Virtual Dollar Card: Reliable Platforms And How To Get It


Sending and receiving online payments is convenient, but what happens when your bank has several restrictions regarding foreign currencies or does not support international currencies at all? You could get a virtual dollar card.

People have been using virtual dollar cards to receive and make payments on popular platforms without having to worry about the restrictions on their local cards. 

In this post, we are going to be going through reliable platforms where you can get virtual dollar cards and how to get them. Let’s get into it!

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What Is A Virtual Dollar Card?

A virtual dollar card is a digital dollar-dominated card with all the features of a regular debit or credit card. They have all the same information as a physical card, like the expiry date, CVV code, cardholder’s name, and card number. They provide a secure and practical way to perform transactions online in dollars.

Because they don’t have a physical form they are easier to get than a regular debit or credit card. You also don’t have to wait for the card to be processed and delivered.

You can use a virtual dollar card to make payments for software subscriptions and online shopping. For contactless payments, you can easily add your virtual dollar card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Reliable Platforms To Get Virtual Dollar Cards


1. Chipper Cash

Recently, Chipper Cash launched its virtual dollar card. It is a visa card and works basically on every platform that supports payments by visa cards. You can easily make payments online with this card. Pay for subscriptions, buy things from vendors online, and pay for flight tickets, among other things.

You’d get 5% cash back for everything you purchase with the Chipper Cash virtual dollar card for a limited time after you activate your card, which makes it great for online shopping. There are also no charges for international transactions. Great, isn’t it?

The disadvantage however is that the card comes with certain limitations. For instance, you can not make a withdrawal or deposit higher than $1000 daily. This might be a major setback, but the limitations vary depending on the type of wallet you have.

How To Get It

Creating a virtual dollar card on Chipper Cash is simple and easy. First, you should ensure your app is up to date by downloading or updating it to the latest version on Playstore or Appstore. 

The next step is to tap on the card icon in the menu bar and follow the necessary steps to claim your card. You would need to provide basic information such as a government-issued document for identification (e.g., driver’s license or passport), your address, and your phone number. It might take a while for your document of identification to be approved.

Select a card type. This is where you choose to create a USD-dominated card. In less than a minute your card will be processed and ready to use. 


  1. It works in different countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kuwait, Tanzania, and Rwanda, and it recently became available in the United Kingdom.
  2. It is free and doesn’t charge for international transactions.
  3. It is completely safe and easy to use.


  1. You can only make payments to websites or businesses that fall under their approved merchant categories. 
  2. There are transaction limits.

2. Eversend

This is a fintech startup company that provides a safe and reliable platform for international transactions, currency exchange, multi-currency wallets, and recently, virtual dollar cards. 

Their virtual dollar cards have a US dollar value and can be used to pay for a variety of online transactions, including Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter advertisements. The virtual cards made on Eversend have a shelf life of three years before they expire and become invalid.

By using Eversend virtual dollar cards, users can reduce their currency conversion costs by 3% to 13% in comparison to using local currency cards.

You can also convert currency by using the existing currency exchange feature to convert local currency into US dollars after adding funds to your Eversend wallet via cards or mobile money. Then, by selecting “Create a new card” and adding a USD amount to the card, a virtual card can be created. A minimum balance of $5 is needed to create a card.

Eversend cards cost $1 to create and have a monthly charge of $1, which is relatively cheap. 

How To Get It

  • If you don’t already have it, download and install the Eversend mobile app.
  • Create an account on the app to register.
  • Click on “cards” and choose “make a new card” from the menu, and then enter the precise amount you wish to put on the card.
  • In order to pay the $5 virtual card fee, enter your Eversend pin.
  • You can fund your new virtual card through the “add money” option. 

That’s it! You have successfully created a virtual dollar card. Now you can pay online with the new card.


  1. These virtual cards can be used on every platform that supports visa card payment.
  2. You can save up to 13% in currency conversion fees.
  3. The virtual cards last up to three years.


  1. It is not free, the cards cost $1 and there is a monthly fee of $1.

3. Cashbuddy

Cashbuddy is a Nigerian platform created by Mike Rosanje. With Cashbuddy virtual dollar cards, you can send and receive money in USD. This virtual card works on various online platforms such as; Apple Music, Skrill, Amazon, Aliexpress, PayPal, Stripe, and many others. You could also use your virtual card to pay for Facebook and google ads.

To create a virtual dollar card on this platform, you would need a minimum account balance of $3. There are no charges for transactions. However, there is a limit of a $10,000 deposit per month.

It is a safe and free platform that makes international transactions quick and easy. It is available in several African countries.

How To Get It

Select the cards option on your dashboard after downloading and logging into the Cashbuddy app from the Play Store or the App Store. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to create your virtual dollar card.


  1. It is available in up to seven African countries.
  2. It is free and easy to use.


  1. It has a deposit limit of $10,000 per month.
  2. You can only create one card.
  3. You need a minimum account balance to be able to create a virtual dollar card.

4. Changera

Changera is run and monitored by Bitmama, a highly secure and expanding cryptocurrency platform. This platform was created to allow people to send and receive money globally, buy airtime, and pay bills from anywhere and at any time.

You can create several virtual cards with the Changera virtual dollar card service provider, it also supports an unlimited number of transactions.

You can fund your Changera wallet via bank transfer, your cryptocurrency wallet, or any wallet, whatever suits your preferences and convenience. It is available to people across Africa, Europe, and the United States. 

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Certain charges apply in relation to the changera virtual dollar card. For starters, there is a virtual card fee of $1 and a funding fee that costs 1.5% of the USD amount.

You would also need to pay a withdrawal fee of $0.5 when using your virtual dollar cards. These fees are relatively high in comparison to other platforms. 

How To Get It

  • Go to the “Cards” section and select “Get Card”.  
  • Put the necessary information such as the selected currency, card type, wallet, and payment method in the field provided. 
  • Select “pay” and complete the payment of the charges required to create your virtual card.
  • When your payment clears or is indicated as successful, click “Continue” to move on to the section devoted to your cards. Your new virtual card will appear right away.


  1. It does not have an account balance limit.
  2. It allows unlimited transactions.
  3. It is available in several countries.
  4. You can create multiple virtual cards at a time.


  1. Their exchange rate is relatively high.
  2. There is a withdrawal charge of $0.5.

5. Mintyn

This is another platform that allows you to easily complete online transactions in dollars. It is a fintech company that provides virtual dollar cards for online transactions. 

The Mintyn Bank Virtual Dollar Card offers various advantages to business owners, retailers, freelancers, and basically anyone who is involved in foreign transactions. It gives users an easy platform to pay for foreign services like Amazon, Apple Music, Netflix, eBay, WordPress, and many more. It is not free however, you would need to pay a fee of $1.5 to create a virtual dollar card on Mintyn bank.

How To Get It

When you have successfully installed and signed into the Mintyn app from the Play Store or the App Store, you would have to create a tier 3 account.   

Select the cards option on your dashboard and follow the prompts to create your virtual dollar card.


  1. It is easy and fast to create a virtual card.
  2. It is available in several countries.


  1. It is not free. 
  2. The virtual card feature is only available for users with a tier 3 account.

6. Fundall

Fundall is a Nigerian digital bank that offers businesses and individuals full financial goods and services via a single platform. The company aims to eliminate the difficulties with spending limits that people encounter when making international payments using their local currency cards. 

After the launch of its virtual dollar cards in 2021, they have become one of the most reliable platforms to get virtual cards and perform international transactions.  

With the Fundall virtual dollar card, users can spend money internationally, transact instantly on any website, and benefit from the flexibility, safety, and security of cashless payments through a variety of channels, including online shopping on Shopify or Amazon, Netflix subscriptions, and business services like Facebook Ads. 

To create a virtual dollar card on this platform you would need a minimum balance of $5 in your wallet. Users get their first card for free but subsequent cards would cost $2 to create.

How To Get It

All you have to do is download the app, register, and then follow these instructions after signing up or logging in to your account.

  • Select the “Spend” option.
  • Choose “Cards” from the menu.
  • Choose “Add new card.”
  • Select ‘Virtual US Dollar Card’ from the menu.
  • Add a label and your preferred billing address to personalize your card.
  • Fund your card with the minimum amount required, which is $5.
  • Once you have deposited money into your virtual US dollar card, click “Fund Card” to finish creating your card.


  1. Users can create multiple virtual cards.
  2. There are no transfer limits.


  1. Only your first card is free.

Other Virtual Dollar Card Providers


7. Alat By Wema

This mobile app was created and is under the umbrella of one of the oldest banks, which is WEMA bank. It also offers virtual dollar cards. The only issue is sometimes, the virtual dollar card service goes down. However, when fully functioning, it is very reliable.

8. Flip

Among all the virtual dollar card providers, Flip comes with a different feel and system. It allows you to transfer Cryptocurrency and convert it to dollars to use on your dollar card. So instead of using Fiats, you can decide to use the cryptocurrency option.

9. Payday

Although new just like Eyowo, it is a very promising virtual card provider. Personally, I have not used its services for any international payment, but the look and feel of its user interface as well as its nice user experience.

10. Barter by Flutterwave

This would have been the first on this list had they been functioning till now. Personally, I have used Barter by Flutterwave virtual dollar card on several occasions, and I must say, the fees are very low compared to others and transactions don’t fail. 

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Although they promise to recontinue their virtual card services, however, at the time of writing this article, the service is still closed down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Virtual USD Card?

There is no particular card that suits every individual’s needs but you could try the platforms listed above, they come pretty close.

How Does A Virtual Card Work?

It basically works like any physical debit or credit card. The only difference is that it exists on your devices and has no physical form. As a result, virtual cards can not be used for physical transactions.

Can I Withdraw Money From My Virtual Card?

Yes and no. Some virtual cards allow contactless withdrawal so you can withdraw through that method but for those that don’t, you could transfer your funds to another wallet and make the withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

Using your local currency debit or credit card for transactions with foreign service providers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, or Spotify may be difficult. Either these websites won’t accept your card, or your bank may have set a limit for international transactions

Luckily, virtual dollar cards have helped to avoid these limitations and have become a safe and easy way to perform international transactions. 

Having gone through our list, you can check out the different platforms and decide which virtual dollar card fits your needs best. However, I will personally suggest you stay away from Eversend due to its high cost/exchange rate compared to others on the list and also Wallets Africa.

The best would have been Barter by Flutterwave, but due to their most recent court cases in Kenya in conjunction with other factors, the barter dollar card has not been functioning. Thus, I would recommend Chipper Cash.

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