Speaking of businesses to invest in, it’s a new year already and you must have made several resolutions and decided to set your life in a new direction, especially in terms of improving your financial status.

Therefore you’re in search of businesses that a little investment in it could turn out to be the answer to your financial problems in a relatively short period of time.

There are so many businesses out there that one can invest in and returns are guaranteed. Ditto, there are so many businesses out there that one would invest in and end up losing hard-earned money for good.

Below is a list of businesses you can easily invest your money in and be certain of high returns in a relatively short period of time.

So the businesses to invest in this year and expect reasonable returns in a relatively short period of time include;

  3. TESLA

Above is just a list of businesses you can invest in, but let’s dive a little deeper into each one of them so as to understand exactly how to invest in them and derive maximal yield or profit.



It has been thirteen long years since cryptocurrency came to be. The very first of its kind which is bitcoin was launched back in January, 2009 and has since then remained in the headlines.

At launch, bitcoin’s value was just $0, the following year it grew to a meagre 10 cents. However, thirteen years later, it is being traded at over $45,000 (not even its creator; Nakamoto Satoshi would have predicted that). That is a serious increase in growth. Today bitcoin is regarded as digital gold and a tenable currency.

It hit a market value of $1 trillion in the first quarter of 2021 and this is a result of its ever-growing adoption by top firms and organizations such as  Tesla, Morgan Stanley Bank, Visa, and the like.

Bitcoin’s growth seems to be everlasting as an increase in demand and limited availability will surely bring about a further and continual rise in value (Economics 101).

How to Invest in Bitcoin

After carrying out your own further research on digital gold, the information below explains how to invest in it.

Being a digital asset, investing in bitcoin does not require the signing of several legal papers and going through a tight background and security check. It is a very easy business to invest in.

In order to invest in bitcoin, all you need to do is go to your app store and download a reliable cryptocurrency wallet with which you can buy, sell and keep your coins.

Some of the trusted and reliable cryptocurrency wallets or exchanges you can utilize are;

  • Coinbase (peculiar to the United States).
  • Binance (arguably the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world).
  • Bundle (peculiar to Nigerians and Ghanaians).
  • Huobi Global (arguably the biggest in Asia).
  • Kraken (allows margin trading)
  • Gemini (consists of a lot of coins and also allows margin trading).
  • KuCoin (has so many coins and supports various forms of trade, including trading on futures).
  • FTX (it offers products such as derivatives and leveraged tokens).

After downloading any of the cryptocurrency apps that best suit your requirements, follow the steps there-in to purchase bitcoin and then leave it in your wallet for a long period of time or till when there is a reasonable rise in profits. Then you can decide to sell and withdraw to your local bank account.



Walmart is a United States-based international retail company with thousands of stores around the world. It promises to offer customers value and convenience for their money.

Shopping at Walmart can also be done online through their website or on their mobile apps.

Walmart is growing at an ever-increasing pace, making it one of the best businesses to invest in this year.



Owned and managed by one of the world’s richest men and cryptocurrency investor, Elon Musk. Tesla is a good business to invest in this very year. It has a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

After many years of loss, Tesla had a surge in gains in 2020 (700%) with a further 31% YTD gain in 2021 surpassing the $1 trillion market value. This year will definitely see a further increase in those numbers as the sustainable energy company plans to mount two gigafactories in the United States and Germany.

Thus, it is one of the top 5 businesses to invest in this year.



Based in Australia, Atlassian is a renowned software company. The coronavirus was very much responsible for the upward growth curve of the company.

With increasing adoption by top companies, the growth curve is destined to remain upward. Such massive growth spells huge profits for its investors.

Investing in Atlassian is a good choice for the long term. It is one of the best businesses to invest in this year.


Although still in its infant stage, Expomaster is destined for greatness. It is a media and news company that is created to expose the public to reliable news around the world.

In just a month, it has experienced over a million visits from news readers around the world, thereby driving its market value and authority a little further up.

Investing in Expomaster today would turn out to be a great decision in a few years to come. This is because profit returns are inevitable.

How to Invest in Expomaster

In order to invest in Expomaster, contact the administrator via official mail at and state your interest.

Conclusion on 5 Businesses To Invest In

In conclusion, investing in prospective businesses for the long term is arguably the best decision one can make to yield generational profits. Make the decision to invest in a business with the little you have today, after, of course, undergoing thorough research on the business.


We are not in any way persuading you to invest in the listed businesses above, and neither is this financial advice (NFA). This is merely an opinion based on personal research and findings. So, as such, you would do well to carry out your own research before deciding to invest in this business.

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