to be deposited into.

The process of signing up is relatively easy and would only take a few minutes.

2. Choosing a selling plan

There are two selling plans available. The individual plan and the professional plan.

The individual plan charges $0.99 for every item you sell. While the professional plan charges $39.99 per month, regardless of how many items you sell. 

If you are just starting and you are not ready to commit to a monthly subscription then the individual plan is for you. However, the professional selling plan is more profitable for businesses because they are sure to make a lot of sales in a month. 

Sellers are also required to pay referral fees, which is a percentage of what you make on every item. The referral fees are not fixed, they vary according to product category. Typically, the cost of the referral fees falls within the range of 8–15%, but it can be higher. 

3. Adding products

Once you’re signed up on the website and you have subscribed to a selling plan, you will need to add the products you wish to sell. Establishing a product listing in Seller Central in order to begin selling items on Amazon is a must. 

You’d need the following to create a product listing: 

  1. A product identification to describe the precise item you’re selling.
  2. A product code or SKU. To keep track of your products, you would need to generate an SKU or a product Code. 
  3. Details of the product, such as the name, brand, cost, description, available amount, and possible shipping choices.
  4. Search terms and keywords to guide customers to your product.

You can sell just about anything on Amazon but you have to put their rules and restrictions into consideration when selecting products. 

Amazon places certain restrictions or prohibitions on products that could likely cause some form of harm, a chance of fraud, or the evasion of legal requirements. You can see a full list of the prohibited products.

A Professional seller account is necessary to be able to sell products in certain categories. Some other categories are open to both individual and professional accounts but need to be approved before they can be sold. 


Some of the categories with restrictions include; alcohol, baby products, electronics, drugs & drug paraphernalia among others. You can visit the help section of the website to find out more about the restricted categories and how to seek approval for products.

Now that you have successfully put your products out there, you can start making sales and earning money.

Can I buy a gift card with an Amazon gift card?

Unfortunately, you can not buy a gift card with another gift card on Amazon. Gift cards can only be used to purchase eligible products and services offered by Amazon or any of its affiliates

The buying, exchanging, or selling of gift cards on Amazon is prohibited and as such going against their rules will possibly lead to your account being suspended or blocked.

If you really want to swap your Amazon gift card there are many sites where you can exchange and sell gift cards. However, you need to be careful and keep your wits about you so you don’t get scammed. 

Alternatives To Selling Gift Cards On Amazon


There are various alternatives to selling gift cards on Amazon. You can trade your unwanted gift cards on the following platforms: 

1. CardCash

Card cash is an online platform where you can sell unwanted gift cards. They allow you to exchange your unwanted gift cards for gift cards you actually want. Generally, the amount you will receive for your gift card will differ. For instance, you can expect to get an offer of about $20 for a $25 Amazon gift card. You are only eligible to get up to 92% of the value of your card, you can not get the entire 100%. 

2. Raise

Raise is an online platform where you can trade gift cards instantly for cash. Putting your gift cards up for sale is free but you have to pay a 15% commission on every sale.

You determine the price of your gift cards but you have to be reasonable about the pricing else nobody will buy them. You can get up to 85% cash back for your gift cards but you can not get the full 100%.

Gift cards with partial balances may be sold, but all physical gift cards must have a minimum of $10 remaining on them. An eGift card must have a minimum balance of $5. Every gift card must not have a balance exceeding $2,000 to be acceptable.

3. Giftcash

Giftcash is another platform that saves your gift cards from wasting away. You can sell unwanted gift cards with a balance within the range of $25 to $2000 on this online platform. You can get almost all your card’s worth especially if your gift card is from a popular store like Amazon, Target, or BestBuy. 

4. Clipkard

With the help of its quote tool, ClipKard can tell you how much your card is worth and whether it would be easy to sell at that price. If you accept the price, you will have to send your gift card to Clipkard via prepaid USPS shipping label. 

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You earn points for buying or selling gift cards here. Yes, you read that right!  You will receive 50 points if you sell or buy gift cards valued at $50 and you can redeem these points for discount deals. For instance, you can exchange 1,000 points for $10 off future purchases.

5. Cardsell

With this amazing app, you can put your gift cards up for sale easily and get the money from sales deposited into your PayPal account within 48 hours after the sale.

6. Gift card granny

Gift card granny is yet another website that puts your unwanted gift cards to use. They allow users to search, compare and purchase discounted gift cards. 

You can sell your unwanted gift cards for less than face value to recover most of the value of your gift card. They accept gift cards from numerous brands, including Visa, MasterCard, Walmart, Xbox, CVS, DoorDash, Williams-Sonoma, Best Buy, and countless more. 

Can You Return Gift Cards On Amazon?

No, you can not return gift cards on Amazon. Unless mandated by state law, Amazon does not issue reimbursements for either used or unused gift cards. Once you decide you no longer want your card, you cannot return it to the issuer. You could sell it on other websites or give it out.

You also shouldn’t anticipate receiving a replacement if your gift card is lost, destroyed, or stolen because Amazon is not liable in such circumstances.

However, if you purchased an item with a gift card you can return the item but your refund will be in the form of an amazon gift card. You can not get a cash refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell gift cards on Amazon for cash?

No, you can not sell gift cards on Amazon for cash. It goes against their rule prohibiting the sale or exchange of gift cards or any form of prepaid payment method.

How Long Do Amazon Gift Cards Last?

Amazon gift cards do not expire, so you can redeem your gift cards at any time. It is advised that you activate your gift card as soon as possible to avoid losing it. When your card is activated, the value is transferred into your gift card balance. Now there is no risk of misplacing your gift card and you can spend the money on your gift card balance anytime.

Do Other Businesses Sell Gift Cards On Amazon?

Yes, Amazon sells gift cards for other companies or businesses. You can purchase gift cards from major stores like Starbucks, Spotify, Target, Walmart, Apple, Sephora, Applebees, PlayStation, Netflix, BestBuy, Hulu, Whole Foods, and much more.

Can I Cash Out My Amazon Gift Card?

No, you can not redeem Amazon gift cards for cash. The gift cards are bought directly from Amazon and can only be redeemed for Amazon merchandise. The only way to get cash for your gift cards is to sell them on other websites or to individuals. But even then, you can not get the full value of your card because of service fees.


Though it is not possible to sell gift cards on Amazon, there are many other ways to put your unwanted gift cards to good use. So, get those gift cards that have been wasting away in your drawer and put them to use.

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