8 Obvious Signs He Will Never Come Back [And 5 He Will]

obvious signs he will never come back

Many lovers re-establish their connection after a breakup, and the relationship grows stronger, while others break up permanently. It can be excruciatingly painful if you’re the one who got turned down or caused the division. At some point, you will even pray not to see the signs he will never come back and rather the signs he will come back.

And, as much as you don’t want to acknowledge it, there’s a part of you that still wants him. Thus, you ask yourself the following questions: Does he want to come back too? What are the signs he’ll never come back? In this essay, we’ll talk about the signs he will never come back. 

In conclusion, you’ll know if it’s possible to reconcile with your ex or if it’s best to move on with someone new.

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8 Obvious Signs He Will Never Come Back

Many signs show your ex will never come back. Therefore, if you see many of these signals in his conduct, know they’re signs he will never come back to you.

So the chances of getting back together with him are slim. Here are the eight signs he will never come back;

8. It Had a Terrible Ending

One of the most evident signs he will never come back is if you both had a nasty breakup. If it ended poorly, you might assume he’ll still come back to clear the air. But don’t be too confident because it depends on his personality. 

If you caused him a lot of grief, there’s a good possibility he’ll shrug it off and never look back.  As a result, you should be doing the same. If you’re truly unhappy with how things turned out, communicate with him. 

You can send him a message or call to tell him what you need to hear to feel better about it all. Say it for that reason alone, not in the hopes of reuniting.

Also, understand that talking things out may not improve the issue. It’s solely for your benefit.

7. He Avoids Communication

Have you tried communicating with your ex via text or call? Does he respond, or do you always wait for ages? It’s understandable if he spends time before replying. The reason is that he might be busy, and even when he’s free, he may have forgotten. 

However, if you reach out to him continuously and he does not do the needful, this is one of the signs he will never come back. If your ex refuses to communicate with you and makes no effort to reconnect with you, he’ll never come back.

6. He Returned your Belongings to you

Whenever you still feel an emotional attachment to someone who is no longer in your life, you cling to your shared memories. You let their stuff remain in your house and listen to the genres they love. You even find it hard to forget the pictures you took with them. 

Apart from that, holding on to your partner’s belongings may be a good reason for both parties to reconcile after the storm.

This is what most couples do. They believe that since they have something related to their ex, there is still a possibility of reconciliation.

But, if your ex texted or called you to come to pack your stuff, it’s one of the signs he will never come back. Don’t see it as an excuse to see you again.

Sometimes, he sends it through a mutual friend because he doesn’t want to set his eyes on you again. 

In this scenario, it is evident that he wants to let go of anything that reminds him of you. He wants to make a fresh start in his life with no burden. 

5. He Doesn’t Want to See You

If he intentionally avoids passing places where he can easily find you, accept that your relationship is over. Also, if the last time he saw you was when he returned your stuff, move on.

It indicates that he is not interested in seeing you. Not just that, but because he doesn’t want to rekindle his relationship with you. 

All he needs right is to be away from you so he can sort things out. Either that or he has sworn never to see you again. Anyway, stop being hard on yourself. Stop waiting for him to come back!

4. He Stops Professing Love to You

Have you ever noticed that your partner has stopped saying “I love you?” Even when you tell him first, does he reciprocate the same gesture? or does he reply with thank you? Most times, it is possible that he’s uncertain about your relationship. 

So, he wouldn’t want to keep repeating it or saying it first not to give you the false impression that things are okay. Seeing this change in someone you’ve dated for months or years is one of the most painful things you can experience.

Acknowledge that it’s part of the signs he will not come back. Especially if he tells you he doesn’t love you while looking at you on the face. Or if you hear it from his friends.  

We know these words are soul-wrenching. You have no choice but to accept the fact and move on!

3. He Stops Talking to Your Family Members and Friends

One of the triggering signs he will never come back is if he avoids people around you. He will shut off all communication with your buddies and family. At this point, don’t see it as rudeness or disrespect. The reason he’s doing this is to avoid discussions. 

So he won’t have to answer questions from your family and friends about his previous relationship with you.

In addition, he doesn’t want anyone to convince him to reconcile with you. It’s a harsh reality, sis. Though, you must go on with your life and make plans for a happier tomorrow.

2. He has a New Lover

After a separation, it is healthy to see other people since it allows you to reclaim your own identity. It also helps you to understand that the person you were with wasn’t the only type of person out there.

Though, it is devastating when you learn that your ex has already found somebody else.  Especially if it happened a few weeks after you both broke up.

Even though he spreads some feelings toward your direction, those feelings are a scam. They’re not the same as they used to be. 

The only thing that remains of that affection is a shared past. Sometimes, some guys come back after dating someone else. But often, it’s one of the signs he will not come back. 

1. He is Married

We understand that this is the worst ever. And hearing that your ex is married is the last thing you ever pray for, especially if you still love him. What if you don’t just hear but see with your clear eyes? It is among the obvious signs he will never come back. 

All you need to do is stay calm, respect his decision and move on. If you try to push further, you may wind up in yet another heartbreak. This is because he has already eliminated you from his heart and he’s committed to another person.

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5 Signs He Will Surely Come Back To You

obvious signs he will never come back

5. He checks to see if you’re all right.

If your ex contacts you on a frequent basis to see how you’re doing, it’s a positive sign that he still cares about you. He still has feelings if he worries about you and wants to make sure you’re okay.

This reminds me of the hero instinct.

It’s most likely the only hypothesis in relationship psychology that explains why guys fall in love with specific women—and when they’ll return to you after a breakup.

Male wants, as James argues in his great free film, are not complicated; they are simply misinterpreted. Instincts are powerful motivators of human action, and this is especially true when it comes to how males approach their relationships.

How do you get this response from your ex?

In order to be real, you must simply show your boyfriend what you require and allow him to step up to meet it. James Bauer discusses numerous things you can do right now in his latest video.

You’ll not only offer him more satisfaction as a man by triggering this very normal male impulse, but you’ll also show him that getting back with you is something he actually wants to accomplish.

4. He makes an attempt to maintain contact.

Most breakups result in the cessation of all communication and the complete severing of the link. If your ex makes an attempt to maintain contact with you, it could be a hint that he wants you back.

Again, it demonstrates that he still cares about you and wants you to be a part of his life in some way. There is a chance that he will take you back.

3. He is considerate of your personal space.

It’s a good thing if you need distance, which was one of the reasons you two split up, and he respects that space.

While it may not be the strongest indicator that he wants you back, it is a strong indicator that he is sensitive to your feelings and can respect your preferences. If you’re willing to give it another shot, he’s shown that he can respect you.

2. He brings up the moments when you were dating.

It’s common in a breakup for the memories you shared to be tainted by bad blood. It’s difficult to remember the good times while you’re in the midst of pain. Maybe he doesn’t want to remember them at all and simply wants to be free of you.

However, if he talks about your relationship memories favourably or brings them up on occasion, it’s a strong indicator that he still thinks about you a lot.

It’s a clear indication that he still has feelings for you and may want you back.

1. He claims he isn’t ready to date again.

There are numerous personal elements that influence whether or not someone continues dating quickly after a divorce. If your ex is hesitant to begin dating again and says this to you, it is most likely because he still has feelings for you.

His feelings for you may still be too strong for him to consider other individuals. He might not want to be with anyone other than you.

If he says he’s not ready to date other girls, it’s an indication he wants you back (read more)

Wrapping It Up

A breakup can be a confusing and challenging period in one’s life. Becoming whole again takes time, as does understanding what has happened and how you’ve changed as a person.

It’s okay to take your time and give yourself a break.

After a relationship comes to an end, it’s important to move on and move forward. Isn’t it exciting to see what you will or might discover?

As an alternative, you might take immediate and decisive action to reclaim him now.







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