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Ever thought of using socialrebel to make an explosive profit but can’t seem to figure it out? Well to make a good profit on social rebel, you need to sign up, take surveys, and test new apps amongst other things.

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Get a bowl of popcorn, and your mobile phone or P.C up as you meticulously go through the steps of making an explosive profit from social earn and then sign up. 

What is Social rebel?


Social rebel is an online platform that allows users to make a good profit by performing some actions.

Like other sites that carry out surveys, all you need to partake in socialrebel is a good phone or P.C with a good internet connection. 

The most interesting part about socialrebel is that it does not require your physical strength, nor does it require you to have advanced knowledge. All it requires is your dedication and your data.

Furthermore, your earnings on socialrebel are paid to you in dollars, then you can use any method of your choice to convert it to your local currency.

How to Login on to Social rebel?


Login into social rebel is as simple as yawning. To login to socialrebel, meticulously follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, on your browser, visit
  • If you did the first step correctly, you should be on the login page now. On the login page, put in your email and password 
  • After filling in your email and password, click on the login
  • Voila!!, you have successfully created an account with social rebel and can log in when you want.
  • For signing up, you would get a whopping $50. But it is non-withdrawable as you have to complete other socialrebel tasks.

Downloading Social rebel App

To download the socialrebel money app is very easy if you follow the process duly. 

  • First of all, go to the Google play store for android or Apple play store for IOS devices,
  • Search for social rebel money app
  • Click on it and download
  • After successfully downloading, install it.
  • And you have got yourself the app and are ready to mint money!!!

Earning Money on Social rebel App


I know this is the part you have been waiting to see, and this article seeks to do the necessary justice to the topic. Just get yourself a glass of expensive wine and cheer up your days of minting hard currencies in your room, on your mobile phone. 

Earning money on socialrebel comes in different ways, all you need to do ti study and understand which would suit you better:

1. Signing Up on Social rebel

If you were being paid just to eat? How would you feel? Well, that is how social rebel should make you feel. Just for signing up on socialrebel, you would be made $50 dollar richer!! That’s a whopping sum of money.

 And the amazing part is that you are yet to take part in other socialrebel tasks that would earn you more. I would suggest you book a room in the Maldives and ask for the price of your dream car because socialrebel would make you the next socialrebel (money-wise).

2. Earning From Surveys


Getting paid on Social Rebel is fun because you can get paid by taking surveys. You will take part in a survey of products that can earn you $20 on gram free website. This is huge, as not many earning platforms can pay more than $10 for a survey. 

But to take part in the survey, you have to be a registered member because the survey link would be sent to the email you used in registering for a social rebel gold spot. And the money would be paid to you after you have completed other surveys pertaining to socialrebel.

Note also that socialrebel does not make payments to social rebel users who don’t complete their surveys. So to check for available surveys, log in to your social rebel account and check your dashboard.

3. Testing Apps

Every app you use is created by some person called mobile app developer. When these mobile app developers create these apps, they cannot just put them out for use. 

This is where socialrebel platform comes in. With social rebel having numerous users like you and me, these apps can be assigned to socialrebel users to test. And upon testing the app, the functionality and responsiveness of the app can be determined.

These companies may pay social rebel some certain quota for whatever number of users that test the app. Nevertheless, social earn would pay you a whopping $50 for downloading and testing the apps.

You may also be wondering how social rebel would get the app across to you? Well, you would receive an email from social rebel instructing you on the app to download and test or you can view the instruction from socialrebel on your dashboard.

4. Socialrebel Referral

Most people don’t like this option of earning because they find it difficult to convince people. But if this is you, you have to think about the fact that with socialrebel, money is freely given and you need to exhaust all options to quickly milk the platform of all its goodness.

Do you know that, unlike other platforms, social rebel rewards you with $20 for every person who signs up through your link? Also, do you know that whenever a person clicks on your link, you get $2 even if they don’t register?  

So charge up and strengthen your communication skills. Convincing an individual is as easy as yawning. All you need do is place yourself in the individual’s position. 

How to Withdraw on Socialrebel?


If you have carried out all the steps above, then congratulations to you as you are about to make your first withdrawal on social rebel. 

To withdraw, all you need do is to log in to your account, go to your dashboard and then click on “withdraw”. You can see it is very easy to do.

But social rebel does not pay the money into your bank account for reasons best known to them. They make use of platforms such as:

  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Blockchains coins
  • CashApp
  • Zelle
  • Skrill
  • Blockchain currencies like bitcoin, bitrise, and Ethereum and so many others.

For some people, it may be difficult to get any of this. But as a millionaire in the making, you can collaborate with a trusted family member or friend that has one of these, then explain in detail what socialrebel is and how you earn from it, then you can use their account for withdrawal. 

Socialrebel Review


A lot of people have given their reviews on socialrebel, but I am giving you mine based on the fact that I participated in it to be able to come up with solid facts. 

And from my point of view, I cannot outrightly say that Social Rebel is a “scam”. They may have not been able to pay anyone, but what about looking at it from this angle? They are a business entity that depends on other business entities to pay them so they can pay you.

For example, the testing of apps requires you to test the app created by a mobile developer and this mobile developer ought to pay socialrebel some money. What if they did not keep to their promise too?

In all, I am glad that asides from the time and data we “feel” we have wasted, a dime (directly) was not put into the platform.

Deleteing My Socialrebel Account

To delete your social rebel account, simply :

  • Log in to your account,
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Scroll down to my account
  • Then delete it.

Nevertheless, I would not advise you to delete your account, I would rather you delete the social rebel app from your phone so as to use the space for better things.

You may wonder why. Well, my reason is this, social rebel may end up paying later and if they do, it would be double regrets for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Social Rebel

Who is the Owner of Socialrebel?

The owner of social rebel is currently not known. This is why no one can be held accountable for delays in payment.

Is Socialrebel Fake?

For me, fake is relative. But for an outright answer, social rebel can be classified as fake. This is because they are yet to pay me and also pay you. But for what it’s worth, we did not pay a dime (directly). 

Conclusion on Social Rebel

Like me, you may have tried socialrebel and were disappointed after they refused to pay. But, one thing I have learnt about online businesses is that for you to really earn from them, you would need to invest some amount of money too. 


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